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Chewy soft and stretchy like mochi, nian gao was quite generous and not too sweet though waffle could be crispier!

Fragrant with a prominent roasted green tea taste, loved the bites of mochi which complemented the nian gao 🍵

Filipino yam which had a light floral aroma, and a uniquely milky sweet yet earthy flavour.

I ordered the home-brewed chicken superior broth with original dumplings on 29 June at this outlet. I bit into one dumpling and chewed on something hard. I thought maybe it is pork bone, but it turned out to be a hand. If children and elderly are eating it please exercise caution!

Interesting fusion menu. This is their take on the humble carrot cake. What's special is they battered each morsel and dark sauce only came drizzled. They also used sakura ebi and egg floss as a twist.

After the renovation, decided to give it a try and was passing by.

Although the low price of hokkien mee has been removed and fried oyster had increase for the large portion has increase in price, it didn't affect me that much as I still order the usual portion of $4 each.

Hokkien mee was generous with 4 prawns and fried oyster quantity is huge for the price.

Really miss it when I was working nearby

I don't know why the name needs to repeat "prawn" and "shrimp" lol. Anyway this broth is definitely nice, just that I'm gag-sensitive to it zzz.

I tried dry noodles this time because I'm gag-sensitive to their shrimp flavour. This was very good! The meat was okay.