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Hmm. Every component was competent, but nothing was superb. The fish chunks, while large, were so-so. The soup was not the level to empty the bowl. Overall one bracket below Ka-Soh.

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Ordered The Original White Beehoon for my parents. Took abit to try. Wok hei gao gao, so gd sia!!! Should order medium instead of small portion πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

πŸ’œ Support White Restaurant at 83 Punggol Central, Waterway Point West Wing, #B1-12, Singapore 828761 (Various Outlets)

Their strawberry jam is made with almost 500g of real strawberries, and there's so much strawberry pulp in it, although I wouldn't say I'm a fan of the flavour here.


This was another chiffon cake that had the exact same soft, fluffy, spongey, moist texture I really loved. The strawberry flavour was light and fragrant I loved how you could literally smell the strawberry when you first open the box.

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This was prob one of the best-tasting Kaya I've had, although it's very different from the usual kayas with a more "watery" consistency, as this was more like Kaya Custard. But I really loved the flavour as it reminded a lot like the pandan custard you get from good Kueh Salats, with good fragrance and flavour, without being too sweet.

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For those who love Hainanese Kaya, Traditional bakes, and Jams, Cheng's 27 is well-known in the neighbourhood for their chiffon cake, homemade kaya, and strawberry jam! This
three-generation family-run confectionery is currently located at 27 Yong Siak St (Tiong Bahru), and worth a visit if you're near the area!

Cheng's 27 Classic:
Gula Melaka Pandan Chiffon Cake
First tried their pandan chiffon, and was amazed by the texture of their chiffon cake?! I honestly usually avoid chiffon cakes because of how dry they can get, but @chengs27 definitely changed my mind. Theirs were very soft and easy to cut, and extremely spongey and MOIST, and you know each slice is very substantial from its weight, not just air that you're getting unlike many chiffon cakes out there.

Personally wouldn't mind for the Gula Melaka to be more prominent, but it's definitely great that the cake wasn't too sweet and I'm sure parents/ fam will love this.

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This place has the ideal bouncy texture for liver. However it could be abit thicker, and so it's not the best I've had(from the Jurong West claypot rice stall)

The sauce is unique, but that doesn't rlly matter because it's not particularly strong and what's impt is the texture.

this is certainly worth a try if you've never had the perfect bouncy kind of liver


Huge portion, the sambal is quite aromatic. Unfortunately, the dish as a whole was very average in terms of both flavour and texture

Skip for sure

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There's some wok hei, it's quite unique actl. The horfun has a sticky and slightly slippery texture, but it wasn't as slippery as you would expect from a whole raw egg. You barely taste the egg after mixing.

Original comes with pork and seafood, the fish was really fresh

Comfort food, not bad, not mindblowing

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This steamed fish head received a nod of approval from my fussy mum for its notably fresh and tender, fleshy meat.

And the best way to enjoy it β€” in light, fermented bean paste sauce with minced garlic and topped with lard crisp! 🫢🏻

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Feelin’ adventurous and ordered this bright green chopped bitter gourd with lemon πŸ‹ juice drink to detoxify following bouts of puking after consuming some juicy fresh strawberries πŸ“ that persisted for days.

This weird concoction clearly left a lasting impact on me with its unique bitter + zesty taste.

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Fish porridge (S$5)
Need something to make the stomach feel warm.

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