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Coffee bombs are the best. Those friends who ate it love it 💪💪💪

Woodburnt crust is crispy! May not be out of the world but definitely value for monies! 💪👍 Love this deal 😎

($27) cheesecake was quite savoury tbh but I didn't managed to eat fruit :")

($2.40) it taste like coffee flavour tbh but it's slightly sweet and milky for cream. I didn't expected that they still have limited edition roll even the Halloween already ended.

I love cinnamon roll and this is an atas version haha.


Came for dinner with my friend recently, and we ordered the 88 Pork Set C (which came with steamed egg and choice of either kimchi or soy bean stew) and the Japchae. The dry-aged pork belly and pork collar was delicious - it was soft, juicy, and tender all at once! The Japchae was well-seasoned and the taste of the sesame oil really came through - though it was a tad bit greasy for my liking. The side dishes (banchan) were great, and I appreciate the attentiveness of the staff. If you're unfamiliar with Korean BBQ, the staff can also help to grill the meat on your behalf! Overall, would recommend and come back again 🙂

meat portion was substantial and overall a great place to chill and have bbq! set comes with kimchi soup and steamed egg too :)

Portion of meat was big and was nicely grilled by their staff. My favorite was the juicy pork jowl. Kimchi soup was delicious too

Tuk Tuk Cha at NEX is now Tuk Tuk Cha Treasures! Now you can get your favourite specialty stir fry dishes here too!

Featured here are the following food items:
-Signature Krapow chicken ($10): My top favourite food items at Tuk Tuk Cha Treasures! Level 2 spiciness is just right for me!
-Chicken Omelette ($10): Crispy fluffy eggy goodness!
-Tom Yum Mama ($11): This tom yum mama noodle soup has so much ingredients! There is prawn, mushrooms, meatballs and fish slices!
-Gai Ping ($9): Perfectly grilled chicken skewers!
-Cocolaka ($4): Coconut Ice cream with Gula Melaka sauce and sago!

We went here for dinner the other night, and ordered the 88 Pork Set B, as well as the japchae. The set came with a steamed egg and soy bean soup, all of which were absolutely delicious. The dry aged pork belly had to be our favourite part of the set though, and the variety of banchan provided was great. The japchae was good too, although it was a bit oily. The staff were great too, and were very attentive to us. Would recommend!