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Ordered some dishes via food delivery service and found a cockroach in the kai lan dish after finished eating. Always seen such things being posted, and now it’s my turn.

Egg was perfect.

Lamb chop was quite average if reasonably tender.

The double portion of coleslaw is pretty sad at night

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This was the mainstay of our dinner, a yuzu coconut hotpot with a huge variety of ingredients, including red dates, peach gum, white fungus, mushrooms, lotus roots and goji berries! It felt like a pretty healthy dish and we really liked the yuzu broth, which was only slightly sour and yet it felt very refreshing at the same time. The taste of coconut in the broth wasn't very pronounced and it might have been a good thing, as the soup might have been too gelat if it went too heavy on the coconut. This was the $40++ version, which was larger and had more ingredients; we think this is just right for 4 pax if the hotpot is meant to be the main dish for your meal!

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When we saw an item selling crispy roast park in New Fut Kai's menu, we were taken by surprise as we thought that it was a vegetarian restaurant. Upon greater inspection, however, we found that the "roast pork" was actually made using lion mane mushrooms rather than using pork! The skin was really crispy but it wasn made using pig skin and instead, it was made using a soy-based mixture. Although it certainly doesn't taste like your usual roast pork, it does taste pretty good especially when you pair it with the sweet sauce served on the sides! If you want to eat the vegetables, we suggest that you use them to wrap the "pork" first as the vegetables tasted pretty bitter when we tried them on their own.

Pretty decent serving for around $20++ and we would want to try their other creative vegetarian dishes in future, including the vegetarian roast duck.

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We chanced upon a really popular vegetarian restaurant in the Jalan Besar area - New Fut Kai! Do note that the restaurant was almost fully reserved when we arrived, and we were thankful to get a table only because we reached really early.

For our appetisers, we ordered the charcoal tofu, which comprised of 6 chunks of minced tofu each battered with flour mixed with sesame, to give each piece of tofu a crispy and black exterior. The tofu were immersed in a pumpkin-based sauce, which gave a slight sweetness to the tofu. Although we like the texture of the tofu, we thought the sweet sauce made the dish a little strange for an appetiser.

The dish costs $15++, which is fairly reasonable and comparable to most tze char prices!

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My 3rd here in 2.5 months
Still enjoy everything of it

Andrew’s lobster $235
Hk Style steamed Sotong $25
Canadian Clam (1kg) $58
Garlic Bamboo Clam $84 ($12 each)
White pepper crab $105
Ginger Kampong Chicken (whole) $35
Charcoal Beancurd $25
Black bean sauce bitter gourd fish head bee hoon (medium) $12
Yam Ring $18
Garlic fried Potato leaf $12
XO fried Rice (small) $8

I still love everything i had before, clams seemed to be a bit smaller this time.

I was very impressed with the butter gourd fish head bee hoon. They said they ran out of fish head, would replace with sliced fish, but i didnt seem to find any fish slices. I always say butter gourd is probably the only thing i dont like because of the bitterness. This bee hoon had nearly no bitterness (i am not sure it is a good thing or bad thing to say, butter gourd not bitter, why do you eat it) but because i dont like the bitterness of bitter gourd and so i found this very yummy! Bee hoon in the starchy sauce is so yummy although it doesnt loom too appetising.

Charcoal bean curd was recommended by the staff. She said they marinated it and make it black in house.
I asked… so what does it taste like.
The staff said “just taste like normal tofu”
Me: oh ok…. 🙄
She might not be the best salesperson but we did order it and exactly like she said, it just tasted like a normal tofu!

Yam cake was another new dish I try! The yam was very tasty. Another one i might order again.

A bit disappointed on the crab. When i ordered, the staff did say something about the crab which i didnt understand….. and i just asked so is it good to order? She said yes it goes well with white pepper. I actually was too lazy to tackle the crab and it didnt look like it was too meaty…

This place was on full capacity! Feel like life is back to normal. It was the first time we had 7 of us meeting together. Could have been 9, i am sure there will be more chances

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I am not a fan of octopus but the baby octopus in soy sauce here is another must-order. They were first steamed before drizzling in fragrant and slightly salty sauce with shallot oil, fried garlic and spring onion. The texture of the baby octopus was soft, chewy, crunchy, light and delicious when dipped in their special chilli sauce.

This was recommended by the lady who took our order. The meatballs were firm to the bite but the flavours were on the mild side. Dipping it with chilli sauce did help to elevate the flavours 》$6/10pcs

Stir-fried dai loke noodles with pork slices, prawns, crispy pork lard and vegetables in dark soy sauce. This is a thicker version of yellow noodles where the thickness is comparable with udon, similar to those KL Hokkien noodles we get from tze char stall. The flavours turned out lighter than expected and I felt the wok-hei was not strong enough. It is still not a bad choice to order and share but I would go for their moonlight hor fun than anything else 》$8 / Large

Stir-fried hor fun in dark soy sauce with pork slices, prawns, vegetables and pork lard. The noodles are done well with wok-hei and springy texture. This is pretty similar to moonlight hor fun except this is not as savoury without the egg 》$5 / Small

Moonlight hor fun stir-fried in savoury sweet dark soy sauce served with a raw egg on top along with ingredients such as pork slices, prawns, vegetables and pork lard. Each plate is prepared individually upon order hence the long waiting time but it’s worth the wait when it's served with a light and distinct wok-hei. Give it a good mix with the raw egg and coat it all over the noodles to enjoy a slippery smooth, silky and springy texture. Do not hesitate to upsize if you are going there with a hungry belly. The small portion may be too little for an average guy 》$8.50 / Large

Fried Carrot Cake / Chye Tow Kueh is my favourite dish of all time. I love it so much that, on average, I eat it at least once per week. And in weeks I'm out of town, I eat more of it on my return, just to make up for the missed experience.
This stall does a style I like, where the carrot cake is chopped into really small cubes, and slathered with egg. It's moist and soft with crispy bits that make it satisfying.
The black version is decent enough, with mild sweet savoury eggy spice flavour. I prefer the white version, which has a lovely savoury sweet eggy spice flavour with smoky aroma.
Carrot Cake / Chye Tow Kueh
Chop Joo Hiong Carrot Cake Fried Kway Teow
@ Chop Joo Hiong Eating House, 237 Serangoon Avenue 3 #01-130
More details:

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