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Looking for fuss-free Japanese food? DingYang Bistro Bar is the place to be! Their most popular rice bowls include the Crispy Tofu Rice Bowl (comes in a $12 Set Meal) and the Chicken Katsu Rice bowl, both of which go splendidly with their sake and draught beer selection.

Had the Rib Eye Steak and Lamb Shank with Burpple promo. Asked for a medium steak, got a medium well, it tasted good but it was too done to my liking. The lamb shank is good, but the meat around the bone is still tough and hard to bite, left some meat uneaten because of that. The chicken wings and drumlets are nice.
Chef kept ringing the kitchen bell multiple times for every dish, was very disturbing for us who were seated beside the kitchen. One kind server asked the chef to chill 😄
Total bill was around $90 before burpple discount, $56 after. I wouldn't say that it's worth it if there's no discount.

highly recommend!!!! was $11.65 for 2 bowls... dude 😭 and the dishes are not bad so def shld try. we didnt want the pork/beef slices (can change to shredded chicken pieces, they were v generous w it

got the
- tomato soup w braised beef noodle 7/10 🍅
personally did not rlly like the soup, tasted a lil weird but can give it a try if u looove tomato

- marinated beef shank noodle w mushroom sauce 9/10🍄
rlly liked this! their noodles (both shld be same) were chewy and just nice. this was v fragrant w the mushroom pieces mixed into it! wld recommend this but okay i think could be a lil better (idk what HAHAH lacking smth imo)

Came by on a Monday night and was shown to the 'outdoor' area with a view of the fountain area - very dreamy albeit a little dark and too close to the next table. Had the Argentinian Prawn Pasta ($26) with fresh and juicy prawns on a light pomodoro sauce pasta, and the Arroz con Cangrejo ($26) which had rich squid ink risotto but was let down by the soft shell crab which felt like it was left out in the open for too long.

Having jap food in a bar. Worth it with burpple as you can order anything in the menu that is above 8 bucks for the complimentary dish. The beef was fried with garlic that makes it really fragrant.

Started the meal with the mains because why not? The mentaiko pasta ($15) was so damn umami and wasn't as creavy-heavy as I was worried it would be. Do avoid clumping the shredded seafood when mixing as they lent a briney pop to the bite. Next, the Unagi Fried Rice ($11) was wonderfully sweet and charred, with the piece of Unagi being very nicely grilled. Ate them separately but might follow others' recc to mix everything together next time. Following the carbs, our sides came; started with the Fried Corn ($6) which was SERIOUSLY GOOD like each individual kernel was battered and deep-fried so it's sweet and crispy, and when paired with the accompanying sauces (some mayo+tobiiko hybrid and a Miso tartar?) it is seriously legit. Great to pair with drinks! The Ox Tongue ($12) came last and while good, wasn't as spectacular as I expected it to be. Overall, it was a good meal and will come back for happy hour.

Excited to know they have opened this other outlet and I'm even more impressed with the food here! We had a variety of food to share including pastas, mains and some sides.

We got the Pesto Chicken Pizza ($20) and the Spanish Chorizo & Jamon Iberico Ham Pizza ($25) and I loved how the crust were not so thick, but really absolutely delicious. The outside is crispy and the inside is chewy. The Pesto Chicken had a generous amount of fresh Pesto sauce, giving this pizza a good earthy flavour. The Jamon Iberico Ham on the other really gave the pizza earthy smoky yet rich flavours and I'm really in love with this one!

Although the Honey Glazed Pork Ribs ($29) weren't the most tender, but they still fell off the bone pretty easily and full of savoury smoky flavours! Glad that they were meaty as well and had enough to go around. The wedges were legendary, as they were so crispy on the outside and so creamy on the inside.

The Atlantic Salmon ($25) came with some beautiful creamy mash, that is flavourful as well. Salmon itself is quite a huge piece, very fresh and definitely cooked just right. I love how they managed to make the skin really crispy!

The 2 sides we ordered, Shoestring Fries ($6) and Tater Tots ($6) came in generous portions, and they were very well fried and so addictive! Definitely good sharing portions.

So glad the dishes except the sides were 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond and definitely will be back!

This place is pretty enterprising, featuring the trademarks of diff places in Japan. Had to try their new hakata black curry which comes with a tinge of spice, and best paired with aburi. while a slight pity that their Hamburg wasn't avail, the pork loin was a treat with how thick and chewy it is. This place deserves more support for sure

The Salmon (Aburi) Mentaiko Donburi ($15) was satisfying too with their own mentai sauce slathered over the slices. Embellished with briny ikura and tobiko, the rice bowl was not overly seasoned (saltish) and rather well-balanced. Although the slices were thin, they were fresh-tasting and were cooked perfectly - almost melts in the mouth. The sauce had a good flavour, not too jelat, and got a nice smoky boost from the torching as well.

Thank you @gyunamisg and @burpple for the invite!

A decent spot for a quick and fuss-free meal in town, Gyu Nami is on #Burpplebeyond with 2 donburis going at $25! Known for their wagyu beef dons, they also serve a handful of mains and sides on their compact menu.

Done to a lovely medium rare, the signature Roasted Wagyu Beef Donburi ($15) was a pretty sight with a runny yolk at the very top and a generous pour of their housemade yoghurt sauce. The peppered Australian wagyu slices were lean and soft; with a mild beefy flavour. Hence, the bulk of the flavour came from the light yoghurt sauce and the sweet-savoury sauce found drizzled on the rice. I especially enjoyed dipping into and mixing the egg with the beef.

Thank you @gyunamisg and @burpple for the invite!

This piece of salmon doesn’t look like much, but boy was it TASTY. Literally one of the best salmons I’ve eaten, so juicy and fatty. It literally melts in your mouth.

And grilling it on cedar wood gives it such a nice smoky flavour to it.