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Seafood lovers can opt for their Hamachi Kombujime 🐟, served with creamy tigernut milk, crunchy cilantro kosho 🌿 & umami tobiko. The Japanese rice pops add a really nice nutty flavour & good crunch! What a refreshing dish! ✨️

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Their Burrata has got to be my favourite small plate! 🀍 Served with sous vide kuri pumpkin πŸŽƒ, kabocha gazpacho 🧑, baby spinach πŸ₯¬, topped with brazil nut furikake & a drizzle of Thai basil oil, the sesame oil marinated burrata made a creamy treat! πŸ’―

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Surprised by the sweet fig chicken broth πŸ₯£ of the Venus Clams! Paired with cabbage kimchi & pickled wakame, I enjoyed the fresh chewy clams πŸ¦ͺ! Very different from the usual savoury broth of clams.

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Impressed with their Lamb Riblet which was very tender & fatty πŸ‘! Glazed with beet cherry bbq sauce 🀀, served with pickled beets & chewy Murcia Al Vino cheese orzo πŸ§€, this will certainly MEAT your expectations! πŸ’—

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Open Farm Community x Mandai Wildlife Group
Inspired by Rothschild GiraffeπŸ¦’; one of the critically endangered animals
This sticky toffee pudding based on its fav food (orange, sweet potato and dates) along with sourdough ice-cream
10% of proceeds from the sale of this dessert will go towards supporting Mandai Wildlife Group’s conservation efforts in Singapore and Southeast Asia to support the endangered Rothschild Giraffe πŸ¦’ as they help to promote the canopy’s foliage growth by reaching for leaves high above the ground
Come and save this majestic and gentle giant

Indulge in their Negitoro made with fresh minced raw tuna 🐟 sitting on crispy glutinous rice coin 🍚! The calamansi kaffir vin was pretty intense & the sea dust added a touch of umami. πŸ˜‹

I loved their Seasonal Oyster πŸ¦ͺ so much! Really plump & fresh with no metallic taste, I like how refreshing it was with the tangy notes of pear cucumber vin 🍐 & pickled cucumber πŸ₯’. Topped with poppin' ikura 🧑 & tamarillo shrub 🌿, this has a very well-balanced taste profile! πŸ’―

Truffle Foie Gras Cappuccino looked really promising & it did not disappoint! ✨️ Featuring creamy cured foie gras with intense truffle flavours πŸ„, topped with five spice poha crunch & sweet duck fat madeleine, this was such an innovative treat! βœ”οΈ

The hummus was delicious, pita was soft and fresh. The restaurant has high ceilings, beautifully decorated. Enjoyed the meal and experience overall.

Another delightful main is their tender Ibercom Iberico Abanico Pork πŸ–! Love the tender slices of Iberico pork served on sake kasu polenta 🍢🀍, drizzled with pork jus,
green harissa πŸ’š, with a side of maitake πŸ„ & topped with endive πŸ₯¬.

For a lighter carb, opt for their Jeju Live Abalone ✨️! The fermented sakura ebi sauce carried the dish 🦐 with its tangy & umami notes perfuming the silky smooth somen 🍜 tossed in shallot oil.

Did you know that this dish was a special creation by chef-owner Petrina for a surprise wedding proposal? πŸ’ Thankfully it was a success because this is πŸ’― deserving to be on Morsels' menu! βœ”οΈ
Featuring robust-tasting curry πŸ›, tender quail, spiced broken rice pilaf πŸ’›, topped with crunchy radicchio πŸ’œ & served with a side of creamy grape raita, I polished this main clean even though I don't usually take carbs at night. Says a lot ya! πŸ‘πŸ»