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6 pieces. Skin was bad as before

There's a bit of crab roe taste not gonna lie but not nearly enough to impress, nor was the filling otherwise noteworthy.

It's okay-ish but their other stuff are better, like noodles and duck and original shengjianbao

Not bad at all

Pork was pretty generous and tender as well. Not too spicy. They have soy sauce base plus oil which was very flavourful when you mix everything together.

Do remove some of the oil or ask for less oil, else it's too much

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Prawn and original

Skin was too thick as usual, original filling was juicy and umami like last time. Prawn was abit fishy though, plus it's one prawn with less than half the meat filling so not recommended

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Heard that Good Luck Beer House now serves noodle. Mr. W used this excuse to tempt me here for lunch after work. Then they only serve noodle after 2pm. So we ordered them sim dum platter and xo carrot cake.

There was a bit of a cultural shock here on xo carrot cake. The one i expected was carrot cake fried in XO sauce which is a very common snacks in chinese restaurants in HK. Crystal Jade here has it too. This one was like a fritter. Tasted good but very different.

The dim sum platter was not bad. Nice for a light lunch.

So much for light lunch, we ended up takeaway some of the dim sum.

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Mother’s day dinner @jadepalacesg

I have been craving for peking duck for very long time. This place might not be a famous for peking duck, at least the food is good.

Crispy tofu ($8) Mr.W ‘s favourite dish but this one is full of garlic. Honestly this is not great. Quite dry….

Peking Duck (1/2) $46
I was shocked to see there were only 8 piece!! I could have eaten all these on my own!! And i DIDNT! This is not a bad at least good enough to satisfy my craving. And the 2nd dish!! I had the duck meat fried with E fu noodle. I have also craved for e fu noodle for long time. Ok you are forgiven for the small quantity for peking duck. Little Miss W was very happy with the prawn cracker.

Broccoli with bamboo shoot and mushroom ($30) the broccoli was very crunchy, cooked just right. Hate the overcooked broccoli at home 😵‍💫 so that Little miss W would eat it like a old grandma needs soft veggie…. 😫

Crispy chicken (1/2) $28
Always nice to have this in restaurant because it is hard to cook this at home. Satisfied my another craving and thank god this one had no garlic! Or Mr.W would give me black face.

E fu noodle fried with duck meat
The duck meat was soo tough… still happy that i could order the noodle as part of the peking otherwise i would have ordered it as a separate dish.

Little Miss W saw the noodle, she nearly bursted into tears saying “This is not the noodle i want “ I simply said this is mummy’s favourite noodle. Trust me you will like it and this is not that easy to find in singapore, usually only in HK restaurants. She had a a mouth full. I saw a smile on her face. She has very similar taste in food as me. I was sure she would like it. She then said when we travel to HK, is it affordable to have it🤣🤣 yes certainly. Can be 3 times cheaper too!

Overall a very satisfying dinner to me. Not cheap! About 1/3 of the dinner last night….. but Its mama day! Once in a while i can be selfish and picked what i like. Actually i didnt….. i saw there is lamb stew in the special menu… and i also wanted to order the claypot rice. But only 3 of us, its hard to order these two…. 😫

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This culinary experience sees the union of four veteran Chinese chefs and gourmet ambassador Moses Lim to present a lineup of time-honored nostalgic Hong Kong-style Cantonese dishes that date back at least three decades. Not to be missed out on, these unique dishes will only be available from 18 May to 25 May for a limited time only. Gather your friends and family for a taste of nostalgia and decadence with the lunch and dinner set menus (starting at $88 per pax for lunch and $138 per pax for dinner).

We were honored to sample several of the dishes from the set menus, starting with the Crispy-fried Milk Custard with Pan-fried Australian Scallops stuffed with Minced Shrimps from Chef Chan Kwok. This is a popular dish back in the 70s and 80s, and you enjoy the milk custard with a sugar dip while contrasting the flavours with the savoury pan-fried scallops with minced shrimp. The second dish was perhaps the highlight of the night for us, the Double-boiled Bird’s Nest in Minced Chicken Broth with Yunnan Ham, Diced Chicken and Crabmeat by Chef Chin Hon Yin, a hearty soup that warms the soul and heart. Our next course from Chef Chung Ho Shi is the Classic Pan-fried Prawn on Toast, a classic Chinese banquet dish in the past served alongside pan-seared Japanese bell peppers stuffed with dace fish and minced Jinhua ham.

A dish from Chef Chan Hwan Kee is the Black Angus Beef Rolls stuffed with Enoki Mushrooms and topped with crisp shredded carrot, paired with deep-fried spring rolls that contains shredded yam, ham and prawn. One of the crowd pleasers was the Deep-fried Boneless Chicken Wings that is stuffed with hon shimeji mushrooms and served with a truffle sauce. A unique dish that is not commonly found nowadays are the Yuan Yang Rolls of deep-fried spare ribs in Zheng Jiang style with roasted silver hill Irish duck wrapped with cucumber, roasted chicken and rock melon for a nice balance of flavours. The last savoury dish was from Moses Lim of Steamed Rice Vermicelli with Tiger Prawn and Ikura on Egg White that features a steamed egg white custard base before we ended the meal with a sweet treat of an intricate creation of Baked Peony Flower Red Bean Pastry and Durian Glutinous Rice Ball.
✨ Min Jiang
📍 22 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore 228221
🍴 [Media Invite]

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Again the filling of Coconut is pretty well done, there's butter mixed in I believe to bring out the aroma of coconut more. However the bread was average

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The filling was pretty soft, exterior is abit dry tho and there's no crisp after sitting out for a while

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Great place for Dim Sum and Brunch

Location: Lei Garden Restaurant (Chijmes), 30 Victoria St, #01-24 CHIJMES, Singapore 187996

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Feature :
💕 Deep-fried Boneless Chicken Wings stuffed with Hon Shimeji Mushrooms and Truffle Sauce, by Chef Chan Kwok.
💕 Double-boiled Bird’s Nest in Minced Chicken Broth with Yunnan Ham, Diced Chicken and Crabmeat, by Chef Chin Hon Yin
💕 Black Angus Beef Rolls stuffed with Enoki Mushrooms with Deep Fried Shredded Yam and Prawn Spring Rolls ,by Chef Chan Kwok and Chef Chan Hwan Kwee
💕 Crispy-fried Milk Custard with Pan-fried Australian Scallops stuffed with Minced Shrimps, by Chef Chan Kwok
💕 Classic Pan-fried Prawn on Toast, Pan-Seared Japanese Bell Peppers stuffed with Dace Fish and Minced Jinhua Ham,by Chef Chung Ho Shi
💕 Yuan Yang Rolls, roasted silver hill Irish duck, roasted chicken and rock Mellon wrapped with cucumber and Deep-fried Spare Ribs in ‘Zheng Jiang’ Style,by Chef Chan Hwan Kee

Available three exquisite set menus for four, six and ten persons:
❤️dinner on 18 May: 9-course menu for 10 persons at $168 per person
❤️ lunch from 19 to 25 May: 5-course menu for 4 persons at $88 per person
❤️ lunch and dinner from 19 to 25 May: 7-course menu for 6 persons at $138 per person
9-course menu for 10 persons at $168 per person

📍Min Jiang At Goodwood Park Hotel.
Scotts Road no 22.


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Not the tongue-numbing kind of mala soup. I enjoyed eating this! Worth the try!

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