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desserts were above expectations!! tiramisu had q a strong coffee taste and a subtle alcohol taste. panna cotta was damn nice with the crunchy crumbs on top of it and even the complimentary chocolate cake was enjoyable. it’s like a chocolate malt cake

an additional of $25 for this rib eye. it was juicy paired well with the sauce

the appetizers were quite generous and i was quite full by the time i got to the mains… pork was like roasted pork but some pieces where slightly tougher to chew. the sauce was ok

also another appetizer that we had apart from the angel hair pasta which we enjoyed a lot was this soup which we found was a tad too salty for our liking. still a good dip for my onion bread which is saved from earlier

angel hair with black truffle, shkonkonbu and butter poached prawns! i love this pasta a lot, much more than the spiced pork linguine that i ordered for my main. truffle taste was evident and not overpowering

Weekend brunch set - July 2024

good to mix in the egg with the con carne. not too spicy and goes well with the crispy baguette

got the set for 2, which included a starter (burrata), steak, truffle mac and cheese, and tiramisu. everything was really good! steak was tender and very well seasoned, but my fav was the truffle mac and cheese! could really taste the truffle and it paired well with the cheese

Had bone marrow, wagyu, cauliflower, and eton mess. Steak was delicious!

Ready your stomach and join me in this gastronomic buffet featuring an Italian theme.

Starting with the seafood, sashimi, and sushi, you'll taste fresh and briny oysters, succulent tiger prawns and many more. I had quite a feast with these two seafood items. The sushi and sashimi were a tad normal, though.

I skipped the Salad Bar because, let's be honest, why waste stomach space on it? Lol. Moving on to Cheese spread, Cold Cuts, Bread Basket, and Chilled Antipasti, I find the options were good. You can get full from this if you're not careful.

Italian section includes northern and southern style dishes like pasta, lasagna, pinsa, nonna cooking, etc. While interesting to taste, it wasn't particularly appealing to my taste buds. I did enjoy the live station Porchetta di Maiale which was tender and flavourful and Fettuccine Truffle Alfredo in Parmesan Wheel was rich, creamy and cheesy. The pinsa had the perfect bite size with a nicely charred, puffy, and fluffy dough, spread with a tangy cheesy combination of ingredients.

If Italian isn’t your thing, the Asian Kitchen features a small spread of Indian, Malay, and Chinese cuisine. The honey-glazed Iberico Pork Char Siew is a must-have. The DIY station features Signature InterContinental Laksa, where you can make your own laksa by adding all the premium ingredients and pouring the laksa curry over. It's a fun experience, though the taste is more catered to international palates.

Finally, desserts include panna cotta, cakes, gelato, fruits, and a chocolate fountain. Each dessert has its own uniqueness and will certainly please everyone’s taste buds.

Overall, it's a pretty decent buffet if you know what to eat and can get a discount. I especially liked their oysters, tiger prawns, pinsa, porchetta, char siew, and forest berry gelato. Remember to check out their deals on their website before making a reservation to save some bucks. It can be quite expensive without these promos.
Buffet Lunch
Monday to Saturday, 12:00pm to 2:30pm
SGD58++ per adult
SGD29++ per child (6-11 years old)

Buffet Dinner
Available daily, 6:00pm to 10:00pm
Sunday to Thursday
SGD78++ per adult | SGD39++ per child (6-11 years old)

Friday and Saturday
SGD89++ per adult | SGD44++ per child (6-11 years old)

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🚩LUCE, InterContinental Singapore, 80 Middle Rd, Singapore 188966
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dinner was amazing! the steak was flavourful, juicy, and tender. i also really enjoyed the appetiser (chilli crusted bone marrow) and the dessert (eton mess), which were absolutely scrumptious and satisfying.


Henri Bistro是一家位于新加坡中央商务区的法式葡萄酒餐厅和面包店,提供多样的法式美食和葡萄酒。环境优雅且舒适,餐厅的装饰简约而不失优雅,给人一种温馨和欧洲风情的感觉。

Henri Bistro的菜单融合了传统法式料理和现代风味,午餐我们选择了29++两道式和35++的三道式


Honeyed Goat Cheese山羊奶酪奶油作为内馅制作的中式春卷,佐松露酱和浆果,搭配沙拉,我没吃,老板说还可以

Couscous Salad配有蔓越莓干、核桃仁、莳萝等,选择了烟熏鸭肉(应该超市货),各食材各归各的味道,不融合也不统一,以前有吃过非常棒的couscous,这道略普通


老板选的是Boeuf Bourguignon红酒炖牛肉,配珍珠洋葱、野生蘑菇和烤法棍。原先这道菜是绝不会出错的,但可能出于成本的考虑选择了牛肩肉或者牛臀肉,肉质较为坚实,需要更久的烹饪时间才能达到更好的口感,我尝了一块,味道较柴,有点可惜,因为调味是好吃的




当天的甜点是由店长Dorothy亲自制作,并由她帮我们推荐,选择的是Crème Brûlée法式焦糖布丁佐柚子酱汁。上层是一层脆脆的焦糖,使用喷火枪将撒在表面的糖加热至焦糖化,形成一层硬脆的糖壳。用勺子轻轻敲开这层焦糖后,下面是柔软的奶油布丁。柚子酱汁为这道甜点增添了一层清新的酸味,使得整体味道更加丰富。不过这次布丁的细腻程度有待加强,总体味道不错

Henri Bistro的菜品份量充足,价格合理,点了一份甜品和一杯咖啡,人均40新币。

总的来说,Henri Bistro还是午餐不错的选择,尤其要称赞的是店长Dorothy和主厨Kishan的服务,一直确认我们的用餐体验,让人如沐春风,非常感谢,有机会再来品尝其他菜品。