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Ah, chicken rice — the quintessential Singaporean dish. It’s no surprise that we all look for dif...

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A comforting bowl of curry chicken noodles served with a generous amount of poached chicken, potatoes, fishcake, tau pok, bean sprouts, and pig skin. The curry gravy is rich in flavours with the right consistency, not too rich or lemak. It was fragrant, light and not too oily which makes it very drinkable. The chicken was moist and tender, goes well with the well-balanced curry gravy and not forgetting how the tau pok and pig skin soaked up the goodness from the curry 🤤 》$7 / Large


Decent taste, meats were tender, sauce isn't too salty. Portion was rather large as well. ($7.40++)

The selling point of Chicken House is their kampong (free-range) chicken which are less fatty and thus healthier to consume.

Such chickens are not very commonly available so if you prefer a guilt-free chicken rice experience, this is for you.

Indeed, there is literally no trace of visible fat underneath the thin layer of that marvelous yellow chicken skin.

I have always thought that kampong chickens are lean and tough due to their regular "workouts" however, my drumstick was succulent and flavorful.

Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2021/05/chicken-house-succulent-yellow-skinned.html?m=1

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You should find many familiar stalls in Margaret Drive Food Centre as they are mostly moved here from the former Tanglin Halt Food Centre.

Tong Kee Chicken Rice is one of them and you could immediately see a long queue in front of this stall when you are here.

Previously they only sell roasted chicken rice and now at this new place, they have since selling white version as well.

I do love their roasted chicken rice, fragrant enough and the meat is soft.

The famous chicken rice stall in Ang Mo Kio, just a short walk from MRT Station. They have the version of chicken in either roasted or the so called white.

I really like their white chicken, which steamed to make the meat very soft and juicy. Get the individual set to enjoy their vegetable as well, which you can choose from either the you cai or taugeh.

One thing many people love about this stall is that they provide free soup. So do remember to grab the soup for the day to go with your chicken rice as well.

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If you are hungry and in the mood for more, look no further than the Lobster Laksa ($34), one of our favourite dishes from Chatterbox that is loaded with a whole Boston lobster claw. The star of the show is the flavourful coconut spice broth that is creamy and comforting that you will keep going back for more. With the addition of the thick vermicelli noodles, it latches onto the broth perfectly and with each slurp of the noodles, you can get the full-on broth experience. The dried beancurd is like a sponge that soaks up all the creamy goodness as well.

Another recommendation is the Seafood Hokkien Mee ($25), a stir-fry noodle dish of bee hoon and yellow noodles that is simmered in an umami-rich seafood broth with the addition of fresh prawns, squid, pork belly, eggs, bean sprouts and chives. You might even get bites of pork lard as you scoop through this noodle dish. To end the meal, get the traditional Signature Coconut Ice Cream ($15) that is served in an actual coconut husk with two scoops of coconut ice cream topped with crunchy walnuts.
🍴 Chatterbox
📍 333 Orchard Road, Hilton Singapore Orchard, #05-03, Singapore 238887

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This iconic chicken rice is no stranger to many and has been covered by mainstream media for the longest time since 1971 to which it has even achieved legendary status. The chickens are specially sourced to ensure you are getting thick and juicy meat from each bite, and slow steamed in an aromatic stock till tender and then cooled to seal in all the flavours. Served boneless, the individual set ($25) comes with a side of fragrant jasmine rice, warm soup that contains the essence of chicken and aromatics with an accompanying trio of homemade chilli sauce, ginger puree, and dark soya sauce. Though it might be pricier than what you can normally get in the hawker centres, what you are paying for here is the quality and consistency of a chicken rice that you get to enjoy in a comfortable environment.
🍴 Chatterbox
📍 333 Orchard Road, Hilton Singapore Orchard, #05-03, Singapore 238887

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Signature Hainanese Steamed Chicken (Half)
Think my downstairs one tasted much better.

Curry Fish Head
Not much meat

Fish Maw Bakwan Kepeting
The fish maw not soften enough. No chunky water chestnut In meatballs.

Ayam Buah Keluak
The gravy too watery. Not much flavour.

Otah in Banana Leaf
Not much spice flavour. More salty than preferred.

Crispy Sotong
Quite dried up. Thought it’s crackers! Can’t taste the meat.

Nonya Style Ngoh Hiang
Lacking of texture and flavours. Served with pickled onions which was unusual.

Nonya Chap Chye in Claypot
Much needed more time In braising. No dried shrimp. Lacking of flavours. More like mixed vegetables in soya sauce broth. Can get much better version at Cai Fan stalls.

Beef Hor Fun
Left largely untouched

This never fails to deliver a satisfied lunch for $3.50. But definitely too small a portion for a man.

Look at the chicken, it's the same as what they had pre-malaysia chicken ban

It's not their full powers, maybe about 80%, but it's good enough(at this point I don't know if they will ever taste as good as 3 years ago). But it's good enough for an occasional treat(prices have gone up again though)

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📍YY Kafei Dian, 37 Beach Rd📍
Apart from delicious traditional toasts🍞 and drinks☕, YY Kafei Dian also serves up some affordable and fuss-free breakfast options. Got a mix of stir-fried noodles and beehoon, and added on a fried egg🍳 as well. A great option for those who wish to have a more filling breakfast😌!

$6.90, pretty good, serving was just nice. Rice was fragrant, chicken was soft.

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