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There's so much more to Italian cuisine than pizza and pasta, but can you imagine life without th...
“Pasta and basta!” meaning, “Pasta, and that’s it!” in Italian. Italian foodies (and carb-lovers)...

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We thought that this place was slightly overrated. The porchetta was nice but the pasta was so so. Service was good though!

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Finally got the chance to try TIPO STRADA!

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Got myself a duck carbonara with radiatori pasta, and a housemade cold brew tea! Love their very special pasta! There were 3 different pasta choices that you can choose from for my day of visit!

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We tried this Mentaiko pasta today at Pasta & Co. It was pretty good! The seared scallops were good as well! Would definitely come back and try the others.

Went to Peperoni Pizzeria recently and ordered their XXL pizza (Half Diavola, half Burrata & Prosciutto) ($62), Carbonara ($24), and Truffle Parmesan Fries ($13)!😇 Very filling for 5 pax👍🏻

Overall ratings 8/10! Loved the food but thought that the Diavola was a little bit too salty for my liking, and that the food is slightly pricey. Would head back again though😍

restaurant eluted warm and rustic vibes with beautiful tall windows which gave great photos thanks to the sunlight ☺️ Burrata was fresh and stringy but would probably give the risotto a miss as it wasn’t as creamy and rich as I expected.

My go-to Italian restaurant for affordable and good food! First time trying the Calzone Pizza here and it didn’t disappoint. The pizza crust was almost like a pastry crust, crispy and not dense. It was stuffed with lots of cheese, ham and mushrooms, which was creamy and flavourful, served with a portion of tomato sauce for you to dip the pizza in, that provided a tangy contrast to the pizza. Food came quickly and portion was huge as well!

olive oil gelato, fried rosemary

The olive oil gelato was interesting, it had a distinct salty-sweet flavour and was quite pleasant. It went well with the olive oil cake, which was warm and moist with a coarse crumb, and lightly sweet. I liked the fried rosemary, which was lightly crunchy and aromatic!

Panna Cotta, saba, acèto balsamico tradizionale di Moderna

Didn’t really think this was worth - we were attracted by the word fig LOL but the crostata (kinda like a tart/pie) was disappointing, neither crisp nor flaky, just soft and underwhelming. The fig part was nice, as dried figs were used, so it was sweet and slightly chewy, with the crunchiness of the seeds. Panna cotta was jiggly and soft but melted way too quickly.

mustard vinaigrette, breadcrumbs

Burrata was delish - cold, refreshing, creamy, it was good burrata. It came with breadcrumbs, so it had a nice crisp element, and the mustard vinaigrette on the leeks were flavourful, umami and sour. The colours don’t look v beautiful but the taste is pretty good!

mozzarella, tomato, arugula

Pizzas are only available during lunch, and I would say coming for lunch makes more sense than dinner bc of the pizza. Pizza was great - the crust was rly to my liking, it was crisp at the edges but not as crunchy as blue label (that was almost like fried bread); this one had more softness to it. I liked the semolina they put at the base. Pretty satisfied with the dough!

Tomato sauce base was tasty too, hearty but not salty, had a nice balance of sweetness and acidity. Prosciutto was good quality and didn't have the plasticky taste, not too salty but had a nice fatty taste. The arugula brings a bitter taste to balance out the flavours~

Shell bean, radicchio

Pork was juuuicy and tender! I think it was cooked medium rare, one slice was a bit too raw so it ended up being kinda chewy (not in a good way), but the rest were fine. The edges of the meat had a thin layer the spice-herb mix that was quite pleasant, surprisingly not too salty or peppery. It sat in a pool of a savoury sauce, and was served with shell bean and radicchio (kinda like red cabbage, but more bitter).

Yes the pork was juicy, nicely cooked, but like the heritage chicken at le bon funk, we should just enjoy the meat and try not to think about the price tag lol I can’t answer if the pork was $76 nice

duck ragù

Second time having this dish! I still liked it. Maltagliati is essentially triangular / trapezoid shaped pasta with a thickness similar to tagliatelle. It was soft and thin but still enough thickness to have a bite to it, I liked it. The duck ragu was quite tasty, moist and not dry even tho it's lean. I enjoy ragus typically, this was to my liking!