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Digging into chocolates from @mrbucketchocolaterie ๐Ÿ‘€

Exclusive to their โœจnewโœจChangi Airport T3 pop-up boutique, is this cute โ€˜Singapore Breakfast Setโ€™ chocolate gift box. It comes with a trio of our local breakfast-inspired flavours: Kaya Toast (think chocolate with pandan and lots of crisp toast crumbs on top), Teh Halia (distinct tea & ginger notes) and Soy Salt (studded with housemade soy salt flakes made from fermented black soybeans)!

๐Ÿ“Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie
Changi Airport T3 (within transit area)
Till 17 Apr 2025

Banana was good, toffee was alright. The pastry is very strongly spiced, so it's lovely. The whole thing wasn't particularly coherent but the flavours worked so it's decent overall

I know why people like it. It's quite a dry style of roasting with a crisp skin. The crispiness is quite decent although it does dissipate within minutes. Meat was very well seasoned.

Very good hearty bistro style, not the atas restaurant super juicy style, although for this price its ex. However portion is big and it's meant for sharing I believe,I struggled to finish one myself.

Sauces sucked

Overall otherwise it's pretty decent, but nothing mindblowing ofc

not the easiest place to get to but feels like a breath of fresh air away from the hustle of life๐Ÿ˜Š worth get a whole loot of bakes (not sure when will be back ๐Ÿ˜‚)
๐ŸŒŸ pain au chocolat ($6)
Perfectly executed!
โญ๏ธ Classic croissant ($4)
kudos to the Butter, can taste the richness of it and generously used, however will love it more if the layering is thinner
โญ๏ธsmoked yuzu donut ($6)
Had high expectations for this as burnt ends is famous for the smoked meat after all and yes it tastes like smoked meat ๐Ÿ˜ถ which kinda overwrote the yuzu flavor - was very confused if its savory or sweet ๐Ÿ˜…
๐ŸŒŸ cheese & garlic scone ($3)
For the savory lovers!
๐ŸŒŸ cranberry earl grey scone ($3)
Favorite of the 2 scone flavors for me!
๐ŸŒŸ sea salt dark chocolate cookie (bake of the day)
๐ŸŒŸpoached red wine pear danish (bake of the day)
overall, iโ€™m quite happy that itโ€™s not priced ridiculously like another bakery in orchard๐Ÿ™ƒthough itโ€™s a branch off from the michelin award-winning @burntends.sg restaurant โ€ผ๏ธ There is open seating outside for breakfast takeaways which is great ๐Ÿ‘ donโ€™t mind coming back for more for another wkend or PH local escape โœŒ๏ธ

Opened in January 2024 by renowned chefs Matthew Orlando of Amass and Will Goldfarb of Room4Dessert, together with entrepreneur Ronald Akili of Potato Head, AIR CCCC is a sustainable farm-to-table restaurant, research lab, cooking school, and farm where produce for the restaurant is grown.
The restaurant is warmly lit with ample natural light, the idea of transparency spanning from the open kitchen and common dining hall to the natural surroundings.
The facade features ribbon windows that open up views to the lawn, while paths take guests beyond to the urban farming gardens run by social enterprise City Sprouts.
The fixtures and furniture were designed by Spanish product designer Andreu Carulla, using recycled timber, styrofoam packaging, and plastic bottles sourced from a former art installation, as well as paper mache and bamboo ceiling lights.
Staff accord guests personalised attention, exercising great care with dietary restrictions. They communicate well in fulfilling requests and taking orders.
I note staff work quickly, greeting and seating guests, clearing finished plates throughout the meal, and cleaning up efficiently when guests leave.
Staff also demonstrate good product knowledge, being able to describe dishes on the seasonal menu, which changes monthly and features fresh ingredients grown on-site.
No surprise that AIR CCCC is usually fully-booked, advance reservations are highly recommended.
Style is Modern European and Modern Singaporean fusion, and true to its name, aims to provoke deeper contemplation about food, sustainability, and community.
Dishes are creatively put together. Flavours are bold, and uncompromising, yet wholesome and nourishing.
Portions are designed for communal dining and sharing, except for desserts which are individually-portioned.
Prices command a premium for their casual gourmet dining experience, yet is well worth it, budget about SGD $68++ per person for weekend brunch, and SGD $98++ per person for dinner.
AIR CCCC (Awareness, Impact, Responsibility, Circular Campus And Cooking Club)
More details:

Some reviewer said this melts in the mouth. That's not right at all because these things usually have quite a lot of bite

Nonetheless this is good. Quite salty but the flavour is lovely, abit funky as you would expect

Not sure what people are expecting but for almost 30 I expect an artisanal burger.

And this definitely wasn't that. Sure the patty is much bigger and thicker than a Mac but honestly, it's some factory made nonsense, not hand formed. The texture is also way too fine, like a single emulsified product as compared to actl ground beef. There is a little bit of funk and it's juicy tho

Again, depends on your expectations. If you're someone who's very happy with Mac's this is going to blow your mind.

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Petit four was very normal

Verdict: place for people to throw money around. I'm very perplexed by the high ratings. Was it that the ratings came in when Massimo was still around and food was delicious in the first week? Or is it people are so enamoured by the "genius" of the "art" that they neglect their tastebuds?

No one will know I guess. Mediocre and thus unacceptable for the crazy prices

The website sucks. No mention that the tasting menu is to be shared for the whole table, new menu isn't updated, and no mention of the dress code.

This was good. The coffee ice cream is abit cold but the mascarpone foam and the crunchy chocolate top worked well.

One of the few highlights food wise. Everything apart from this was meh. Yes the place is artsy but that should never take away from the food. A restaurant boils down to food and if people are going to be paying 3 digits the food better be good before the rest of these artsy fartsy nonsense is in play

It's only been 3 weeks since Massimo left but this place is really not doing well. The reviews do no justice to this place. Kitchen was slow AF on a sat lunch, with only half the tables filled. Everyone was waiting, even tho the kitchen is at full staff. There's a lot of problems, like how they have someone carrying a tray but requiring another service staff to offload and explain the dishes. What a waste of manpower. Too often the food is just left there or continue to be carried by someone while we are waiting for a service staff to serve. What is going on lol dysfunctional af

Food review:
I understand the effort that goes into making this. Pasta has good bite, filling was salty in a punchy way, Parm sauce is avg.

But for comfort food, it's really priced at an unacceptable level. The taste is nothing mindblowing