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Ah, chicken rice — the quintessential Singaporean dish. It’s no surprise that we all look for dif...

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The Original Sin Kee? With so many Sin Kee chicken rice around queenstown area, who and what is the original is so confusing.

Why should we care actually? Just eat shiok can already.

And the chicken rice here is good. Chicken was tender and jellyicious. Chicken served here is drench in their signature flavourful sauce.

Chilli was more on the spicy side and would be better if mixed with their ginger.

Fairly popular store here at Mei Ling Market.

Mei Ling Market is linked to MSCP, so if its raining, this is the best hawker to have your meals at when u driving. Sheltered from car to hawker.

This stall wins hands down for its tender, succulent and well-marinated soya chicken, complemented by springy noodles and savoury sauce. 🫶🏻

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Residents living near to TAM CHIAK Kopitiam is in luck as the specially curated hawker stalls in the kopitiam will leave you spoilt for choices when there. We had breakfast there and ended up ordering 3 mains for the 2 of us, just to indulge our “tamchiakness”. Redhill Pork Porridge will definitely be part of our orders with the addition of the egg to create a creamy and smooth porridge consistency. San Dai Prawn Mee has the traditional prawn mee flavour that is hard to find these days and we were glad to have tasted it here. Mr Mee Pok is the modern interpretation of the hawker classic with the addition of onsen egg and wuxiang.

Went for a weekday dinner with my family at Boon Teng Kee Happynest, located at the basement level of Star Vista. The restaurant offers plenty of outdoor seating and a few indoor tables. Given the Singapore weather, I opted for the indoor air-conditioned seating, which was a comfortable choice as the place was about half full.

We ordered their signature boiled kampong chicken along with a few other dishes to share. The kampong chicken tasted okay, but given the price, I expected a larger portion. It's worth noting that kampong chickens are typically smaller and less meaty but offer a softer texture and better flavor. The saving grace was the chili sauce, which wasn't too spicy but had a nice kick and complemented the chicken and rice well.

The other dishes we tried included Stewed Pork Belly with Mui Choy, Spinach with Assorted Eggs, Salted Egg Prawns, and Crispy Beancurd. While all the dishes were decent, my personal favorite was the Crispy Beancurd. The skin was thin and lightly fried, with a hot, steaming, and soft beancurd inside, paired perfectly with the wasabi mayo sauce.

Overall, for the price point, some aspects could be improved, particularly the portion sizes. I believe their other branches, especially those at coffee shops, will be a better option.

$5.50 + $1

Bib Gourmand (Michelin Guide Singapore 2024)

My favourite ❤️ local breakfast food.

When it comes to kaya toast, I would choose white over brown bread at anytime. I also prefer thin-cut to thick-sliced toast if given a choice. This version hits the right spot! It is made of thin, white bread that is lightly toasted with a delicate crispness; sliced in half and smeared with sweet coconut egg jam with a pat of cold butter. 😋

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I has been passing this place for many times whenever I’m in this area, today finally made my way into this shop to try their best chicken rice.

The individual came comprehensively with the chicken, veggie, rice, soup and sauces.

You can choose either Hainanese style or roasted chicken. The braised egg is required additional add-on.

The texture of their chicken is more firm here, not so juicy but this is what you get for a kampung style of chicken.

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❤️ this fried pork chop and crinkle-cut fries smothered in mouth-watering & intensely sweet, rich ‘ketchupy’ sauce. 😋

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Yet another final meal before an eatery closes for good. Too many of these in recent times…

Pow Sing started way back in 1983 and continue to served their authentic Hainanese chicken rice until today.

Love the texture of the chicken meat here that’s very tender. Simple yet flavourful.

A bowl of soup will be provided as well.