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The ingredients are reasonably priced at 80¢ per piece.

I recommend the handmade meatball, the plump dumpling and the tau kee that is bigger than my face.

With a minimum of six pieces and your choice of carb, a bowl comes up $5.60 which you can have either dry or in clear soup.

Apart from the usual sweet sauce and sambal chili, the stall also provide sambal belacan.

Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2023/08/hakka-yong-tau-foo-blk-132-jurong.html?m=1

Singapore Food Street serves up what could be the last local Singaporean food before ones departs from Singapore. (For those visiting Singaoore)

For the locals like us, this is our last local food before we go for our trip.

Nasi Lemak here was only ok, the rendang sauce wasn't so flavourful, but at least the otah was good.

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Crispy toast with Kaya butter 👍 and air-conditioned dining place. Curry chicken normal not too nice for personal.

It has been 3 years since having mookata in school hence decide to give it a try. Even though price has increase, $25 for 3 pax mookata is still worth it.

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$0.90 for one stick chicken satay! Minimum buy 5! This is a must buy!! Dam yummy!! 超级无敌香! Recommend buy 10sticke straight not enough to eat de, too yummy!

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The French Toast Peanut Butter ($4.50) is quite pillowy and although there isn’t a lot of peanut butter, the peanut butter does come through. This is pretty enjoyable.

The Hor Fun with Egg ($6.90) is a wok-hei bomb - there is so much smokiness packed into this deceptively normal looking hor fun. The hor fun is nicely charred and the gravy is tasty. Wished there were more ingredients to go with the noodles though!

Don’t keep this for more than 4 hours in the takeaway box or the rice will start to sour alittle.
Hard lesson learnt.

The prawn cakes were not bad but the sauce can get alittle salty if eaten on its own.

3 noodle options
Store was only opened for 4 days at time of visit, store aunties were quite friendly. Situated at the front-facing edge of timbre+

The yellow noodles was slightly sticking together and fragmented (mildly lumpy) but the chilli and pork rinds oil made the dish much more palatable. The broth was very flavourful and salty without the noodles but rich in prawny goodness.

Very good lunch n member deals. Skewers are also tender

Enjoyed this! The noodles were hk-style crystal noodles, springy with a nice bite to it. The sauce is decent, and you can opt for green chilli.

I liked the char siew a lot - it’s lean but not dry, marinate is q tasty, on the sweet side. I even got some crunchy corner edges! Wantons were not bad too, the filling was seasoned with sesame oil, there were some sesame seeds too. Satisfied!