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The Creamy Crab features Pepper & Lime Campanelle pasta as our pasta choice paired with crab meat and mixed in a rich and creamy white sauce. The dish had just enough spicy heat to cut through the richness and was a perfect combination with the bell-like flower pasta as each bite was filled with creamy goodness.

Served in tomato cream sauce with smoked duck, baby spinach and feta cheese. I opted for the fusili pasta. Portion was ok. Pasta was well-cooked, more on softer side. The sauce wasnt too jelat. Prices are quite affordable.

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In the mood for some Wagyu meats? Head over to Yugo Yakiniku for their selection of cuts—their bestsellers include the Wagyu Striploin ($4/50g), the Wagyu Cube ($7.50/100g), and the Wagyu Rump ($10/100g). Order all of these for a sizzlin’ good time!

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value for money. place is wulu though. theres fei zhu lok lok beside at the same coffee store. more sauce would improve the taste greatly

S$ 9
Very refreshing peach flavor topped with popping boba and few slices of peach. Love the peach smell.

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S$ 9
Super chocolatey soft serve, pistachio custard give nutty flavor. The Turkish delight is a bit too hard.


Flavour of the week (7-12 Feb)
Peach soft serve with liquid cheesecake sauce, topped with yoghurt popping boba, peach slices and Japanese cotton cheesecake

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Flavour of the week (7-12 Feb)
Chocolate soft serve topped with pistachio custard, coco pops and two pieces of Turkish Delight

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This is after the first piece of sirloin. Their wagyu meats are unfortunately all too soft and thinly sliced to grill properly

If you stay nearby, if you have a lot of time, waiting for the aburi don is a good choice. It's rare to find places that does thinly sliced beef well. However please skip the yakiniku, based on their speed I presume they're not going to last long in the market

Sweet sauce, not as bad as the sirloin but still a nightmare to grill. It breaks into pieces because the meat itself doesn't maintain its shape, even before hitting the grill

From here on out it's disaster. This one didn't have much marinate but the wagyu beefs are all too thinly sliced and too soft to grill properly. They break into pieces too easily and it wasn't particularly good either.

For this piece she showed us that you needed to wait until it's very cooked and basically caramelised on the exterior before you can flip it. Which really goes against the point of grilling wagyu. Also this is multiple thin layers and you're not supposed to separate them, it's meant to cook as one thick layer which is even more dumb

Plus she didn't say anything about it at first, until we have the entire piece stuck on the grill, which is highly abnormal(considering how many yakiniku places I've visited)

This was not bad. Again the marinade was very sweet and it's not bad

I'll take the opportunity to write about the place then. Idk what she's doing but instead of just bringing out the BBQ set, she decided to make everyone else's aburi don first and keep us waiting. We waited for 30mins before we got our BBQ, which is really dumb since it takes about 2mins for her to set it up and bring it out.