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Boba is good. Yet a bit too sweet. Overall very happy with the store. And place are cozy and convenient.

Queued more than an hour for this, and I must say… not worth it. I love my wanton mee saucy and chewy, but I thought this bowl was slightly on the drier side. There is a nice umami flavour to the sauce here but other than that I can’t really see why I would queue that long again for just a decent bowl of wanton mee, granted that it looks presentable and the owners were very polite.


The omakase restaurant in a boutique hotel is interesting. Worth a visit.

If you like your coffee strong, this Dirty Code ($6) fits your palette just right. It came in a pretty sizeable glass, and the coffee itself was strong and aromatic. With quite heavy chocolate notes, it's almost like drinking a very rich mocha! I love how creamy and rich the whole cup was, hence an enjoyable glass to sip. Do note that it can be quite strong at the start as it's mostly the espresso shot you're drinking!

This is one popular cafe along Neil Road, so do prepare to queue abit. One cafe I would consider coming back for!

I added tau pok ($1) and cabbage ($1.50). They used pearl rice. The portion was also big and value for money. The lu rou was fragrant and not too salty. I would recommend to try this! The price is also very affordable.

Among the many high end restaurants and bars located around the area, lies this inconspicuous zi char restaurant that was really pretty decent, while being relatively affordable!

Their Fish Meat Soup ($20 for medium) is one worth commenting on. The soup itself is light, not multidimensional but still decent. What's good is their fish chunks which were huge and fresh! Many pieces were given as well. Love how meaty and flaky the pieces were!

Their Yang Zhou Fried Rice ($15 for medium) came generous and I loved how fluffy the rice was. This has loads of wok hei and charred bits which flavoured the rice well.

The Claypot Bringal with Minced Pork ($18 for medium) was also another dish we liked. Loved how the dish had so much umami flavours and that the bringal was really soft! Best paired with rice.

Prawn Paste Chicken ($15 for medium) was unexpectedly good. Honestly, the colour of the fry was pale and we didn't expect it to be delicious. However, the outer crust was so crispy, and so full of umami flavours! The chicken was well marinated, as the seasoning penetrated the chicken well. Darn addictive!

The Poached Chinese Spinach ($21) is a good vegetable option, as it not only came with salted egg and century egg, it came with flowy poached eggs too 😍 Flavourful but not too salty, this is a good break from all the rich meat dishes.

I wouldn't say that the dishes were particularly mind-blowing, but they were definitely comforting. A zi char restaurant I will come back again for!

($4.80) I ordered medium size but opt out for less sugar and normal ice. tbh I didn't taste much for coconut or matcha taste. But I sip through for their milk and the texture was really quite smooth and not that thick. But their jasmine milk tea really got strong refreshing taste.

The food here was amazing! the fish is sweet and fresh! items on the menu are unique and there are food items i have not tried before! 10/10 would recommend

A new Hong Kong style cha chang teng restaurant recently opened along Upper across Street in Chinatown.

Taking over a former expanded unit of the next door soy sauce chicken noodle shop.

Very vibrantly red with bright signage inside the shop that mimic the Hong Kong style tea house.

Currently offering their early stage opening menu, which they will introduce a much wider menu sometime in future.

I tried their Curry Tornado Egg Wrapped Chicken Balls Rice, which they served in big portion with generous pieces of chicken meat.

However, it was salty to me which made the taste bland. Thankfully the curry and egg managed to kick in the taste.


I had the signature spicy grilled fish, which was so fresh and flavourful. It paired well with the side dishes that you can add into the fish! There is a variety of side dishes to choose from as well. Overall, would definitely recommend if you’re craving for grilled fish and at the same time affordable! :)

Karanga 4/5
Bidibado 3/5
Nakupenda 3/5 (Purple Taro)