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15 Best Zi Char Places in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Zi Char 15 Best Zi Char Places in Singapore No matter the occasion, there is always reliable zi char to fall back on. The menus are extensive enough to cater to the pickiest eater and seating is aplenty — great for gathering in large groups! From a Muslim-friendly spot in the East to a hidden gem along Mandai Road, arm yourself with this guide when planning for family meals and group celebrations.

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Top 10 places for Zi Char

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San Luo Bee Hoon (large size $14)
⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
🍴Do not be fooled by how it looks; it may not look good but it tasted GREAT.

The bee hoon is flattened into a pancake/rosti-like form & expertly fried, making it a mix of crispy charred (not burnt) bits with soft and silky noodles. There was a strong wok hei taste and it's unique flavour and style is definitely worth a try!
⚠️ Be sure to make a reservation/ walk in before 5.30pm or be prepared to queue for quite long at this popular restaurant
📍J. B. Ah Meng, 534 Geylang Road, Lorong 30 Geylang S389490

Nice Meal

We had a few dishes today.
White bee hoon- it has a thick gravy that coats the bee hoon nicely. Not much of seafood to go along with, but tasted fabulous still.
Crispy tofu- this is a homemade tofu deep fried with a crispy, light, and airy batter. We love it.
Garlic lala- this is just ok. The sand hasn't been washed off totally. A tad too salty.
The Chilli sauce in a bottle deserves to be mentioned. This goes very well with the bee hoon. It has a tinge of sour taste that makes dishes more appetising.
Vege (no pic) was standard.

Foodies in the West of Singapore already know where to get good Steamed Fish and Teochew Porridge, with Zai Shun Curry Fish Head popular and extremely busy during their lunch time hours.

The Michelin inspectors pick a) a curry fish head stall, b) in Jurong to be included in the Michelin Bib Gourmand Singapore 2017, erasing previous criticism that the chosen ones were all in the central region.

I would say come for the Steamed Fish, indeed one of the freshest I have tasted in Singapore.
Thank you @sgfoodonfoot for accompanying me to finish all these food. #DFDMichelin

Chef John (who's from Ipoh) & his Royal J’s Seafood has come a long way with just selling Fried Porridges to an assortment of Zi Char Tua dishes since moving from Macpherson Road to its present location @ Foch Road.

Located jus a stones throw from popular establishments like Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup & Chye Seng Huat, 3 times I went there; thrice they've never dissapoint with their Signature Royal J's Seafood Fried Porridge (available in $6 or $15).
Royal J's literally “fry” their Japanese pearl grain porridge in a wok with an abundance of unami morsels including oh so crispy pork lard, yam cubes, shredded dried cuttlefish, dried shrimps, chives & shredded crab in a superior broth consisting of the Chef's homemade brown sauce whose recipe is a closely guarded secret. Recently, Chef John has opened a new air-conditioned restaurant in Bishan Street 11 introducing new dishes along with it. Whilst I've yet to try the rest of the dishes other than their signature fried porridge, I'm sure I'll eventually do so who's with me! ~
Pic taken @ Royal J's Seafood 御马海鲜
# 01-02
30 Foch Rd
Singapore 209276
Phone: 9357 3993
Operating Hours: Lunch
11am - 1230pm
6pm - 10:30pm
Email: [email protected]

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Champagne Soft Ribs!

#specialorder #superthrowback So tired today I'm gonna eat bread for dinner 😵 .
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Even Your After Burps Taste Delicious

I don't know how to make a plateful of bee hoon, crab and sauce look sexy, but it looks plenty enticing to me! Very reluctant to share this with everyone, but #dismyshit! I absolutely adore the crab bee hoon from Long Ji Zi Char. The crab is always fragrant and fresh, cooked lovingly in a sweet porky broth that brims with flavour. It is absolutely, lip-smackingly, decadent - rich from crab, pork, herbs and long long hours of stewing away in some pot. The noodles have an intensity only achieved through wok hei - a heady fragrance that is tasted with every mouthful. It's like all the meaty joys of the world have been pulled into the springy, glassy noodles that delight with its texture, aroma and after taste. Not to be gross, but even your after burps taste damn good. Also, order the salted egg pumpkin. 😌 heaven.

Sliced Fish Tom Yum Noodles ($5.90)

Since it was Friday which means the engineers would be (more) willing to travel a littleeee out of the way for lunch, I grabbed (pounced at) the opportunity to suggest this instead of the usuals.
It was certainly the right decision, for the bowl was as perfect as the cool weather that calls for it. My banmian noodles were lusciously thick and chewy ; the soup, though a little less spicier than I thought, was spicy enough and had just the right amount of tartness which made it even nore addictive. There was a whole wedge of lime and tomato in it! I finished everything in my bowl with much gusto, though sadly I heard that the portion has gone down this time. :'(
Queue was quite confusing for me as a first timer, but basically just join the long line outside the stall's entrance, decide what you want, tell the lovely ladies your order when you reach the counter, and stand by the side and quickly pay up. Now you're all set to tuck into a steaming hot bowl of super shiok noodles!

Crab Bee Hoon

Really huge sri lankan crabs. Meat was tender and bouncy. Loved the bee hoon. It's wetter and a little oilier than the usual ones. Its well worth the calories! (8/10)