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Wah damn good. But maybe it's just freshly fried.

It's a signature but it's underwhelming. The dryness of the noodles was difficult for the supposed star sauce to shine. Also, it only tasted spicy, and if that's the sauce, then sorry no.

Very wet and good amount of crabmeat. Plus it has the ee-fu flavour I love.

We chose beef and pork for our 4-5pax set to bbq. It was pretty substantial and tasty!

It wasn’t presentable as we like but it tasted alright!

- Curried egg salad topped with generous mentaiko mayo, tonkatsu sauce, furikake and tempura crumbs, providing a medley of textures and spiced umami flavours that went well together!
- Sourdough was well-toasted and didn’t turn soggy 🍞
- Quite rich, would recommend to share 🤭 [7.5/10]

- Crispy but sichuan seasoning and green pepper oil were too overwhelming for me, to be fair I’m not a mala fan though 🫣
- Mala mayo on the side gave a stronger numbing sensation than spiciness that I would’ve otherwise preferred.
- A unique twist but I personally would stick to the usual truffle option. [6/10]

- Mix of cheddar, mozzarella and blue cheese mayo which was very savoury yet not pungent, pairing well with the tangy tomato dip 🧀
- Sourdough had a perfectly crispy exterior! [8/10]

- Very fragrant and quite crisp but found the custardy filling too sweet 🥐 [6/10]