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From Jjajangmyeon to Budae Jjigae (Halal option included!) to Korean fried chicken and Gamjatangβ€”...
We love Korean cuisine for its wide variety - think spicy, fiery red stews to bibimbap to barbecu...

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First time at Vision Exchange area! Didnt know that there were so many restaurnts here!

We tried the korean food at AHTTI Korean Restaurant!

Ordered the following food items:
-Seafood Soft Tofu Soup with Rice - $15++: This was stated as mildly spicy but it turned out to be quite spicy for us, even when we do take spice quite well! Came with egg tofu, clams and a crab. Was looking for prawns in this bowl of soup but sadly there was none
-Stir Fried Squid and Pork Belly with Rice - $15++: Very nicely marinated, and came with PLENTY of sauce (which made it abit slightly salty)

They are actually famous for their fried chicken! However, we found the portions of chicken too much to be shared amongst just 2 pax as a side. So come in a big group if you want to try their fried chicken!

Their menu is also slightly cheaper for lunch time!

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basic sweet-spicy korean fried chicken. crispy skin as always!

generous amounts of kimchi & cubes of pork. I chose the highest spice level - Crazy Hot, but it wasn’t crAzy hOt tbh HAHA, it just has chili padi added

other than a friggin mountain of sweet marinated sliced rib eye, the Bulgogi Combo also comes with hot stone rice, banchan, and a soontofu of your choice

We ordered Halla Mountain Braised Pork Spare Ribs ($79) again, except that this time we tried the non-spicy version. The fork-tender pork ribs, vegetables and mushrooms absorb the rich broth thoroughly and are very flavourful. However, I still prefer the spicy version for an extra kick.

We also ordered Dombae Gogi ($45) which is boiled pork belly slices. The ratio of meat and fat is just nice and there is no strong porky taste - this goes really well with kimchi.

I tried the Abalone Porridge ($30) and it is sooo good. The porridge is smooth, flavourful and full of umami - can’t get enough of this!

- Super cheesy with lots of mozzarella and creamy with a generous amount of sweet mayo on top 🌽

- Pork was lean yet tender and well-marinated with a peppery flavour!
- Standard ingredients with a fried egg, corn, carrots, mushrooms, sautΓ©ed spinach and seaweed which made it so wholesome πŸ₯—