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Super generous portion and sumptuously done! The herbs seasoning of the lamb meat masks the lamb taste and lamb meat was tender too. Worth every penny! Will come back again :)

I remember eating this very affordable Korean food during uni and though the prices have inflation a bit, they still provide value for money Korean cuisine. The kimchi beef soup is comforting and warms your body on a cold day. Saba fish is over cooked and dry, don鈥檛 recommend it.

Expected Damage: $10/set

Seems to be my favourite because of the delectable seasoning that pairs perfectly with Japanese rice. There鈥檚 thin bones so gotta be careful with every bite. Great 1-for -1 Burpple deal!

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Came back with my son to eat this amazing looking Wagyu Don again. His eyes lited up at first bite. It was worth it! Pretty amazing with esp with 1-for-1 Burpple deal! Tasty, unique and a beauty to your eyes!


There鈥檚 a few stalls selling chee cheong fun in this food centre, and Chang Le Chee Cheong Fun is one of them.

Serving only one type of chee cheong fun on the menu, unlike the other stalls here. Offering the light, simple and traditional chee cheong fun in either small or big size.

They start selling as early as 6:30am and it was by a young hawker who his parent own a zi char stall in the food centre as well.

The rice rolls wasn鈥檛 homemade here but bought from supplier, then steam it on-site before serving it to you.

The dark and sweet sauce and chilli come separate in small cup. So you can add based on your liking.

The combination of the sauce with the rice roll wasn鈥檛 disappoint me for the taste. Simple at its best.

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My go to place for roast meats, visit them around 11am when they are fresh out of the oven...


Interesting pancake flavours. You see the original, green tea and charcoal flavour ones here. Pancake flavours not distinct enough, possibly overpowered by the strong peanut taste. There are other fillings which I am keen to try out too e.g. Thai Milk Tea, but due to time constraint, I did not give that a try.
Definitely will give it a try the next time.
$5.60 for 4 pancakes

Pictured 4nett

Ingredients were cooked well, cuttlefish was rather soft and like agar agar but harder. The pork liver had a blood taste tho, despite being so thin and I had stomachache on the same day. Their sauce was also lackluster, lacking in seasoning and spice

Read plenty of good reviews on this place, but have always been skeptical of this due to how dry and ordinary the pork chops look in all those reviews.

But I was so wrong. The Pork chop was very good. It was crispy, it was flavourful, it was tender.

The fried rice was served with coleslaw and a sunny side up. Auntie was generous enough to give me a spoon of mixed vegetables as she was low on coleslaw.

Fried rice was fairly ordinary, like something my army canteen cook up.

But the star or the show is definitely the pork chop.

I will return again to try their chicken chop and fish, read many good reviews on them as well.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice has been operating since 1991, so surely their food won't go wrong.

Cheap, filling and affordable.


I had a burger craving, and Hambaobao hit the spot. Hammered it, even. It was a simple, no frills burger, but each element was executed perfectly. The beef patty was so juicy and full of flavour, just a bite in and I was already in heaven.

The shop is tucked at the corner on the 3rd floor of Trio Building, so it can be a little bit difficult to find. But trust me - it鈥檚 worth the hunt. It has an open kitchen and bar concept, with Lil鈥檚 Taproom sharing the space, providing craft beers (and even kombuchas, if you鈥檙e feeling healthy) to pair with your badass burgers.

I鈥檒l be back to try their other burgers and drinks, definitely!

This triple fruited gose from North Brewing Co. is sure to make any fruit beer or cider lover happy! It鈥檚 more towards the sour side but very refreshing - perfect for that summer vibe in sunny sunny Singapore. 鈽锔 It鈥檚 light and easy to drink, being 4.5% ABV.

The staff here are super friendly and passionate about craft beer, so it was such a delight chatting with them and hearing them share about their interest. Would love to return and try their other flavours - they have a wide array of interesting craft beers and kombuchas!

I always choose Kitsune Udon ($6.90) (not that actual cheapest from udon menu) They got slighty grilled kistune (japan deep fried beancurd) and got that "char" taste and taste really salty tbh. It made a whole udon broth to be salty 馃ゲ.

I noticed that they already cooked most of tempura in advance before lunch time. So I suggested that do coming around opening hours for hot and crispy tempura.

Jumbo Kakiage ($2.40) (mixed vegtable tempura) I almost cannot eat it finish as it was quite big in size. It was quite hard to slice through the tempura. (not that crispy and still have crunchy)

Potato Cheese Mochi ($1.80) (new) it's quite chewy for mochi but it's not that hot enough. I felt that it's ok for me.

Kashiwa Tempura (脳2) ($2.20) (new) I did enjoyed their marinated chicken (similar to what I eat before) before dipping into deep frying. The chicken is not that hard and contained a lot of batter inside.