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salmon daily bowl w mash potato alw hitting😮‍💨 the beetroot quinoa was meh at first but the taste grew on me after a while!

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Really interesting because this really tasted like fish yet wasn’t fish! I think the “fish” being coated in a batter on top of the soft buns really made it seem like a normal fish burger. Tasted amazing and the sweet potato fries were divine as well!

My friend got the Omni burger black but she said it was alright since I think the patty tasted a bit too fake– so it was kinda weird for her to eat this as if it was a normal meat patty.

We also got the carrot juice and it was very refreshing!

It was overall a nice meal and we felt a little less guilty when indulging in these burgers. 🤭

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My friend’s and I headed on over to Fuel Plus for the first time and it was quite enjoyable. :-)

I got the Salmon Madness and honestly it’s good but more on the healthier side so not much provision of gravy or bold flavors of the sorts. However, I really did enjoy the strawberry mint ice tea 🍓 🫖 ! Very refreshing on this hot day.

My friends got the chicken overload and the soft shell crab curry and those two were really good! The chicken came with mushroom sauce on top and the crab came with a bed of thick, spicy curry. Definitely recommend those two over the salmon :-) Also, do try the truffle tater tots as well!

We were also able to use the 30% beyond deal so it was quite an enjoyable time for a Sat lunch. 💕

4⭐ We ordered a 8 course set and add on a main as we have experienced before that ordering two 8 course set is too much. Menu varies slightly among the outlets. We end up selecting those we ate before.
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My initial view before dining: not too keen due to the mixed reviews. Buuuut

The xlb was served hot (this was the usual complaint I read which could really impact the whole dish). Skin is thin and delicate, holding the slightly fatty but very flavourful generous soup inside. Filling is good but nothing notable

Exceeded my expectations and would come back :) (with the hope that this is not a one-off thing)


📍 Crystal Jade Jiang Nan
VivoCity 01-52, 1 HarbourFront Walk, 098585
Floor 1 · VivoCity

#burpplesg #crystaljade

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Freshly prepared upon order, the Beef Chilli Cheese was assembled with scrambled eggs pressed between buttered toasted bread and topped with minced beef chilli and nacho cheese. The fluffy scrambled eggs together with the savoury beef sauce and nacho cheese complemented well with the thick, soft and fluffy bread. It could do with a bit more spicy kick but other than that, it was a hearty sandwich and a filling one as they gave a generous serving of the toppings.

It's not as good as I remembered, but decent soup during cold, rainy days.

Do prefer the goulash / chicken and mushroom soup than this.

Was a hearty pork noodle on a rainy day, the shop was quite generous with the meat. The broth was flavourful, with no pork smell which can get quite overwhelming in a soup.

The lunch set comes with a milk tea, which wasn't too sweet and aromatic.

I do prefer their pad kra pow than this, but a nice change!

Some juicy wings (hit or miss) tossed in Harry’s signature sauce. This has a slight tang and spice similar to sriracha. Skin is nicely crisped and takes most of the flavour. There’s some crispy curry leaves on top that can be taken on the side (can just be plain garnish as well lol)

Good for sharing and best paired with a glass of beer 🍻


📍 Harry’s

1 Maritime Square, 01-64 HarbourFront Centre, Singapore 099253
Floor 1 · HarbourFront

#burpplesg #harrys