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Went to The Maha Co. for lunch recently and ordered their lunch set of Crispy Chicken Taco with a mango slushie ($12.90), Nachos with Guac ($10.90?), and their Crispy Wings ($12.90?)!😇

Overall ratings 4/10!😅 Maybe im not used to eating Indian & Mexican due to the Dosa that replaced the taco shell... wings were not bad but do not think id head back🤧

It took me a few years but here I am. I love grilled cheese and just had to try this. Although they used sourdough, I quite enjoyed it. The cheeses included Monterey Jack, provolone and sharp cheddar.

it’s a deep fried wrap over rice. v satisfying and i loved the crunch

would particularly recommend:
- beer-battered fish tacos
- chipotle chicken quesadillas
- la tropicana mocktail

Came here for their $3 Taco Tuesday promotion and they really given generous serving.

Had the steak, pork, beef tongue, fish & shrimp and I like the beef tongue the most. Delicious

It took me a few years but here I am. This and most things here are shiok. They really set themselves one rung above mainstream Tex-Mex joints.

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It took me a few years but here I am. Most impressive tenders I've eaten lol. They were juicy, crispy, large and flavourful.

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It took me a few years but here I am. Tiny but you get what you pay for haha. It's just one after all. Taste-wise it's fine.

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The Madman and Co is the premier destination for Mexican culinary delights; in fact, their unique blend of flavours and exceptional selection of ingredients will transport you right to the vibrant streets of Mexico! Their mission is to offer a diverse range of high-quality dishes that represent the very essence of Mexican cuisine—from traditional plates to the finest products such as Wagyu and caviar, there’s always something for everyone here in this cultural hub.

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Braised slow-cooked oxtail and brisket, stuffed between tortillas held together by melted cheese, with birria broth

This fared better than the steak tacos, the braised oxtail and brisket were moist and tasty, I liked that there was cheese which added flavour. They were served piping hot. I wished there was a crisp element, it would have been even better. The birria broth was rly spicy, I didn’t have much bc it was rly oily.

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Flame grilled skirt steak, refried beans, red cabbage, raw onion, chipotle mayonnaise, salsa roja, cheese, cilantro, corn tortilla

Pretty decent, flavours were nice, I especially liked the refried beans that were blended into a purée. But I wasn’t a fan of the steak cubes, which were a bit chewy, I prefer a nice clean tender bite rather than having that raw-ish chewiness. Overall, it’s a “can come to redeem the burpple deal”. While there’s nothing bad I found it just average.

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