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Thai Honey Chicken 9.80
Phad Thai Seafood Noodle 9.50
Prawn Vermicelli 10.80
Thai Iced Milk Tea 4.30
Lemongrass Tea 4.30


It really is like the other one except this isn't flaky. The flavour in the roti itself is really my thing, it's a rustic-ness from wheat. Well crisped up too, I liked this a lot

This isn't anything like naan though, it's heartier and less dainty, so be aware you might be disappointed if naan is what you expect

Prawns were huge and well cooked, no complaints there

But this goddamn thing took 30mins and no one told us about it. What's worse, they serve everything together and no one told us about that either. We waited for 30mins in an near empty restaurant.

PSA please please clarify if anything required waiting and ask them to serve asap, not together

$20.90 for 6
Selection range of only classic flavours for Promo

Yummy not-too-sweet cheese cakes 🍰
Tiny snack to satisfy your sweet tooth!

It was better than it looks! Haha Enjoyed every bite and the soup was tasty too!

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The sauce is thinner than I expected, and very family friendly. Ckn pieces were not very generous either


this was goodddd noodle portion was rlly big too


it’s meant for 3pax but i honestly think it’ll be too little if more than 2pax shares. anyway this is my standard order at nene chicken (swicy flavour) if there’s another person willing to share w me😆🧀🍗 the melted cheese makes this 100% worth it


Priced at SGD7.50, you can enjoy 3 pieces of chicken, buttery garlic rice, fries and coleslaw. Not exactly the most affordable in a coffeeshop setting, but I guess it’s worth trying if it’s your first time. The sweetish buttermilk powder is so addictive omg…

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Had a good experience here so made a repeated visit but it looked and tasted like an oil spill. Couldn’t finish the meal and looked at the bottom to find a pool of oil there. My guess is they didn’t drain the oil from the squid properly after deep frying. Wouldn’t go unless I need to gain weight.