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Waffles w two scoops of ice cream ($9) 🍦
⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
🍴The ice cream and waffles at this cosy & small neighborhood cafe in the west are affordable and good!

Among the many interesting flavors they had to offer, we tried the cheesecake, biscotti (premium +80c), dark chocolate & Thai milk tea. I especially liked the premium biscotti flavour for its unique mix of chocolate & coffee, and the rich dark chocolate. The ice creams are creamy and smooth without being overly sweet. While the waffles are lacking in taste, they have a crispy exterior & fluffy interior.
[email protected], 347 Bukit Batok Street 34, #01-260, S650347

When food taste as it's described.

Not to be confused with Milk & Honey Gelato, this dessert palour at Hometeam NS serves ice cream, drinks, some savoury dishes and donut waffles.

Berry Malt is a scoop of malted ice cream resting on a mini donut, topped with flaky pastry and strawberry pieces. It works.

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Milky Teas

Teh Cino - $2.20 (approximately)
Teh Tarik Ice - $1.90
Very good especially the Teh Cino. People with sweet tooth would love it but of course, one can also request for less sugar. They also have lots of other types of drinks as well.

Good Food

Mee Soto - $3
Plain Prata and Egg Prata - $2.60
Fish curry and Dalcha gravy (Indian mutton stew)
Mee Soto was very delicious and the chilli sambal that was topped off was very spicy and very good because I like spicy food.
The Prata was very fragrant, crispy, and slightly sweet and can also be eaten on its own because it's really good.
The Fish curry and the Dalcha gravy also tasted really good and went well with the Prata
It's good place to have supper because it's open 24hours.

Fried Dried Hor Fun [$4]

The Fried Dried Hor Fun is one of the most popular dish here and I totally get why! It's a very simple looking dish studded with just vegetables, a few slices of mock fishcakes and mock meat, but done really well - fragrant, fried thoroughly and not greasy. What won us over was definitely the wok hei (not extremely strong but was enjoyable to have), something I don't think is as common in vegetarian dishes. Take note that they serve this with eggs so be sure to inform the chef if you don’t want any.

📍锦憶素食 Jing Yi Vegetarian
铭顺发美食中心 Meng Soon Huat Food Centre
359 Bukit Batok Street 31 #01-401
Singapore 650359
🕑 2pm to 9pm Daily, Closed on Mondays

Tom Yum Mee Soup [$5]

Think they use the usual vegetarian tom yum paste for the soup here but no complaints from us because they’re very generous with it! The appetising base is flavourful, a teeny bit spicy with a strong kick of sourness. Lots of ingredients in this - enoki mushrooms, cabbage, beancurd skin, mock fishcakes and mock meat. Got mine with thick bee hoon, but the kway teow they use here is super silky smooth, will definitely get that instead next time!

📍锦憶素食 Jing Yi Vegetarian
铭顺发美食中心 Meng Soon Huat Food Centre
359 Bukit Batok Street 31 #01-401
Singapore 650359
🕑 2pm to 9pm Daily, Closed on Mondays

Deep Fried Mushroom in Sweet and Sour Sauce [$7]

A whole plate of crunchy deep fried oyster mushrooms in a coating of sticky sweet and sour sauce - these were was soooo addictive, especially the smaller bits of fried batter hidden underneath. They use a thicker batter here but the crunch that comes along with it redeems it all! I don’t usually go for sweet and sour items but this was nicely balanced and is one of my family's must orders.

Jing Yi is a popular vegetarian zi char style stall, so be prepared to wait, (we came at 5pm for dinner but the wait was still around half an hour) especially every 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar. Most vegetarian stalls in the area close by the evening, so this here is a great choice for late lunches and dinners. Prices are kind to the wallet too!

📍锦憶素食 Jing Yi Vegetarian
铭顺发美食中心 Meng Soon Huat Food Centre
359 Bukit Batok Street 31 #01-401
Singapore 650359
🕑 2pm to 9pm Daily, Closed on Mondays

It has been years since I had this vegetarian tom yum fried rice.

So far, hands down the best vegetarian zichar I've had. In fact, it opened me up to a world of vegetarian dining options. Expect Long waiting times. Located at the same Kopitiam as Ah Kow Bak Chor mee. #burpple

thai milk tea x salted caramel ice cream ($6.50 for 2 waffles and 1 scoop) @ beans & cream

ice cream craving but we need not venture far; thai milk tea x salted caramel - just when you thought the ice cream was going to be too sweet for your taste, it turn out really fine and balanced, which is why is always enjoyable at beans & cream. chilly weather also means we can sit outside and enjoy ice cream sloooowly.