Recommended lists for Newly Opened

Recommended lists of Newly Opened in Singapore
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: November 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: November 2017 If you ever need more reason to eat out, this week's slate of new openings should get your appetites fired up. From the best of hawker favourites in Singpost Centre to fruit-infused teas from Taiwan and sake-pairing in the CBD, this eclectic guide would have something for every foodie. Ready, steady, makan!
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: October 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: October 2017 Singapore's already exciting food scene is getting buzzier, and we had such fun putting together this week's newly opened guide. From a swanky steakhouse and a laidback Italian brunch spot in the new InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay to excellent coffee in Hillview and hearty brunch grub in Thomson, this week's guide is packed with delicious ideas that'll have die-hard foodies trekking across the island. Enjoy!
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: September 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: September 2017 There's always something new to try here in food-crazy Singapore, and we LOVE it! This week, we got busy sipping on stellar brews from this famous Tokyo coffee house, tucking into super saucy lu rou fan in the CBD and going gaga over durian desserts in Chinatown. We hope this Newly Opened guide makes you as hungry as it made us. Ready, set, eat!
New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: August 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: August 2017 Watching the unending stream of new openings, we are quite ready to eat our way through August and possibly into September, and we hope you are too! Rock up to Keong Saik, home to several new joints, and ready your appetite for smokin' Szechuan yakitori, Asian-inspired grills and comforting bistro lunch plates. Away from Chinatown, there's yummy zi char with a twist in Alexandra, Michelin-starred kushikatsu in Oden Towers and wagyu roast beef donburi in Amoy Street Food Centre, and more. We hope you're hungry!

Top 10 Places for Newly Opened

Top 10 places for Newly Opened

Latest Reviews for Newly Opened

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Newly Opened

My favourite is the Fried Chikin [$8.90] and the Spam rice ball [$7.90] 🤤🤤
@seoulyummy has changed their logo and new menu!

A whole lobster, halved and coated in bread crumbs soaked with egg yolks and cognac, served with an oven-browned parmesan cheese crust and rosemary.
This dish, to me, represents the epitome of luxury fine dining.
Cut into the soft, crumbly, golden-brown crust, and you get the juicy, succulent, briny sweet savoury lobster meat within. The crust itself lends a herbal salty bready cheesy flavour, complementing the fresh lobster meat.
Savoured every delectable bite of this at their new outlet in Katong.
Pince & Pints
More details on blog

Expect familiar K-dishes such as the K Drama’s Gold Pot, which is a mini budae jjigae that contains crowd favourites such as ramyeon, spam, tteokbokki, sausage and the other quintessentials of a Korean hotpot. In addition to that, one can opt for the premium wagyu slices ($22.90) to go with it. Besides that, there’s also a Odeng Guk ($14.90) which contains a pot of skewered fish cakes simmered in a bonito broth. For carbs lovers, you are not forgotten as the Spam Rice Balls ($7.90) will be the one for you to enjoy as a pre-meal treat.
Seoul Yummy
Address: 10, Eunos Road 8, SingPost Centre, Unit 01-139, Singapore 408600

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That sweet chendol pop caught my eye♩🎵
Think of an ice cream bar if you will. The chendol pop presented in a brown paper held by an wooden peg. Old school? It is adorable.
Think of the flavors in the usual chendol dessert. Gula melaka, red bean, coconut plus vanilla ice cream encased in a pandan white chocolate shell set on a wooden flat stick. The flavors here was sweet and abit salty. It looks tantalising. It is perhaps just alittle sweet for a non-sweettoother like me.
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But still, their fat duck was a good draw for the crowd. Succulent though a little fatty (since it’s named so), it was a tasty option to HK roasted goose that we wouldn’t find in SG. Roasted pork belly and char siew were pretty good, but their HK noodles were what we loved more.

+marinated pear & melted Camembert cheese

💸: $18++
👅💭: 🙂
Mayb the taste is lighter for this dish or i like the ravioli too much. The rilette has paled in comparison. The ducky game is a little strong...the marinated pear was a pleasant addition, adding a little sweetness.

There's a sudden booming trend of fruit tea that focus on more fresh fruits and lesser sugar, competing with bubble tea shops in SG.

Teafolia's tea comes in a standard size (700ml) which are brewed from premium tea leaves and paired with real fruits. ​They even provide a fork ​for ​us to pick at the chunks of fruit in the drink​.​

The Signature Fruit Tea is made with Premium Four Seasons tea, fresh pineapple and assorted fresh fruits like watermelon, kiwi, green apple, lemon & lime 》$5.90

French dumpling pasta filled with Tête de Moine cheese

💸: $18++
Absolute love for this dish...a cheese lover will not be able to say NO!!!
Its creamy & salty yet not overly rich.
+ cheese shavings added texture to the dish
Definitely not as heavy as u would expect it to be (which is usually the downfall for a super cheesy dish)

Looks like a nice place to chill out.

💸: $6 each
👅 💭: 😋
Cafe Latte: Aromatic nutty taste...its gao enough! So yummy!!!

Watermelon Mint: Refreshing!!! But a little tiny...i could finish the entire cup in one breath! But nahh im gona sip

Waffle cone +$0.50). I succumbed to temptations eventually on this chilly day. Artisanal ice cream in a minimalistic ice cream shop. I gotta say that their flavors are bold creations, but what's even more therapeutic is the way they use emotions to name the flavors. 'Happy' is a citrusy orange and Horlicks flavor, 'Love' is a vanilla and rose Bandung-like flavor. I chose 'Peace', a lightly flavored combination of sweet vanilla and Chrysanthemum floral note, mixed with 'Lust', creamy dark chocolate with brandied cherries, bitter-sweet yet not too alcoholic. 'Zen', a rich matcha flavor with cookies, is the flavor of the week. Have a go at this smooth ice cream that melts so instantly in the mouth. Oh and, thanks for offering birthday candles on my ice cream! 😄

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Tenderest beef that slowly but surely melts like butter. Generous portion of noodles. Broth with a fiery look which makes one ready to get all fired up. But, no.... for me it was mild spicy. It was tasty. But I preferred it with a tad less oil because after a while, it tends to mar the flavors of the broth. And perhaps a little less noodles and a little more broth as it is most comforting on a chilly day like today.
Positively good and friendly service. Only wished I had company to share more dishes (those I like to try) with.
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The filling and bacon wasn't the greatest, but wow is the bread super soft and fluffy! Before I even realised, I'd finish half of this despite already having breakfast plans. It did remind me of the popular grilled buns in Bangkok. There was a slight taste of yeast initially, but thankfully that was masked when I reached the filling. They have both savoury and sweet flavours available, and prices start from $1.60 for a small (regular) sized bun. I'd love to hit their sweet buns next- I got my eyes on the yam! 😉