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the donburis are a must-order!! beef was v tender & omg i srslly loved the rice they used in the donburi. Stepped up the game by seasoning the plain white rice with dashi & soy sauce, making it super flavourful & tastyyyy

the donburis are a must-order!! the chicken is v tender and omg i srslly loved the rice they used in the donburi. Stepped up the game by seasoning the plain white rice with dashi & soy sauce, making it super flavourful & tastyyyy

loved the delicious whole grain barley & seaweed miso atop the warm, silky tofu

sat and watched the sky turn dark as we munched on this delicious pizza and talked about life. the pizza was so good omg one for the truffle/mushroom/cheese lovers and the sage rlly came through!

Feature :
Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake, Peanut Butter Mascarpone.
Three of us only can finish half of it, it’s very huge , balance between dense chocolate cake and peanut butter mascarpone.
💕Pasta from main set lunch.
Linguine, wild mushrooms,truffle oil.
💰$48 for 3 course
💕 PENNE CARBONARA fr a la carte.
Prosciutto, Bacon, Onion, Romano Cheese
💕Grilled Cod from main from set lunch.
Squid ink risotto, fried oyster.
💰$48 for 3 courses.

10 Bayfront Avenue.

📍Anti:dote, Hotel Fairmont📍
💸 Mother’s Day High Tea: $58 per pax
*Not inclusive of GST/Service Charge
Pampering ourselves during the long weekend with Anti:dote’s Mother’s Day High Tea!🌸✨💃 Generally more of a savory person but have to say that their sweets were better and not overly sweet😅 Favourite item has got to be the Madagascan Vanilla scones especially when it’s served warm😌

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Hidden behind the swathes of zigzagging paths that lead towards the top of fort canning hill, @lejardinsingapore is found in Fort Canning Arts Centre (where the bicentennial was hosted) -- a location enveloped in greenery. What adds to the ambience is the Victorian-style interior, which is covered in fresh flowers and wallpaper. This cafe is also by the same people behind @cafedenicolesflower but I preferred this cafe over the other because of its fitting location.

What makes a waffle a croissant? I suppose it's the various layers of flakes in the waffle itself. Quite an interesting creation but it wasn't crispy enough. The scrambled eggs, mushroom ragout and pork tolouse sausage were enjoyable but the rest were quite lacklustre.

This place's redeeming quality is solely its sublime ambience. I didn't even feel compelled to try their fancy overpriced drinks. May be worth a try if your an ambience kind of person but food wise, just grab something else at the city hall or bras basah area.

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This pathetic excuse for brunch tasted as bad as it looks. The sunny side egg had absolutely no interesting qualities about it, and the mesclun salad was a sad few strands of greens that felt like residents of the bottom of a salad bag.

I didn't give a 0 rating because the mushroom ragout actually tasted really fresh despite its small size.

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Next was the New Zealand Whole Lemon Sole ($68) cooked with locally famed lala clams and sea asparagus in a rich yuzu cream sauce. The kitchen team has nailed the flavours here, balancing the savouriness with a touch of tanginess and the firm meat texture of the fish is able to latch onto the sauce well. To complement the mains, we got the Avocado & Gem Lettuce Salad ($15) and Miso Mashed Potato ($18), the latter a unique rendition of mashed potato with a pronounced miso flavour, accompanied by the scallion oil and crispy garlic topping.

We ended the meal with the Sinfully Chocolate ($26), a rich and decadent dessert of hazelnut brownie, chocolate dome made up of 55% cocoa mousse and salted caramel, and Ecuadorian chocolate ice cream.
✨ CÉ LA VI Singapore
📍 1 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Tower 3, Singapore 018971
🍴 [Media Invite]

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With newly appointed Executive Chef Maksim Chukanov comes refreshed menus across the Sky Bar, Sky Lounge and Restaurant, and with over 16 years of refining his craft in Michelin restaurants worldwide, Chef Maksim aims to bring to the table his take on contemporary Asian dishes.

From the new menu dishes, diners will get to experience different layers of flavours and textures starting with the Foie Gras Hibiscus Lolli ($30 for 5 pcs) that is shaped as a lollipop which contains duck liver mousse and hibiscus soy, a unique combination that is not found elsewhere. It was followed by three vegetarian-friendly dishes of Thai Baby Corn ($25) that is coated with puffed quinoa, Tempura Zucchini Flower ($35) that comes with a wasabi mayo furikake dip and Genting Highlands Cherry Tomato ($25) paired with whipped burrata and wakame oil. The zucchini flower and cherry tomato were perhaps my favourites as one has the addictive crunch and killer dip while the other gives an appetising opener to the meal.

The other two starters that we have gotten are the New Zealand Beef Tenderloin Tartare ($30) served with toasted bread and Hokkaido Scallop ($28), a refreshing take on chopped scallops with diced green apples and yuzu kosho.
✨ CÉ LA VI Singapore
📍 1 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Tower 3, Singapore 018971
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