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Popping Barley Salted Caramel Fresh Milk (S$4.60/ M)

Popping Barley Avocado (S$5.60/ M)

Popping Barley Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (S$4.60/ M)

Ordered through app and collected at counter.

Can select
sugar type : sugar/ stevia,
sugar level : zero/ least/ less/ more/ extra,
Ice level : normal ice/ less ice/ no ice
Optional toppings at additional charges : golden pearls/ brown sugar pearls/ white pearls/ aloe vera/ coconut jelly/ coconut noodles/ highland barley pearls/ Osmanthus crystal/ brown sugar gems
Free gift : Mr Yuen Straw Ring

When bitten, the peal pop out a barley.

Address 🛖 : 930 Yishun Avenue 2, # 01-17 Northpoint City, Singapore 🇸🇬 769 098
Open 🕰️ :
Mon - Fri : 11am - 10.30pm
Sat - Sun, PH : 10.30am - 10.30pm

The taro was goodddd it wasn’t sweet, tasted natural like taro, and I’ll definitely try it again. Though it’s on the expensive side and portion isn’t the biggest, it’s taste is quality and definitely worth a drink.

I genuinely enjoy the yoghurt drinks as they are made from real yoghurt and not sweet at all! I enjoy their purple rice yoghurt the best although this time I tried the Taro one. It was really good too. Though it’s a bit expensive

Loved the "Very Grape" drink! The staff are all super busy making drinks and they have various choices from fruit teas to yoghurts. I have always loved their Yoghurt series but I decided to try their fruit series, definitely didn't disappoint. Will be looking forward to more selections from them! :)

($5.50) Finally tried their drink for a long time passby the stores but I felt that adding less sugar and the taste got less for oolong drink. But milk tea didn't really covered up the tea taste. I wanted to try their matcha latte next time.

I just wanted to order rsm instead of usual latte tbh. Green Tea ($3.80) was slightly less sweet as opt out for 25%. For RSM + RS Pearl ($1.10) just taste savoury taste.

I just wanted to get simple green tea RSM instead of latte.

Really love the mango smoothie with konjac pearls as the smoothie has a perfect blend of sweet and tangy mango flavors! The chewy konjac pearls created an added satisfying texture too! Highly recommended!

The dragonfruit yo-tea consisting of yogurt, tea and fresh dragonfruit is a really refreshing blend! Perfect for a hot weather as well!

Immerse yourself in the heritage of two cultures at Chaffic, an exceptional beverage brand blending Australian and Chinese traditions. Experience the richness of over 1,600 years of Chinese tea traditions in every cup, crafted with precision and fine ingredients sourced from the ancient Fujian Wuyi Mountain tea traders.

Birthday freebies!

Claiming this for the first time this year because i finally got a koi card!! (You will need to make a purchase before you can join their free membership!)

For the birthday month promo, you can get one free drink (medium size) with one topping! I got the yakult green tea with golden bubble!

($5.80) It's best to serve now than later because they need to reheat the tart as expected. I just felt that their tart need to be consumed in hot as the matcha was quite creamy, milky and sweet (not that bitter).