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Kinda sick of the icy acaii bowl. Can be a substitute for dinner if you are on a diet. Very filling

It's like a yoghurt drink with fruits. I recommend to use a straw to suck up the goodness of the yoghurt.

Did not use the burpple deal as I want to try the blue yoghurt πŸ˜…. Very nice, Worth it!

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When I first arrived here in Singapore, I was literally thirsty ALL THE TIME and constantly on the lookout for drinks to beat the heat 🌞

Local coconut-based brand @mr.coconutsg kept up popping up in every shopping mall I went, so I finally decided to give it a try 🫠

Loved that we could customise our own drinks by choosing the sugar level, toppings and cup size on the self-ordering kiosk near the cashier πŸ‘πŸ»

The tropical juice would be the more refreshing and thirst-quenching option, but I personally preferred the milky and fragrant coconut shake that was sweet enough even without any sugar πŸ₯›

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Basically ramen with the broth separated. Their standard can't go very wrong. But the USP is still the free extra noodles, that's why mine looks big. The shaved chashu was quite bad.

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The giant pork belly instead of chashu. It's okay but could be more tender lah. Black soup is garlic soup. Like most places, it's strong, therefore yummy.

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Got the chilli crab(less) pasta, and a burger for the mains. Sweet potato fries as our side and a latte and avocado w oat milk for our drinks! Total bill was around $32 with the 1-for-1 which is pretty worth it in my opinion. Without the deal, it’s actually quite expensive but food is still really good and will come back :)

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was $25.60 for 2 pax and i want to say we were FULL😭 (its a good thing). very affordable for the portion and things served but i dont think i would come again, would recommend yall to try once tho πŸ˜†

overall milk tea was great, friend liked shibuya toast alot she said it was crispy on the outside and soft, looked v appealing too. havent eaten mine so idk πŸ˜…

however i thought the main was ehhh. the egg noodle had a weird texture (maybe the other noodles wld be better) and the taste was just...okay. wldnt say decently nice but decent.. on the lower end. meatballs(?) are kinda good tho! friend got the tomyum and she says it tastes like her school's tomyum LOL so not worth :') honestly idk maybe another noodle type would taste better for the chicken but idt i will return just bc of the main 😢 maybe can have more options... like rice etc

Seafood in a pot. Yummy πŸ₯°. Worth it with Burpple discount

Eligible for Burpple 1-for-1
2x Thai Beef Noodles ($9.90 before gst)
1x Thai Milk Tea ($3.80 before gst)
1x Thai Green Milk Tea ($3.80 before gst)
1x Single Kaya Dip Golden Toast ($5.20 before gst)
1x Pandan Taro Kaya Shibuya toast ($5.20 before gst)

3⭐️/5 Thai Beef noodles (not in picture)
Beef noodles comes with beef slice, beef balls, daikon, bean sprouts. Soup is quite appetising but felt that it could be some what richer or thicker. The dish contains a good deal of beef slices and the beansprouts can be a little raw to some. Overall, a hearty meal.

4⭐️/5 Pandan Taro Kaya Shibuya Toast
The toast is served with half kaya half taro dip and some Oreo and Lotus biscuits crumbs topped with a coconut ice cream. The kaya and the taro dip is not that sweet, thick and creamy. Its a good dessert to go with as there is a variety amount of toppings on a soft yet crispy toast.
(Get this Shibuya toast instead of the single kaya dip golden toast. For the same amount of money, you get 2 different dips, some biscuit bits and ice cream with the same quantity of toast.)

-⭐️/5 Thai Milk Tea
-⭐️/5 Green Thai Milk Tea
Just a normal thai milk tea

LeNu doesn’t disappoint. From the noodles to the soup and beef, it was an awesome experience and a rainy day comfort food.

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If you like your burger sloppy, the double cheeseburger ($9.90) is one of the best ones I've had. Think 2 incredibly juicy and succulents smashed patties, with a good overall smoky crust and relatively strong tasting cheese. Each bite is full of flavour, making this really sinful yet heavenly! I really do find this outlet much better than the other outlets I've had. The addition of fries and drink ($4.90) was alright, but the burger really won me over. Definitely be back if I'm craving good burgers!

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