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Friends gathering at Siri House
Bikini to share with Mr W and i had lamb tenderloin while Mr W had the short rib

Bikini tasted like how i was teased when i ordered - ham and cheese sandwich… well it was a ham and cheese sandwich. It was very cheesy but couldnt taste the ham. Not recommend this

Lamb tenderloin with Kung Pao sauce. It was quite interesting to have a bit of spicy flavor in it. The lamb wasnt gamey at all. Quite enjoyable.

Short rib
Soft and tender, very flavourable. Mr. W gave me a few slices. It was great, but i cannot imagine I finish it the whole course by myself. Very heavy course.

Tropical Tau hauy
Coconut panna cotta with mango and passion fruit, the sourness from the passion fruit was very refreshing after a heavy meal. Coconut panna cotta was great and it did look like tau hauy. I think i need to be more careful with coconut… my stomach is not very compatible with it. Felt a bit bloated again….. 😵‍💫

It is a pricy place. I wont say it is overpriced because they use good ingredients. The food is good but not so good to me that i want to come back again very soon. Nice try.

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Ambience at Claudine is fantastic .

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Walked passed Claudine after lunch and just had to stop for dessert.

Decent, the “Pariteroles” ($32) was certainly pricey but was not as cloying as it looks. A hybrid of the Paris-Brest and the profiterole, the caramelised pecan praliné was a nice touch as the nuts studded on the pastry offered that extra crunch and flavour. It was slightly sweet and buttery too. And though doused with warm luscious dark chocolate sauce, the ring of five didn’t feel heavy on the palate as the vanilla cream (not ice cream) sitting in between the choux was incredibly light.


Pariterole ($32)
Basically what you'd expect from choux puff, stuffed with vanilla cream, and molten chocolate poured over it.

Personally thought mains > desserts, and we felt certain dishes weren't really worth its price, altho the service was pretty good and experience was still great overall. (~$131 per pax excl. drinks)

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île Flottante ($22)
Pink Praline, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Creme Anglaise. Vanilla custard flows out when you cut it, but to describe its taste in the simplest way possible, it's basically froot loops with marshmallow.

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Whole Roasted Brittany Pigeon ($68)
Tbh another interesting experience because it's my first time eating pigeon? It has a slightly gamey taste that low-key reminded of pork liver, and the texture is different from most other meat. Feels slightly denser (?) but can't put my finger on what it's exactly similar to.

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Steak Tartare A La Parisienne ($52)
First time trying steak tartare and this was q interesting? You could pick the spice level you want, and mustard flavour was q evident here. Comes with side of fries & salad.

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To Share:
Claudine 'Bouillabaisse' ($178)
We were taught how to eat this - crouton as base, spread saffron rouille (sauce) on top, add your favourite seafood, then pour their stock/ broth over. This was overall really strong in the prawn flavour.

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🌟 Chou Farci ($98)
My favourite dish that night. Absolutely loved the rich pork jus that was poured over this dish, and the addition of croutons just made it even better. Despite it being just slightly gamey from the foie gras, I still really loved how everything came together so well. NGL it reminded of Ngoh Hiang, but I loved this dish.

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Organic Egg Forestiere ($28)
Q a forgettable dish - sauce wasn't amazing, and the egg was similar to scotch egg, except w/o the meat filling.

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🌟 Complimentary bread
Their bread was so good we had like 2-3 large pieces each?? It came with Iberico bacon butter which paired so well with the extremely crispy sourdough bread that's also slightly chewy within.

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You might not have heard of @claudinerestaurant, but you probably would know its "sister restaurant" @odetterestaurant, but with food by headchef @mercier_julien here instead.

To start:
Hokkaido Uni Pasta ($58)
This came in such a small portion, but I honestly really liked it! The uni made it really creamy, and flavour was pretty good - altho I'm not sure if it's actly worth this price.

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