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Can’t go wrong w huevos! The chicken tacos is tender yet flavourful whereas the fish tacos gives a tangy sweet taste tgt w the mango spicy sauce (highly recommend by bf)!

Food 4/5
Ambience 3/5
Service 3.9/5
Price point 3.9/5

Mild tasting cocktail that had a combination of citrusy notes and a light touch of vanilla. The vanilla helped to give a very creamy undertone, and the passionfruit taste was very refreshing!


Sangria that’s meant to be boozy with Prosecco and tequila. Funnily enough I could not actually taste much of the alcohol probably because of the pleasant fruitiness from the yuzu, apple and white peach, but it still packed a decent alcoholic punch!


Expected more flavour from the spice-rubbed chicken in the quesadillas but it turned out to be pretty mild. Instead, the coriander mayo sauce was more apparent, alongside the tangy salsa and creamy guacamole. These flavours were well appreciated, but I definitely would have appreciated stronger flavours from the chicken and slightly more cheesiness.


Spicy pork chorizo and braised beef brisket in between a soft corn tortilla. A tinge of spiciness and tanginess from the combination of chipotle and red onion salsa. Personally, it felt more appetising than delicious, perhaps also because of the portion size. I’d recommend getting at least two tacos if you’re looking for a full meal (and with that get two different flavours as well for variety)!


Fried chicken rings doused in spicy sauce which had a slight sweetness and tanginess to it, Because it is simply so saucy, you can’t really get the crispness out of it. But if you’re able to, the chicken wings here are a pretty decent option for an appetiser! The spiciness really packs a punch so beware if you are unable to hold your spice.


$80 for a set meal for 2 on burpple - decent food but portions were seriously so pathetic and awkward. Supposedly a meal for 2 but they gave 3 hot wings. Were my partner and I suppose to have 1.5 hot wing each? Or battle it out with our clanky utensils for the final piece? Think it wouldn’t hurt to have increased their portion sizes by a little, to fill two bellies.

We had to peck at our dessert (which came in one portion to be shared) because the portion of cake was smaller than the teaspoon they provided us with (look at photo attached for size reference). Wouldn’t be an issue if the price wasn’t so steep but for 80 bucks, I expected a whole lot more. Don’t think they should have compromised on size just because Burpple Beyond was used, because hey, we paid for the subscription too! Went for a second dinner elsewhere because this was hardly a meal………..

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Interesting concept. Roast pork Is tasty and crunchy! Complements the thosai.

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Located at Dempsey Hill, CANCHITA is set in a cosy dining environment to have a nice meal over meaningful conversations. As we were there during the Father’s Day weekend, the restaurant had a trio of specials, which we got the Chicharron De Pollo ($28), a plated dish of crispy marinated chicken in Peruvian style served with dollops of achiote mayo that brings a slight tinge of spicy kick, baby corn salad and avocado puree to lend a nice richness and creaminess to the overall mouthfeel.

When you are eating Peruvian food, you must get one of their ceviche that are made with their version of “tiger’s milk” aka leche de tigre – a citrus-based marinate with Peruvian chillies, aromatics and fish stock that lightly cures the raw fish. The Ceviche Clasico ($26) is made with market fish, white tiger’s milk, lots of red onions and served with sweet potato puree and purple corn tortilla chips to scoop up all the goodness. Another stunning dish that you should not miss out on is the Arroz con Mariscos ($34), a Peruvian rice dish of langoustine, prawn, calamari, and fish cooked in Peruvian panca chilli, tomatoes, crab butter and with a dash of white wine. The hero of the dish is unexpectedly the rice as each spoonful brings an umami-laden seafood flavour that has been absorbed by the rice grains during the cooking. An excellent choice in the menu and something that I will order again the next time I am here.
✨ CANCHITA Peruvian Cuisine
📍 9A Dempsey Road, Unit 01-01, Singapore 247698
🌐 https://canchitaperuvianrestaurant.oddle.me/en_SG/

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As tacos are not sufficiently filling for us, we decided to order burritos and The Gringo caught our eyes due to its unique name! This dish is a chicken-based tortilla wrap with marinated chicken, cilantro rice, black beans, pico de Gallo and cheese! The chicken was slightly spicy and added some flavour to the burrito and we liked it! However, the flavour of the chicken and black beans basically overwhelmed the tastes of the other items, as we did not taste any cheese in the wrap.

We also liked the fact that the burritos here were wrapped very tightly and served in a separate paper wrap, which made the dish really convenient to eat. Conversely, we would have created a huge mess out of the burritos served at many other restaurants!

The serving size was pretty generous, however, and we were completely full after finish the burrito. It was way more filling than it looks! The burrito costs $15++, which is pretty standard for restaurant-grade Mexican fare in Singapore and you can be sure that you will get a food coma from this. 😁

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We wanted to try out Papi's Tacos as we heard good reviews about their Mexican food! Indeed, the restaurant was fully booked even on a Monday evening and we could only dine for 90 minutes. Hence, be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

For starters, we ordered tortilla chips that came with a guacamole dip. The tortilla chips were decent, but we felt that the avocado post tasted pretty uneven - some parts were almost tasteless whereas other parts were a little too salty!

Nonetheless, it was a pretty decent dish for sharing amongst 2 to 3 pax and it was priced very reasonably at $8++ as well!

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Esquites ($8), Elotes ($8), and Corn chips ($5) 🌽

Had the esquites and really liked how the flavours of sweet, spice and tartness came together. My friends enjoyed the elotes too! Very good start to lunch at Super Loco!

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