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Greeted by really friendly staff who took the time to explain the different kinds of pasta they have, and tried the mentaiko and ragu pasta! The pasta was abit undercooked to my liking but the sauce and beef on the ragu was great! Would come back to try their other flavours next time!

Uni on uni! This was the last course and it is also the reason why I would recommend going for the 18-Course Sea Urchin Menu. We get a small rice bowl of uni mixed with Japanese rice, topped with uni pieces, ikura and a dollop of wasabi. I am already salivating just by looking at what goes into the rice bowl. Every single rice grain is coated with creamy uni and with the ikura bursting in my mouth with every bite, it is just packed with umami goodness. The meal ended with a light and refreshing bowl of miso soup to cleanse your palate.

\\ 18-Course Sea Urchin Menu (3/3) 》$128

One of the perks of omakase is the firsthand experience we get sitting at the bar counter and relishing the most authentic Japanese dining experience. We get to observe the chef as he prepares individual pieces of sushi right before us. It reminds me of my omakase experience at one of the sushi bars at Tsukiji fish market.

There were 2 chefs and each of the chefs would handle 4 guests which gave a very personal touch. The chef would only serve the next course when we are done with the previous. The fishes were oh-so-fresh and solid! Each course was paired so well with different sauces that nothing tasted similar throughout the whole course.

My 12-Course Sushi is as follows
- Hirame Flat Fish
- Squid
- Prawn
- Sea Bream
- Japanese Groupa
- Golden Threadfin Bream (Not in Picture)
- Golden Eye Snapper (Not in Picture)
- Chutoro
- Otoro with Soy Sauce Foam (Not in Picture)
- Hototo (Not in Picture)
- Horse Mackeral (Aji)
- Sea Urchin

\\ 18-Course Sea Urchin Menu (2/3) 》$128

This is one of the most affordable and reasonably priced omakase in town. It is an 8 seater restaurant hence it is not possible to get a seat without a reservation. Their omakase is priced at $98 or $128 which includes sea urchin. I thought it would be worth diving straight into their sea urchin meal since it isn't exactly easy to reserve a seat. Reservations are open 30 days in advance.

For starters, we had the Hijiki seaweed salad seasoned with soya sauce and cooking sake. It has a combination of slightly salty, sweet and savoury flavours which serves as a refreshing appetiser. Next, we have salt-sprinkled edamame served warm, followed by onsen tamago with truffle soy sauce. The truffle onsen egg comes with a soft runny yolk, accompanied by bursting flavours of ikura and truffle aroma.

Towards the end of the meal (before the rice bowl), we were served a crab meat handroll wrapped in seaweed and rice. It was sweet, simple and delicious!

\\ 18-Course Sea Urchin Menu (1/3) 》$128

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Sadly much more expensive than what you'd get in Spain - churros are larger & thicker, and you get richer and more chocolate sauce, for prob just SGD7.50 there. I did like that the churros here were crispy though, although the chocolate was decent but nothing amazing.

NGL overall pretty pricey but it's a really nice place to visit for occasions (both vibes & service were good), and to try Fideua, which is difficult/ rarer to find in Singapore!


Oh the short ribs were tender, and pretty amazing when paired with the smoked cauliflower puree! Cauliflower also had a little smokey flavour, although a little soft for me.


Asparagus were quite nice with a slight smokey flavour. Brussel sprouts also had a good charred flavour, and texture was really to my liking. Mash was actually kinda interesting (?) with quite a thick consistency.

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Jamon, chicken, boiled egg croquette - there was a crispy crust, and insides were decent, although I haven't had one that wow-ed me yet.

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You may know Paella, but do you know Fideua? NGL I never knew Fideua existed until I was researching about Spain before my Europe trip last year. Fideua is basically a seafood dish similar to paella, except noodles (think short beehoon) are used instead of rice.

Squid Ink Fideua ($42 for half portion)
Oh this is definitely not for a first date hahaha - you'd end up with really black teeth and lips because of the squid ink, but I definitely enjoyed this one. This pretty huge pan came with clams and Calamari, which were fresh and squid ink seafood flavour was good. Only qualm is I was expecting their Fideua to be drier, and with scorched parts, as the texture of their pasta was a little soft, and slightly wetter for my liking, closer to beehoon texture.


Thought the pistachio flavour was actually not bad, but didn't enjoy the icy texture of their Icecream.

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Was lacking the vanilla beans in the custard, which would have added good flavour to this creme brulé.

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Cream was kinda dense as they mix whipped cream with mascarpone, and the part with the espresso was extremely strong and bitter - might suit coffee lovers.

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