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Ordered the grilled chicken + rice ($7.90 nett) as have sore throat. I was disappointed that the chicken is mushy which show sign that it is frozen.

Cuban sandwich @ $16

The food seems pretty average after reading all the good reviews, expectations might have been a bit too high. Got this cuban sandwich that has got a plus sign next to it on the menu, it's alright just that it doesn't really feel very "cuban" enough, think maybe not enough cheese or something.

Got a bunch of other stuff -
Fuel me up @ $19
Chicky egg waffle @ $17
Bacon & spinach mac & cheese @ $17
Nacho pulled pork @ $12

They are all not bad though nothing quite spectacular. Good thing is that the prices are nett, and we got $30 using burpple beyond app. Might be back to try their pastas and mains which look good from the photos of other reviews.

Had the privilege to try their Herbal Bak Kut Teh with Rice ($8.50).

One thing I like about this shop is other than just rib, there is also intenstine & tau keh provided in the soup. I would like if they provide you tiao in it too but given the price for its location, it is understandable.

The sausage was soo smoky & flavourful but was too dry. The roasted potatoes & braised red cabbage lacked flavour too :(

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i lovedddd the smooth & buttery mash potatoes. the tangy sauerkraut was good too! but the pork sausages lacked flavour though they had good texture

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this was soo worth. saba was really big and tender. soup wasn’t like MSG overload and came in a huge bowl with lots of ingredients!
📍Rui Feng Korean Cuisine

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sour & tangy kimchi i rlly liked this! OmniMeat luncheon tasted so legit. but the JUST egg paled in comparison - very flavourless and limp.


loved the crispy and thick cut fries! bun was kinda plain. it was my first time trying Moving Mountain’s patty and it was surprisingly juicy and meaty! could do with more rendang sauce as it was overpowered by the patty’s “beefiness”


$49.10 for the Regular Buffet for 2 Pax using Burpple Beyond! Variety of ingredients and free flow meat.

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Used to have this dish at least 1-2x a month when we were working in office, as it’s a no frills, quick, relatively cheap neighbourhood choice. Working from home for more than 2y now and decided it’s finally time to try it again lol

For me, the teriyaki chicken is the best among their bibimbap choices, mainly due to their mayo 😅 Sadly, the sauce has become lesser, and the overall portion is also smaller *cues inflation here*. Taste is exactly how I remember it - good combination of crispy chicken and cereal flakes, shredded veggies, and mayo that wraps it all together


📍Paik’s Bibim @ Vivo City
1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-125, 098585

#bibimbap #paiksbibim #burpplesg

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$7.63 after Burpple 30% discount. Love their Swiss rolls!

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I got 2 cold brews (hazelnut & vanilla), the hazelnut donut and the blueberry donut. I loveeeeeee both donuts, so good and full of fillings! The drinks were wonderful as well. Paid $6.70 for this, would come back again. Thank you for accepting deals on exclusion days!

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