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I actually have not tried Texan BBQ before and decided to have my first attempt at the popular @kemuribbq.sg and it was decent!

We ordered the Dino Trio Platter ($75), which comes with 2 beef options and 1 other meat which you can choose. The beef brisket had a pretty outstanding smoke ring, which was this smoky crust that was well seasoned. The leaner part of the beef brisket can be slightly dry, but that can be helped with their homemade mustard and BBQ sauce.

Now their Dino Ribs is what I will come back for. The smoke ring on this is much more prominent, and the whole meat was very tender. This was very well seasoned with spices, in fact better than their beef brisket.

The pulled pork was the other meat option we chose, and it can be relatively dry, though the flavour was good.

We ordered additional items, such as their Australian Picanha ($30) which was a popular item. Due to the cut of the meat, it was quite tough and chewy naturally, but the chef did a good job with the seasoning. Mash was creamy and rich, and brussel sprouts were done well. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the appeal of a rump steak as I liked a cut that is softer.

Truffle fries ($12) were crispy and fluffy, quite decent.

I think Kemuri BBQ is quite decent for their meats, though most were not particularly mind-blowing to me. Not sure if it's because it's my first time, or because I have had high expectations from the videos I've seen of Texas BBQ 😂

From the mixed rice & drink stall, enjoyed the quick lunch.
Chosen braised pork belly, egg tofu and deep fried chicken wing.
Not bad indeed.

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From Kemuri BBQ lunch
We tried the Smoked Duck Don at a Tex-Jap BBQ place, and it was a delightful fusion of flavors.
The tender, smoky duck paired beautifully with the creamy onsen egg, adding richness to each bite.
The julienne pickled daikon provided a refreshing crunch that balanced well with the tangy kimchi and sweet corn.
As part of a set, it also came with a buckwheat tea and purple slaw, making for a satisfying and well-rounded meal.
Highly recommended for anyone looking to experience an innovative twist on traditional Japanese cuisine!
Set : $20.90++

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I has been passing this place for many times whenever I’m in this area, today finally made my way into this shop to try their best chicken rice.

The individual came comprehensively with the chicken, veggie, rice, soup and sauces.

You can choose either Hainanese style or roasted chicken. The braised egg is required additional add-on.

The texture of their chicken is more firm here, not so juicy but this is what you get for a kampung style of chicken.

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In fact, this is one of the best traditional toasts that you can get today. The bread has been toasted till crispy, and sandwiched between is butter and the homemade kaya jam. The proportion of filling and bread is amazingly balanced that you will get a burst of the kaya from each bite, and at just $2 per portion, this is almost a steal.

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Inside this nondescript plaza lies a bustling eatery that recently was trending on social media for their kaya butter toast and it is called Bao Er Cafe. I shall talk about their kaya butter toast in a separate post and the focus today shall be on their Fried Hokkien Mee, from the same folks behind Prawnography. The hokkien Mee is in between the dry and wet version, which is the best of both worlds as it has the quintessential wok hei and the slurpy goodness. Usual suspects of a good hokkien mee is inside, from the sotong to pork belly and spring onions. The pork lard was not as crispy as I hoped it would be, but it is forgiven considering how each slurp of the noodle is so satisfying.

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From Bao Er Cafe
This hidden gem in a low-key plaza offers an $8 fried rice with prawn paste chicken cutlet that's absolutely worth the queue during dining hours.
The dish boasts flavourful, well-seasoned rice and crispy, succulent chicken.
A delightful find for food enthusiasts seeking quality without breaking the bank.
Highly recommended!

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From Bao Er Cafe
This hidden gem serves an outstanding wok-fried Hokkien mee for just $7.
Nestled in a low-key plaza, the dish bursts with rich flavors and perfectly cooked noodles with squid & prawns.
A delightful find for anyone craving authentic, budget-friendly Asian cuisine.
Highly recommended!

