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This is so refreshing! My favourite fruits - mango n grapefruit with yoghurt. It wasn’t sweet at all so could drink it all up!

Price is acceptable but the food wise is slightly on the bland side.

The crispy chicken is good but would be great if the spiciness can be greater. 红油抄手 is not spicy at all and the dumplings skin is on the thicker side. The soup for the mee sua taste good but light, quite suitable for elderly and kids.

For instagram fans, dishes are pretty instagrammable, comes in cute jug and desserts nicely arranged.

Was excited to try this but unlike its looks it didn’t really taste like strawberries much at all. It was about 80% texture, 10% taste, 10% cute bottle.

Decent amount of taro paste giving the milk tea a very creamy texture. Least sugar was just right for me. Taro boba was nice as well but felt like there were just a handful of them.

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Type: Drinks/BBT

They finally opened an outlet in the East! Loved the Jam’s Oolong milk tea when I first tried at 313 Somerset outlet. The oolong was so fragrant and the taste was on the stronger side. Couldn’t stop drinking!! Had to visit the new outlet to get myself a cup 😋

My rating: 5/5 ⭐️

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Ordered the Watermelon Yo-Tea and Mango Grapefruit with Yogurt and was pleasantly surprised. The combination of watermelon and tea was refreshing and perfect for cleansing my palate after a greasy meal, while the mango, grapefruit and yogurt combo reminded me of a sago and was great for an after-meal dessert.

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Satisfy your bubble tea cravings with Cha Yu Fan Hou’s Cheese Milk Foam Green Tea ($4.50 for medium, $5.50 for large)! If you’re a fan of the cream cheese and whipped cream combination then this beverage is the right pick for you.

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Type: Takeaway/Drinks

Visited and ordered some of the recommended signature drinks, Thai milk tea & Charcoal Matcha latte.

Sadly, was disappointing…
1) The drinks were simply too sweet - could barely make it halfway through my drink after sharing. I asked, but there was no option to customize my sugar level.
2) The tea fragrance was not strong at all - almost none.

Plus points:
1) I must say the good thing is that these drinks come in a super large cup. Just looking at this aspect, worth the ~$5 for that one cup?

Would I revisit? No, as I’m someone who enjoys quality in my bbt/milktea - the tea itself must be legit!

My rating: 1/5 ⭐️

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I love their yogurt drinks! I drank the mango purple rice yogurt which was pretty much delicious mango sticky rice in a drink, and my friend who got the oreo boba yoghurt said it had just the right amount of sweetness.

Yogurt with premium green tea & fresh fruits. Their drinks are default at 50% sugar level & I wouldn’t recommend to go any less lol.

Were pretty disappointed by these. The ice wasn’t blended smoothly & couldn’t rly taste the fruits… Only saving grace was the jelly pieces included in the watermelon yo-tea.

I got the Strawberry Lemon drop drink - it was so aesthetically pleasing and the taste definitely matched the looks! Must try on a hot afternoon, definitely quenches your thirst! 😎

Matcha Macchiato Latte ($5)

0% Sugar bc it's not nice for people preferred sugar stuff but macchiato just average for me tbh (not that "salty" but creamy and milky type)