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Ah, chicken rice — the quintessential Singaporean dish. It’s no surprise that we all look for dif...

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This stall ranks high in my list of best eats — Located at a relatively ‘ulu’ [a.k.a. remote] part of Jurong West, 香江 serves up a mouth-watering claypot chicken rice cooked over charcoal fire which adds a distinct smokey and charred flavour to it.

Equally obsessed with is their tender, well-marinated chicken and the fragrant, charred crust at the bottom of the claypot paired with generous serving of lup cheong [a.k.a. Chinese sausage] and salted fish. 😋

This piping hot claypot rice is my family’s ultimate comfort food during rainy season in November and December!

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Curry Vegetables (S$22/ 10pax)
Thai Style Egg Tofu (S$32)
DIY Kueh Pie Tee (S$38)

Merry Set D Nasi Lemak Set (S$138/ 10pax)
- Blue Pea Nasi Lemak
- Chicken Rendang
- BBQ Chicken Wings (12 pieces)
- Fried Tempeh with Kicap Manis (12 pieces)
- Otah (10 pieces)
- Omelette (12 pieces)
- Ikan Bilis
- Fried Peanuts

Merry Set F Western Set 2 (S$178/ 10pax)
- Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Vegetables
- Christmas Chicken Ham (1.5kg pre-cooked)
- Mushroom Aglio Olio
- Lemon Thyme Cranberry Salad
- Shepherd’s Pie

Ji De Lai has been my top rated chicken rice for a few years now, and it has even earned itself a spot on the Michelin Bib Gourmand list in 2023. So, has the quality dropped off from the excitement of earning a spot on the Bib Gourmand and from the increased crowds?⠀

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure I announce that Ji De Lai is just as good as it used to be before getting the thumbs up from Michelin. The steamed chicken sports smooth porcelain skin that covers the moist meat beneath, and that meat has been fully infused with all the sapidity of the stock it has been poached in. After chopping up the bird, Ji De Lai’s secret fantastically fragrant soya sauce mix is ladled over the chicken for maximum piquancy. The chicken is savoury, herby & carries a faint pandan note, and each bite topped off with a dollop of Ji De Lai’s fiery, ginger-y chili is pure chicken bliss.⠀

Even though I prefer the steamed/poached chicken over the roasted (JDL is the only place where I would pick the steamed over the roast chicken), the roast chicken is more than capable. It’s salty & savoury from all the aromatic spices rubbed into the bird before getting roasted, and the fat is rendered out while roasting to leave behind a nicely crisped skin. The meat is still marvellously moist and terrifically titillating, and each bite of bird is guaranteed to spark joy.⠀

Pair these breathtaking birds with the luscious, rich grains of fragrant chicken rice, and you’ll start to see why even the Michelin guide remembers to honour Ji De Lai in their prestigious list.

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($6.50) comes with choice of steamed or roasted chicken, boiled vegtables and soup. Roasted chicken taste not that bad but too much sauce on vegtables.

Chicken Onigiri Set (S$10/ 3 pcs)

- Original
- Egg Mayo x 2

Triple Prosperity Meal (S$8)
comes with 3 types of chicken (soya, roasted and steamed), an egg and some veg.

Personally it didn’t survive the trip well especially for the rice.

First of all what a steal?! So cheap. The chicken was pretty soft and tender, not bad but we had a really nice one at yuhua recently (hup hong) and we felt that hup hong’s chicken was juicier. We like that the soy sauce is not too salty or sweet, and they give achar here too! Overall a pretty decent option that I wouldn’t mind having again~

($1.80) Another old school style and type for chicken wing without topping or sauce or extra flavour. I felt that their chicken wing got just default and plain style and really satisfied me so much. They literally cut chicken wing into two part for easier eat. They just served in hot and warm as they cooked in batch by batch. A lot of people queued up for their chicken wing before 11.30 a.m. before the shop opened.

This place is popular among the residents nearby for affordable meals.

In case you wasn’t aware, this place has connection with the famous Feng Feng Chicken Rice at Woodlands.

Go for the deluxe single chicken rice set for individual, that comes with the chicken rice, egg, soup and vegetables of the day.

