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Ordered this for a celebration and it still wow me that the food delivered was warm and tasted as good as when I had it in the restaurant. Generous lemon herby sauce and lobster that makes your bucks worth! Of course I feel the taste differ from London’s but it is as good as it can get.

Expected Damage: $33/surfer roll

Feature :
- Crispy Walnut Bread with Egg, Tobiko Caviar and Affilla Cress 
- Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese with Pumpernickel and White Loaf Sandwich 
- Fried Mozzarella Cheese Stick with Basil Tomato Coulis  
- Eggplant Onion Quiche

- Fig Raspberry Marmalade with Rose Pastry Cream Choux Pastry 
- Grapefruit Orange Confit, Citrus Yoghurt Mousse, Almond Pain de Gênes 
- Salted Caramel Cream with Pecan Maple Frangipane 
- Poached Williams Pear Compote, Lime Verbena Foam with Pear Ginger Mousse 
- Earl Grey Tea Ganache and Mandarin Orange Candied Chocolate Praline

- Classic English 
- Spiced Maple Oat 
Served with Homemade Fig Raspberry Jam, Apricot Jam and Clotted Cream

My favourite from savoury will be Crispy Walnut Bread with Egg, Tobiko Caviar and Affilla Cress and Eggplant Onion Quiche.
And from sweet will be Poached Williams Pear Compote, Lime Verbena Foam with Pear Ginger Mousse.

Available on 2 seating daily:
💕Monday to Friday
💰55.00++ per adult
💕Weekends and PH
💰60.00++ per adult.
All Inclusive of two beverages of fine loose-leaf tea or coffee, unlimited ice cream and scones

With Top-up option of :
💰$14++ per glass of non-alcoholic Copenhagen Sparkling Tea
💰$16++ per glass of alcoholic Copenhagen Sparkling Tea
💰$16++ per glass of Heritage TWG-Infused Cocktail
💰$22++ per glass of Taittinger Brut Champagne

📍The Lobby Lounge.
Level 1, InterContinental Singapore.
80 Middle Road.
Singapore 188966

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💕Poached Rice with Assorted Seafood Shrimp Broth Served with Crispy Brown Rice.
The shrimp broth was umami and rich , served with assorted seafood and crispy brown rice for crunchiness.
💕 Doubled-boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw, Bamboo Fungus & Matsutake Mushroom served in Coconut.
Light, balanced flavour nourishing soup served with fish maw, bamboo fungus and matsutake mushroom.

For more information can visit https://www.yi-restaurant.com.sg/

📍藝 yì by Jereme Leung.
Raffles Hotel, 328 North Bridge Road, #03-02, Raffles Arcade, Singapore 188719

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This may be a BBQ place but boy do they serve a mean jajangmyeon. I don't like fatty cuts but guess what, the meat they used was LEAN!!! It made way for potato & onion to be added to the black bean sauce, adding a new depth of textures I've never had in a jajangmyeon. Also comes with adequate portions of banchan at the side. Nondescript store and pretty empty on a weekday dinnertime. At $14 this is a certified STEAL.


Parma Ham Galette (S$21++)
Actually wanted Keema Curry but unavailable.

White (S$5.50++/ 5oz)

Their signature Fire Bu Jian Tian Char Siew ($21.80) is a recipe perfected over the years, made using the “bu jian tian” cut of the meat that has a good ratio of fats to lean meat. When served, the meat is enhanced with the sweetness and flavour by the torched mixture of brandy and lemon extract. Additionally, you can pair your noodle or rice with the Triple Roast Meat Platter ($21.80), which you can get a combination of their Firewood Roasted Duck, Crispy Pork Belly and Char Siew.

In addition to their roast meats, they have an extensive menu of zichar dishes that we have sampled, including the Signature Beancurd ($13.80) which comes bubbling in a claypot, filled with ingredients such as mushrooms, carrots, snow pea and roasted pork. For a balanced meal, the Trio Egg Spinach ($13.80) is a great complement together with the Salted Egg Prawns ($18.80) that is always a great addition to the meal.
✨ Roasted Story
📍 264 Middle Road, Unit 01-01, Singapore 188990
🌐 https://www.roastedstory.com/
🍴 [Media Invite]

First time coming here but bad experience. Staff did not even inform us about food wastage prior. Poor service, food was so so. Unhygienic as we were told to reuse the bowls for picking our food items. No tissue was provided. Generally an unpleasant experience for first timers. Do not recommend.

Read plenty of good reviews on this place, but have always been skeptical of this due to how dry and ordinary the pork chops look in all those reviews.

But I was so wrong. The Pork chop was very good. It was crispy, it was flavourful, it was tender.

The fried rice was served with coleslaw and a sunny side up. Auntie was generous enough to give me a spoon of mixed vegetables as she was low on coleslaw.

Fried rice was fairly ordinary, like something my army canteen cook up.

But the star or the show is definitely the pork chop.

I will return again to try their chicken chop and fish, read many good reviews on them as well.

Supreme Pork Chop Rice has been operating since 1991, so surely their food won't go wrong.

Cheap, filling and affordable.


@yirestaurant Doubled-boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw, Banboo Fungus & Matsutake Mushroom served in Coconut ($48.00++) This is nourishing and heart warming, I even finish up all the coconut fresh

Visit https://www.yi-restaurant.com.sg/ for more info.

Location: 藝 yì by Jereme Leung, Raffles Hotel, 328 North Bridge Road, #03-02, Raffles Arcade, Singapore 188719

Tom’s Palette Anniversary Special
Yuan Yang (black tea and coffee) gelato packed with brown sugat moch; sprinkled with cacao nibs and coated with 56% dark chocolate