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Throwback post - Has been my familyโ€™s fav ang ku kueh ever since we discovered them via groupbuy

๐Ÿ’œ Support Ji Xiang Confectionery at 235 Victoria Street, Singapore 188027 (Various Outlets)

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Convenient location, aesthetic and well-lit interior, comfortable seats, decent food at an alright price - all the makings of a cafe to return to for brunch and chats. We had the:
Fried Chicken Waffle ($18) - Charcoal sourdough waffle was thick and crispy with a slightly sweet undertone, the perfect base for the marinated chicken and maple syrup. Huge chunks of chicken (boneless, rejoice!) marinated in a medley of spices to give an earthy, spicy aroma - balance this out with drizzles of maple syrup and you're good to go.
Tater Tots ($12) - A mound of hot and crunchy tater tots. Ask for chilli / ketchup to pair. Additional topups for their special sauce add-ons - not sure if they are worth it but the tots alone for 12bux seems to be overpriced. Can skip this unless you're crazy over tater tots which in this case I would recommend trying the addons.
Mont Blanc ($9) - Cold brew coffee topped with a thick layer of macchiato foam and sprinkled with orange zest. Macchiato foam was the star of this drink with its sweetness balancing the bitterness and acidity of the cold brew.

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Vesper 3/5
Golden Butterfly 4/5
Drops of Dew 3/5
Golden Leaf 4/5
Summer Child 4/5
Quiet Inlet 4/5

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PSA no more pecan tart

This one was well executed too, quite balanced but not particularly inspired either

Their tart shells are thin and hard, like Cheryl koh's

The mango and passsionfruit flavours mix very well. Safe and good execution, as expected of keong saik

Crowd pleaser, but not particularly unique

Pork was not bad, could have been a bit more tender. There's a crunch on the exterior. Portion was huge as well for the price. It's got a nice savouriness in the dry rub.

Served w sambal belachan, it overpowers the rub but it's otherwise decent w the pork


very disappointing and misleading, all the reviews are about these 3 items and none of them are available on burpple beyond.

The food was pretty good, the pork ribs were slightly dry but still reasonably tender. In exchange, it does have a decent crisp. Mildly sweet marinate worked well too, very different from the ribs you get usually slathered in sauce.

Portion was good too, feeds one extremely well but from the portion you can tell it's meant to be shared

22 is ridiculous for this amount of octopus

It's very thinly sliced and swamped w aioli. Not a good sign at all. Thankfully it's not as bad as we thought, but it's not particularly good at all either

๋Œ€๋งˆ ๋ธŒ์•ก ์บ”๋”” ๋ชจ๋“œ์•ฝ ์ทจ๊ธ‰ํ•ฉ๋‹ˆ์ž ํ…”๋ ˆ๊ทธ๋ ˜ papa

Featuring the signature Bag Me Up Bagel ($16.50), We Will Wagyu Bagel ($16.50) and Swee N Chic Bagel ($12.50). A unqiue combination, the Bag Me Up bagel is packed with unagi slices, ham, lettuce and house-made herb mayo. The unagi had a nice charred taste to it and was sweet and savoury with tangy creaminess from the sauce. The meat was a tad thin but considering its price point, it was acceptable.

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Chance upon this shop as I was walking around Everton Park, offering bagels in this little shop.

Very limited seats available here and it served much as a takeaway place. But if you manage to find a seat, then do take a sit and enjoy your bagel here.

Their signature bagel is also the reason I want to visit, as I love unagi a look. It stuffed with unagi, ham, lettuce and homemade sauce.

Really love the texture of everything stuffed together, especially the bagel which given a firmness of bites to it.

Also donโ€™t forget to grab the drink as well. Their white peach fresh milk tea served cold and go well with the bagel.

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Got my 1-for-1 single scoop here. Basically itโ€™s just subtracting $4.50 from the total amount. But worth it though! I really like the flavours Bonbon & Earl Grey Dark Chocolate. I enjoyed the tea as well (Singapore Tea, if Iโ€™m not wrong). Will definitely be back to get my cravings met!