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If it is not for the fact that there are so many social media posts out there raving about the existence of Bao Er Cafe at Balestier Plaza, it is likely that one would probably not know that there is an eatery that is hidden in the second level of this sleepy looking mall that seems trapped in a particular period of time. Most should have heard about the establishment by now; and for those who had not — Bao Er Cafe is an establishment by the same folks behind Pranwography, which runs an establishment by the same name in the nearby Novena Gardens as well as also having an outlet within the Koufu food court at Oasis Terraces. Bao Er Cafe can be described as an extension of what Prawnography is all about; Prawnography being an establishment that focuses a lot on their Hokkien Mee which is pretty much a signature dish of the brand. Despite being a fairly new set-up, Bao Er Cafe does look rather period correct in the compounds that it is being situated in — the furniture and fittings are particularly functional and albeit dated; the dining hall does come with a mirrored wall, while the wooden tables are wrapped with a marble-esque vinyl that wrap that “adds class” to the entire vibe of the space. Offering Prawnography’s signature dishes on its menu here at Bao Er Cafe, one can find their Signature Hokkien Mee here; other offerings on its menu includes a line-up of fried rice dishes, as well as fried Bee Hoon and also waffles and ice-cream. Beverages served at Bao Er Cafe includes the usual selection of local-style coffee and tea, Milo, Iced Lemon Tea and even a series of house-made concoctions of fizzy drinks — just to name a few.

Being much of a Kaya Butter Toast lover that is usually on a hunt to find a good Kaya Butter Toast to have, the number of rave reviews for the Kaya Butter Toast at Bao Er Cafe got us intrigued enough to head down to Balestier Plaza on a weekday morning just to check them out — we did make a failed attempt in visiting them on a weekday afternoon, where we note that there was a big crowd standing around waiting for other diners to vacate their seats while another queue stretched out from the counter with folks awaiting to place their order. While the Kaya Butter Toast is also available as a set under the Kaya Butter Toast Set that comes with the two (2) soft boiled eggs and the diner’s choice of beverages, our order was for an ala-carte Kaya Butter Toast. There is some waiting time required for the Kaya Butter Toast at Bao Er Cafe considering how everyone was ordering the same item during our visit, but we found it to be well worth it. Some would call Bao Er Cafe’s Kaya Butter Toast the best around the island and it is easy to see why there is such high acclaim for the item here — the brown toast does come sliced thinly here whilst coming with a good balance of both kaya and butter. What really stands out with their rendition of the Kaya Butter Toast is how it comes with both cold Kaya and a slab of cold butter; while the latter is more common, there are not many occasions where we come across a variant of the Kaya Butter Toast that comes with cold Kaya.

The Kaya is really smooth here in terms of texture; sure that there are some parts that are a little lumpy, but the Kaya has a silky smooth consistency that isn’t as grainy as the commercially-made Kaya that we all are more familiar with; the Kaya being pretty drippy and was a delight to have with the cold slab of salted butter and the crisp, toasted bread that surprisingly did not turn limp even having sat at the table for a while. On the other hand, the Kopi that they serve up here is pretty lacking in the depth of flavours; a little bland and lacks the caffeinated kick that we would have liked to have out of it. While Prawnography is perhaps better known for their Signature Hokkien Mee, there is no doubt on why the most popular item at Bao Er Cafe is their Kaya Butter Toast — this is definitely a version to die for and it is little wonder why people actually go through the hassle of dining here just to get their grubby hands on one; the Kaya Butter Toast is likely the item that outshines all of their other offerings. Do come prepared to wait in line if one drops by over the weekend; we also note that ventilation in the store is rather weak and one is likely to leave the eatery smelling all smoky from the cooking of the Signature Hokkien Mee despite the kitchen being shielded away from the rest of the space with a curtain. Regardless, we would still think that Bao Er Cafe’s Kaya Butter Toast is certainly worth trying at least once to see what it is all about!

This indeed one of the better lor mee I had for some times. Gravy was thick and flavourful.

Maybe it's the longer opening hours as compared to where it originally was at Old Airport road, where queue was always snaking. Now at this outlet, there's no more queue anymore.

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