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Finally got the chance to try TIPO STRADA!

Thanks to the free $25 voucher that @theblackholegroup is giving out!

Got myself a duck carbonara with radiatori pasta, and a housemade cold brew tea! Love their very special pasta! There were 3 different pasta choices that you can choose from for my day of visit!

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So glad to have tried the Iced Mocha ($6.50) from Tanamera Coffee today, as its quality brew made me happy!

A smooth cup of coffee, the chocolate and coffee notes did not clash but instead complemented each other well. It is not too sweet yet quite rich. The amount of milk and ice was also just right and it stayed flavourful all the way till the last drop!

Best of all, you can get 1 for 1 discount on their beverages using #burpplebeyond . Definitely a worthy cup of coffee I don't mind getting again!

Gila Basil seafood & Chicken Rice - Charges 25$ against the offer mentioned in Burple as 1-for-1 17$.
When checked, they said the price has been updated but we cannot see the price updated in burple. 25$ seems to be a lot for 1 plate and they don’t have this item in their menu at all when I wanted to cross check the actual rate.

Filled with mushrooms, truffle pate & truffle oil. Great for truffle lovers

Blue Swimmer Crab | Sambal Romesco Sauce

This was a dish that ultimately failed to impress us. For starters, the tagliatelle was less firm than what we expected, and also different from the Aglio Olio spaghetti. The sauce was reminscent of chilli crab sauce, albeit much less on the sweetness, but it didn't illicit any feelings of 'wow' or even an 'ooh'. Felt that the crabbiness of the dish was also muted. All in all, would not recommend this dish.

Tiger Prawns | Garlic | Capsicum | Asparagus | Sun Dried Tomstoes

Don't expect the classic rendition of Aglio Olio and its associated taste here; the version here is heavy on Malayan influences infused by the spices added, together with a medley of capsicum and asparagus adding a nice crunch and freshness to the dish. However, the prawns were the main star of the show - 5 plump and juicy prawns which had a firm bite to them and really made this a standout. Also appreciated that the spice level could be customised when ordering.

I think they have pretty high quality beans, came back for the flat white.
Got two flats whites for $6, and for the quality of the coffee - I think its a Great deal.
Would come back for the coffee!!¡¡

Came by for brunch to try out this Indonesian cafe chain that I've been seeing around. For drinks we had the Flat White and Chai Latte, both had a rich aroma and tasted great. For mains we had the Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio and Ayam Gulai Padang. Aglio Olio was really tasteless and prawns weren't fresh. Not recommended. Ayam Gulai Padang was Spiced Chicken served with rice, boiled greens, achar, and a spicy gravy. This was much more palatable, but I wouldn't get this at usual price. Total spending was about $28 for mains and drinks. Very worth it with Burpple but the food quality isn't up to par. Strangely, the menu onsite also differs from their online menu.


Very good atmosphere, lots of plants , various special flavours for macaroons, good services 😀

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Nice indonesian beans, good service, large counter but sadly no seats! Liked that the coffee wasn’t too sweet, barista says they are applying for seating space which is great cos it’s a little awkard otherwise if you just wanna hang out long enough to enjoy a cuppa. Good size at 300 ml

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Embark on a culinary journey with The Social Outcast’s woodfire experiential dining! Their personalised and immersive way of “no-menu” dining will allow diners to have an intimate dining experience with the views of a crackling fire pit where the chef will prepare exquisite dishes right before your eyes.

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Highly recommended!
We came here on public hols so didn't get to explore more of their food with burrple! Nonetheless, I want to commend them on their delicious Mains! We had Big Breakfast, Eggs Benedict (great hollandaise), Burbur (hearty breakfast option). Coffee and tea is also very nice 💯 Good competitive pricing for food in Robertson Quay area!