Visited on Friday ‘Cos the stall was not opened when we visited on Tuesday.
For 4 pax
1.5 chicken + 6 butts + 4 rice

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There always seem to be a change ongoing around the Shenton Food Hall food court situated within Shenton House — it has been seeing stalls come and go within a span of months; it does seem that they had recently lost tenants such as that of The Saigon and a stall serving up Ayam Penyet have pretty much disappeared from the food hall as soon as they had sprouted out. Taking over the stall formerly tenanted by King of Chicken Rice is yet another stall that serves up Hainanese Chicken Rice — this stall being 豐盛 Feng Sheng Famous Dover Market Hainanese Chicken Rice & Steamboat. It does seem like the stall is run by the next-generation owners behind Feng Sheng Hainanese Chicken Rice which used to be located at Dover Market & Food Centre until the estate has been demolished — the owners back then have since retired with the closure of the stall. 豐盛 Feng Sheng Famous Dover Market Hainanese Chicken Rice & Steamboat does seem to be on a roll in its plans for expansion; the opening of the Shenton Food Hall outlet comes shortly after the opening of their main branch at 4 Short Street in the Selegie Road area (it takes over the former premises of the now-defunct Density Frozen Custard) — the Short Street location being an independently-run restaurant-style establishment, which differs from that of the Shenton Food Hall outpost. Considering so, the Shenton Food Hall location carries a more limited menu of only chicken rice dishes — this includes the likes of the steamed and roasted chicken rice, as well as the Lemon Chicken Cutlet Rice. The Shenton Food Hall location of 豐盛 Feng Sheng Famous Dover Market Hainanese Chicken Rice & Steamboat also serves up side dishes; think the likes of oyster sauce vegetables, sesame oil bean sprouts and braised eggs amongst many others.

We actually were pretty clear-headed in wanting to give their steamed chicken offerings a go — but this was until we had seen their chicken cutlet hanging behind the transparent shield segregating the stall’s food preparation from the counter; one look at their fried chicken cutlet and we were rather intrigued by how it does seem to be battered and fried in-house. After all, it does seem like stalls that serve up good renditions of Lemon Chicken Cutlet Rice are starting to become quite a rare find. It is noted that the Lemon Chicken Cutlet Rice does come with Nyonya Achar on the side; patrons can choose to opt for or opt out of the addition of Nyonya Achar as they wish, though the addition of braised egg would be a chargeable item. The Lemon Chicken Cutlet Rice looks quite as simple as it sounds otherwise; just rice that is served with fried chicken cutlet that is drizzled with lemon sauce atop.

Digging into the rice here, the flavoured rice is one that is to die for; we really loved how the rice is utterly flavourful here having absorbed all of that gingery notes and chicken broth that it seems to have been simmered with — the rice is also sufficiently moist without being greasy, and isn’t the sort where a sauce is just drizzled over just to provide for the flavour. In fact, probably one of the more impressive variants of the flavoured rice that typically comes with Hainanese chicken rice that tastes especially old-school. The fried chicken cutlet was also on-point; there are variants where we had tried where the fried batter is a little tough or thick but this came at the appropriate thickness and came all crisp without being greasy — just about right for one to get to the flesh beneath. The chicken meat itself was also juicy, soft and tender — all that whilst being drenched in a lemon sauce that provided a sweet; zingy note. The Nyonya Achar isn’t particularly spicy here — we are also glad that they have excluded the use of peanuts in their rendition, keeping those with allergies to peanuts in mind. Meanwhile, we did find their chili sauce to be a little bit on the salty side; seemingly heavy-handed especially when had with the rice — would prefer it to be a little brighter and slightly more zingy with more prominent notes of Calamansi , while carrying a spicy kick to tickle the tastebuds. All in all though, we did feel that the offerings at 豐盛 Feng Sheng Famous Dover Market Hainanese Chicken Rice & Steamboat is definitely leaps and bounds better than King of Chicken Rice that came before it — with prices of their Hainanese Chicken Rice dishes (inclusive of the Lemon Chicken Cutlet Rice) ranging from $5 to $7, 豐盛 Feng Sheng Famous Dover Market Hainanese Chicken Rice & Steamboat is probably one of those stalls where one would likely be finding us have lunch from at Shenton Food Hall pretty regularly!

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Speaking of second chances, @flakyhaus also managed to pull off a redemption arc with their appealing Apple Turnover ($3.50 nett). It was everything the croissant failed to be: airy, flaky and downright enjoyable. The apple filling within earned the ultimate Asian accolade of ‘not too sweet’, with the sweetness accentuated by the cinnamon mixed into the sweet & tart apple mix. Down it with a remarkably excellent coffee from the Yeo Yeo Huat coffee stall, and you have yourself a delightful dessert.