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From Waa Cow:
The beef did not have the signature “butteryness” of wagyu , it was only slight tender and juicy with a charred taste. I’m no beef expert but I’ve had better wagyu.

The rest of the ingredients were mehhh

Therefore, as an average food enthusiast, this is really not worth it for me.

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creamy, smooth & indulgent - definitely a refreshing cup of drink for this sweltering weather we’re dealing with everyday. while we didn’t know what to order, we got recommendations and i must say, the staff there really knew their stuff! the sugar level picked was perfect and the topping recommended was the main surprise as we sipped on our drinks - bouncy, non starchy & had a great bite to it, it just had me craving for more. (my guess: white konjac jelly coated in brown sugar)

on the flip side, it’ll be great if it the drink had a stronger coconut taste, and perhaps had some coconut bits inside. all in all, we enjoyed the shakes and will reorder if we’re nearby!


Ordered the $6.50 Fried Hokkien Mee with Salted Egg Calamari. The portion for this price is fairly big. Noodles did not have enough wok heat but overcame with good amount of eggs and the bee hoon they used was springy and al dente. Bit stingy with only half a lime given and a sprinkle of pork lard, although the latter was fried just right and crispy. The chilli sauce did not accentuate the flavour of the noodles and neither was there sufficient heat. Perhaps, with less piquant taste from half a lime, a tangy chilli sauce would have worked better. Two “tails on” prawns were there in the mix. These were good and fresh; they were almost crunchy in their freshness. Also in the mix was some sliced pork belly meat and calamari.

Speaking of calamari, the Salted Egg Calamari was more of a distraction than anything else. It did nothing for the noodles except to contrast slurpiness with crunchiness. I am not sure if this is a generational gap thing. Certainly I failed to appreciate it with the noodles.

Perhaps I should come back and try other combinations but the noodles itself is not so strong a motivator for me.

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With mushroom and soup

Quintessential Ba Chor Mee. Not too oily or spicy. Portion and ingredients pretty decent for the price.
I like that the lettuce were cut into small pieces, easier to eat :)

Yentafo Noodles - Thai yongtaufoo. You get to choose whether you want soup (only if you like sweet) or dry, and your type of noodles. Not my style.
Moo ping - a tad too sweet and needs more char. Otherwise decent.
Deep fried pork with garlic - pork itself not seasoned with garlic but comes with fried garlic bits. Good with beer.
Pad Thai - too wet for my liking but tastes good
Mango salad - yes please! The mango had some sweetness. Not overly spicy but tasted fresh and definitely better than most places .
Claypot prawn glass noodles - off-menu and a special. Special, it was.

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Peanut is smunchy (smooth + crunchy) and is p thicc, the flowy smooth part sticks to ur teeth and can get a bit cloying. But pb was good! Nicely roasted, slightly salty which balances out the sweeter pancake. I like that it’s v crunchy, lots of large crunchy peanut bits.

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Linguine with prawns in tomato cream sauce. The pasta was al dente and seems to be thinner than normal. The prawns were fresh. The sauce wasnt too sour or creamy. I would recommend this and prices are nett here!

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1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

An unassuming small shop space located in the Bukit Gombak neighborhood, Coconut & Fam serves coconut shakes that could easily compete with bigger brands and even taste better than some of them! For every new coconut shake brand, I’d always give the original flavour a try for the very first time. Other than how value for money their coconut shakes are given the large was really larger than usual, the overall taste and texture were quite balanced. Creaminess was just right, and the coconut bits were generously added. You can also customise the sweetness level to your liking. They also provide 2 small tables in front of the shop space should you want to enjoy and chill over their coconut shakes.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we enjoyed 2 large coconut shakes at the price of just 1! Mindblowingly $5 for 2 large cups which meant that it was only $2.50 for such a quality drink! Found my new favourite coconut shake!


年年有余。The 余 [abundance] shares the same pronunciation with 鱼 [fish] which makes 🐟 a must-have dish during CNY period.
Popped-by the cloud kitchen for a bowl of chirashi don with loads of diced salmon, tuna, octopus, shrimp that’s lightly torched, tossed with mentaiko sauce and topped off tobiko, ikura and spring onions. Loving’ it. ❣️
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Though the food was not too bad, the long black isn’t to my liking. The initial taste was strong and bold however the aftertaste was a bit too acidic for me.

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Linguine, fresh clams, white wine, garlic, chilli padi.
Was pleasantly surprised that the linguine was al dente and they did not over do it. Sauce was creamy, garlicky and could taste the white wine. Clams portion was not too bad however there were a few that were sandy.
Overall, it was a good plate of vongole linguine.