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When Chendol was served in a beverage cup and contained sea salt, this dessert (or did it convert into a beverage) became a novelty of the drinks stall within Food Junction, for S$2.20. Though we had probably been accustomed to salted caramel already, the sea salt was subtle and sort of balanced the sweetness.

But if this were to be compared with a bowl of shaved ice dessert, then I would prefer the latter, for it was easier to consume with a tablespoon than with a straw no matter what.

The pork belly was salty but very good with rice, yuxiangrousi was pretty legit, but the amaranth wasnt good at all

The Vietnamese stall within Food Junction also had Bahn Mi available for dine-in and takeaway. Costing S$6.90, they seemed to have also toasted the baguette before stuffing the fresh ingredients in. Fresh stuff always tastes more flavourful in a Bahn Mi, don’t you think?

When I first had this for takeaway, I was delighted by the sheer crispiness of the baguette crust. Though things might have gone a little messy with the crumbs, I would classify this as a happy mess no less.

Do look out for the revamped @k88kopitiam at 5 Banda Street when looking for all in one hawker delights!

Will be going back for the thick and flavourful Curry Chee Cheong Fun that is paired with roast meat or char siew😍


got this from the vietnamese stall (Pho Vietnam). it’s v refreshing and the grilled chicken is flavourful! but because it’s q a light meal i got hungry really
quick after

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I can understand claypot rice is expensive, but not when it sucks, because then you really no right to charge that price. Weak rice and large but forgettable chicken. Furthermore, this is enough for two but they grouped it under one pax.

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From Pontian. Salted fish always makes wantons better.

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Again tender. Their fillings are all tender and the mild sweetness from the cabbage comes through. Not bad at all


However the premium stuff is expensive. Two packets cost 13bucks in total. Best to inquire about the price of fancy looking items before ordering, some of them are 3bucks

Veggies were done decently and the pork ribs has a bite, it's alright

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Prawns were decent, not quite sure what the sauce was.
Pig ear was great, crunchy and refreshing from the cucumber
The pig trotters were wonderfully done as well, it's quite time consuming and is a classic new year dish for us, this managed to capture the taste

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Pretty decent, the dumplings are small but it's tender inside. There's some gristles tho. Also it's terrible when you eat it after a few hours so make sure u dine in


Crunchy, reasonably pliable, and the flavour was good too.

The best thing we had here today