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Ah, chicken rice — the quintessential Singaporean dish. It’s no surprise that we all look for dif...

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The kaya bun was crispy and soft. The ee fu mee was not nice. Noodles were chewy and color doesnt look right. Taste was normal.

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An evergreen and affordable family restaurant that should be a household name for halal Hainanese Chicken Rice. The chicken was a tad bit salty that day but their rice was as fragrant as ever.

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📍YY Kafei Dian, 37 Beach Rd📍
💸 Kaya Bun: $1.60
Happy 57th Birthday Singapore🇸🇬! Celebrating National Day with one of our favourite local foods, Kaya toast and coffee, today😋. We've been eating at YY Kafei Dian since young, and it’s a nice childhood memory for us👭. Love the bread for its slightly crispy crust, thick, soft and fluffy texture🍞! Having a coffee here to go along with the Kaya Buns is also a must as the coffee is strong and fragrant, just the way we love it☕. Simply the perfect local afternoon tea~😀

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Located at B2 of Jewel, The Hainan Story offers a wide range of Hainanese delicacies, including chicken rice, pork cutlet and curry rice. It was a popular spot and we had to wait awhile for a seat on a Friday evening. Food was however served quickly upon ordering through our phones.

For the curry rice dishes, one could select between a sunny side-up or the long bean omelette (pictured), as well as between spicy lady’s finger or chap chye (pictured). While decent, the omelette was nothing special. I felt the same way about the chap chye, which included pieces of fish maw, mushrooms, carrot and cabbage drowning in a thick viscous sauce. The tempeh pieces and koropok were more special. For the protein, the dory fish was fried well, with a crunchy surface and tender meat beneath the breading. The curry sauce coating the rice grains was flavorful and the chili sauce given at the side gave the dish an extra hint of spiciness desired for spice lovers.

The egg tarts, while served cold, were also pretty decent. The buttery base was fragrant and the eggy centre was tender.

For a place like Jewel, we feel that the prices are acceptable and the standards are pretty good too.

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YY Kafei Dian is a very popular coffee shop serving hainanese fair. Came down on a Sunday lunch time, and was presented with a long queue, have to chop table first before joining the snaking queue.

Dub as one the best kaya bun in Singapore, this is a must try here at YYKFD.

The bun had a slight crisp from being toasted. Thickly Layered with kaya, with a thin slice of butter kiap in between.


I think this is the pirated Sin Kee iirc. The meat was quite okay, except very boney. The rice was kinda fragrant too. Why no soup ah?

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YY Kafei Dian is a very popular coffee shop serving hainanese fair. Came down on a Sunday lunch time, and was presented with a long queue, have to chop table first before joining the snaking queue.

The most important must have dish at any hainanese food establishment, is the Hainanese Chicken Rice.

The Chicken was surprisingly very good, I dare to say can fight for champions league places of my chicken rice league table.

Chicken tasted quite good, meat was tender, sauce was quite thick, but has a light savoury taste.

Chilli was only ok I feel, but the chicken was really good.

I will return to try their Ee Mee and Hainanese Pork Chops next time.

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Succulent chicken meat with tasty fried ngoh Hiang and tofu.

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Pretty interesting Gula Melaka Kaya Butter Toast! The spread was very unique and love the fluffliness of the bread. Teh was not too milky which was good!

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This new outlet will offer both Singaporean and Hainanese specialties across new and heritage brands. Some of the new dishes include the Traditional Oxtail Pot Pie ($17.80) from Uncle Robert Western & BBQ that comes with a stew of boneless oxtail meat, carrots, celery, onions, and mushrooms that has been cooked in a tomato puree and enhanced with black peppercorn. One of the new additions in this outlet is 218 Hainanese Lor Mee and what we have gotten is the Authentic Jiaji White Braised Duck Hainanese Lor Mee ($16.80), in which the duck is served on the side with a bowl of laksa noodles, ngoh hiang, braised egg, corn fritter and crispy pork lard in a viscous gravy.

If you are craving for a snack, look no further than the Ice Plant Summer Fruit Rojak with Shredded Cuttlefish ($16.80), an unconventional rojak with the crunchy ice plant and sweet fruits. There are also the Hainanese Grandma’s Golden Fried Chicken Wing ($5.60 for 2pcs) that has been marinated with lemongrass before battered and deep fried.
✨ The Hainan Story Chapter Two
📍 78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport, Unit B2-201/202, Singapore 819666

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Finding a decent plate of chicken rice in a shopping mall can be a bit tricky.

It is, therefore, a wonderful surprise to find it at this halal eatery @GoAngsg tucked away in Jem.

Their poached chicken sans soy sauce and sesame oil drizzled over, has a silky-smooth skin with a glistening layer of gelatin beneath it.

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The Bee Hoon standard was well maintained. It was moist like before and very smooth for swallowing. The plates of Bee Hoon were warm too. My choices of items are fried chicken drumlet, mixed vegetables and Wu Xiang.

On the second portion, we had a mixture of fried noodles with Bee Hoon. Our preference will be the latter as it was wet and was not oily. Tau Gua, Luncheon Meat and Otah were added to this plate. It costs $7.80 for both Bee Hoon & Noodles.

The chilli on the plate was mildly spicy and enhanced the taste of the fried items on the plate.

While a lot of coffee shop serves the usual toast, YY Kafei Dian has this additional Bun that you should not step out o the place without.

While many modern cafes are increasing, this makes coffeeshop like this a gem for retaining their traditional heritage. It does make us feel restored and charged going places like this once a while after sinking ourselves into those uptrends cafe.

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