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From its humble beginning in 1955, till it closed in June 2022, this beloved old-school stall served up homely Chinese Teochew meals daily.
Entire generations have grown up eating at this joint, run by Carol Lee and family. The wide range of painstakingly prepared dishes, numbering up to 30 daily, were tasty and affordable. No surprise that folks returned time and again.
It's the closure of such places that remind why I even began blogging - to capture and preserve memories, not just for others, but for myself.
Their plain rice porridge used to be medium thin and watery, with mild grainy sweet flavour, and always served warm.
The Garlic Yu Choy has a light crispy crunch, with a nice vegetal sweet earthy spice flavour. The Soy Braised Peanuts are lighter than elsewhere, with a firm crunch and savoury salty nutty flavour.
The Minced Pork In Black Bean & Chili Oil has a tender juicy satisfying chew, with lovely meaty savoury spicy salty earthy flavour. The Luncheon Meat Spam is thick cut and tender springy, with nice meaty salty savoury flavour.
Economy Rice And Economy Porridge
Ah Seah Teochew Porridge
@ Permanently Closed (Formerly 31 Teck Chye Terrace)
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Alternatively, go for their Ice Kachang ($3.50), a hearty bowl of shaved ice drizzled with rose syrup 🍨, accompanied with red beans, pandan jelly, grass jelly, sweet corn 🌽 & attap seed, topped with crushed peanut 🥜.

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End off your meal on a sweet note with their Chendol ($3.50) 💚, loaded with red beans & pandan jelly & drizzled with sweet gula melaka & coconut milk 🥥!

Penang Fried Kway Teow ($6.80): a crowd favourite! ❤️ The super strong wokhei just won me over! 🔥 Robust flavours with crispy pork lard too! Nice dish 😋

Selayang Big Bowl Curry Mee ($9.90): the curry was rich & creamy! 🤤 Besides the iconic yellow noodles, it is loaded with ingredients like pork belly 🐖, prawns, beancurd skin, meatball, fishball.

You wouldn't want to miss their Har Cheong Kai ($10.80) 🐔, fried to the perfect crisp while remaining juicy inside! 💯 Must try when you dine here!

🆕️ Dry Curry Mee ($6.90): the drier rendition of the former, this features richer curry 🧡 with chicken slices, roast pork, taupok & beansprouts. Equally delightful! 😋

🆕️ Christmas Ice Cream Cake ($48++/500g): featuring chocolate 🍫 & vanilla ice cream swirl 🍦 with marshmallow & cookies, you are in for a sweet treat with their Winter Campfire (S’mores Ice Cream)! 💗

Basking in the festive mood with Swensens' Christmas menu! 🎄 This is one of their classic dishes - tender & aromatic Herb Roast Chicken 🐔 ($45++, 4-6pax), comes with creamy mushroom sauce. I would say that it is well-marinated! Definitely sets me in the mood for Christmas!

🆕️ Impossible™ Shepherd's Pie ($38++): my favourite! ❤️ Stuffed with juicy IMPOSSIBLE™ meat & creamy mashed potatoes 🥔 covered with parmesan cheese 🧀, this makes the perfect meat-free option! Serves 4-6pax.

🆕️ Seafood Platter ($42++): one for the seafood lovers, this seafood feast comprises seabass fillets 🐟, salmon fillets, succulent king prawns 🦐 & scallops. Accompanied with steak cut fries 🍟, grilled tomato 🍅 & corn cob 🌽, this is perfect for sharing between 2-4pax!

A major throwback to the time I visited the charming Chū and Co for their wonderful bakes! More of a takeaway spot as there were limited seats in the area (from what I remember there were just random chairs around). So, I got the Bacon Leek Cream Scallion Oil ($6.50), Pesto & Comte Pistachio ($6.50) as well as Potato, Spam, Garlic Butter ($6) to go. 

Much love for sweet-savoury pairings, I really liked the Pesto & Comte Pistachio. My favourite of the lot, the pastry had a great lamination - think light, crisp, flaky, round croissant-like goodness after a quick pop in the toaster. The flavour from the pesto, comte, and pistachio combo was a solid ten too. Very nutty, superbly umami, and especially pleased with the herbaceous hint. I just enjoy the intensity of the mix. However, something to note, it did get pretty oily due to the pesto.

On the other hand, the Bacon Leek Cream Scallion Oil ($6.50) was more of a miss for me as the dough was a little dense and the flavour profile was tangier due to the cream. The amount of leeks, leek cream, and bacon to dough ratio was a tad off as well as I personally prefer more toppings in every bite. Hence, for the Potato, Spam, Garlic Butter ($6), the dough was also a little harder to chew but there were a good number of potato cubes and saltish spam covered in melted cheese to go around. A lovely and classic option to reach for when craving a carb-y snack. Overall, the prices are kinda steep but the offerings are rather unique and they come pretty sizeable.