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Whisk & Paddle in Bukit Gombak Park serves delicious all-day breakfast, brunch and main as well as a wide variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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Great dish for sweet tooth!
Taro “chips” are thick and fried to crisp, and then coated with sugar.
The sugar is flavoured - fried onion.

For me, it was a great dish to have tried and experimented with! Yes I would order it again.

Caution, takes awhile to prepare (10-15mins) so order this with a leadtime in mind.

The signature trio platter is pretty worth it, that's also their 3 best meats

The wanton had a little too much skin, but was soft. My brother liked it

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The noodles were good and the sauce was sweet and spicy, it really works very well. In fact because of the sweetness of the sauce, the char siew is not as relatively sweet, which pairs better imo

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Lucky to have tried 3 soups alr, haven't repeated since. They have 5 in total, I haven't had the lotus root and ABC yet

I tot this was less impressive than normal at first, until I realised I had flu. So it's probably as good as their other soups, they're pretty consistent

The ckn rice and ckn were both passable, but ofc, if all their meats were exceptional that would be too OP. The oil they drizzle over it was fragrant though

The char siew portion for this price is reasonable, considering the quality

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The rice is slightly dry

Sauce is the run of the mill herbal duck sauce(not their excellent danggui sauce), you can do without if not for the dry rice

Siobak has a good crunch, it's the hard style but not too hard. There's also a nice roasted aroma at the ends

The char siew tho. It's got a good bite, and is the candy style but without crust. However, the super strong marinade and the smokiness really stole my heart, I normally wouldn't approve of char siew without crisp but I enjoyed this very much

Chili is quite spicy, not too special otherwise

The daily soup was old cucumber this time, it's really good as ever. Tender pork ribs, generous ingredients, and luxurious liquid

Very glad to have this near my house

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Getting our Teochew dim sum fix at Swatow City in Bukit Batok Home TeamNS, an unusual location which is great as this branch is less crowded.

This branch doesn’t serve their dim sum on traditional pushcarts but all the delectable dim sum items are served warm and prepared upon order.

Glad to know that I can take my family to get one of our fav comfort food, without having to travel too far away from my neighbourhood!

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A short walk from Bukit Gombak MRT Station and you will find this vegetarian restaurant packed with people during lunch time.

They have been open for many years serving their vegetarian foods, with different items available for everyday as well.

When I came, they have this popular dry noodles that comes with mock meat, fried beancurd, mushroom and veggies on the top of springy noodles.

A neighbourhood ice cream shop at Bukit Batok, popular among the people living in this area.

Pretty small shop but you would find some interesting flavours like this one.

I love black glutinous itself as a dessert and definitely open to this creation. Surprisingly it taste great as well.

Smoked duck rice.

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This nameless stall does not have a signboard and it operates out of a rojak stall.
They begin business daily (except Mondays) at the ungodly hour of 4.30am till 9am.
A plate of char bee hoon with a fried chicken wing and a fried fish fillet costs $3.
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