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Usually comes with oyster and fried ckn instead of 2 eggs

This was terrible. No bite, no flavour, and very hot

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Haven’t eaten here since Covid and was near by therefore decided to dine there. There was available table at 8pm without having to queue.

Food standard has dropped IMO. Loved their cockles before, however the sauce is watered down now. Their famous butter pork ribs (milk powder) was still good. The other dishes were acceptable.

Prices are reasonable.

Healthy rice bowls priced rather decently by CBD standards. Got a salmon bowl with teriyaki sauce. By the time I got there, one of the sides was unavailable but I was happy to get more long beans! Good portions that aren’t too filling as well. Best part was the salmon, obviously, as it was torched perfectly. Teriyaki sauce wasn’t too sweet, which is a plus. You might want to come down earlier because the queue is super long during peak hour!

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Michelin Bib Gourmand Briyani, that's located at Dunlop Street, which is in Little India Vicinity.

This briyani is not served with any curry. But like most dum briyani i had, the chicken is coated with dry curry and fried onions. Chicken was tender, but the breast meat part can get rather dry. Rice was fragrant.

This certainly is one of the better briyani place I had.

Interior was a little dark and depressing to be honest.

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The roast meat over here is highly raved and we ordered all meat available so that we don’t miss out on any. Our combo platter includes roast pork, char siew and roast duck drumstick.

The roast pork is thickly sliced with layers of tender, juicy meat and fats with crispy crackling skin. The char siew was chunky and juicy with a nice caramelised glaze and a charred exterior. I read reviews that their cuts are usually fatty hence I requested mine to be less fat and leaner cut. It was extremely soft and tender, not dry and tough at all. The roast duck drumstick was well seasoned, not gamey, tender and juicy with a crispy golden brown skin.

I would suggest pairing those meats with noodles over rice. The noodles are cooked al-dente, well flavoured with hints of pepper, pork lard oil and crispy pork lard. It’s just too difficult to decide which is the best but I’ll say the porky wins the ducky.

3 Meat Combo Platter 》$20 (Incl Noodles & Rice)

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Kulfi is a traditional Indian "ice cream"

Here at Bismillah, You pop it out of the cup and eat it like ice cream on a stick.

Unlike traditional ice cream, this is harder and denser. Milky and custardy.

First time I'm having Kulfi, this really appeals to my sweet tooth, now I will keep a look out for Kulfi when I visit Any Indian food establishment.

My family is always in the mood for Teochew porridge. Despite the fact that the dishes we ordered ain’t traditional Teochew style, the taste of their staple dishes is still something comforting that keep us coming back for more.

❤️ their high fat content — ‘dong puo rou’ [a.k.a. braised pork belly] that consist of wobbly skin with a layer of melt-in-your mouth fat beneath and thick chunks of lean meat braised in this incredibly flavourful soy sauce-based gravy.

Their crunchy prawn roll fried to golden brown and generously stuffed with finely minced meat, prawn and water chestnuts is another hit with us! ⭐️

Finally, I would very much like to enjoy the other dish — bitter gourd fried with egg and salted egg white. However, the gourd proves to be too bitter for my liking. 🤢

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📍Heap Seng Leong, North Bridge Road📍
💸 Kaya Butter Toast (2 slices): $1.40
💸 Soft-boiled Eggs (2 eggs): $1.40

Weekend calls for a good local breakfast at Heap Seng Leong with the family! Their charcoal-grilled toast is pretty good, soft and crispy🍞. The cold butter was also a pretty thick slab, making it super satisfying to bite into🧈. However we felt that their kaya is not as fragrant, and the amount given could be more as well🥹! Special shout-out to their soft-boiled eggs though🥚, they were huge and fresh, super yumz!

From Saizeriya Changi City Point
Served warm, decent portion of beef chunks with corn and potato wedges.
Tender meat texture, mild pepper sauce.
$8.90 for now.
Yummy with the focaccia.

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From Saizeriya Changi City Point
Served warm, platter of baked succulent clams.
Only $3.90 for now.

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Among the longest-serving, most well-known brands, they still attract long queues daily for their reasonably priced and tasty dishes. Queue moves relatively quick, averaging a 20-minute wait.
The fresh and boneless mackerel fish fillets, both natural and fried, are served in a generous portion. Large and chunky, yet tender flaky in texture, each fish slice has lovely meaty sweet savoury flavour.
The garnishes of crunchy cabbage and juicy tomato, lend lovely vegetal sweet flavour. Nice pairing with fluffy white rice, with grainy sweet notes.
The robust broth carries bold sweet savoury salty flavour, from stewing fosh bones for hours. I prefer the rendition without milk, where you can taste the depth of flavour in the soup.
Fish Soup
Xin Yuan Ji
@ 31 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-01
More details:

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