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Chicken rice with soup.
Juicy chicken, fluffy rice and chicken soup come together in a flavorful union.
Value for money and a must-try at Gourmet Paradise!
Not bad indeed.

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From Yishun 925
Hainanese Chicken Rice here popular with regulars.
Added egg. $6 for now.

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粗粮渔粉 opened here. It's the first time I'm seeing they have a dry noodle menu, so I tried one. This is the short box so their portion is small relative to their soup dishes. The meatballs were tasty but the sauce was salty.

Very long never eat here. New-ish stall. One of the stallholders is nice, unlike many shaola stalls. Both types of meat had a good balance of lean and fat.

A PRC fried noodle from a stall touting to be Taiwanese hahaha. Average only, but did its job for a post-flight meal.

Not authentic to Taiwan but for someone hungry this did its job.

I had good memories of this stall so I returned to make new memories. It's really an ordinary stall but there's something gritty about it.

Even though I’m not a fan of chendol, I was surprised by how good this was. Even though it was not real coconut milk, I was surprised by how good this was

From economical rice stall. One moment I told the fella I don't eat bitter gourd, next moment he gave me bitter gourd.

Indo food always attracts me for some reason. Unfortunately it was very basic, like mee kia. Only the cutlet was decent.

Plus rice lol. It's ordinary. The stall looked part-time too lol.