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Visited Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat @ 20 Cross Street for a Saturday Lunch with a total of 8 pax and ordered (1) Big Hotpot (Spicy Mala Soup + Herbal Soup), (2) Big Hotpot (Pure Tomato Soup + Spicy Mala Soup), (3) Sliced Beef, (4) Sliced Mutton, (5) Sliced Lean Pork, (6) Pig's Liver, (7) Hog's Skin, (8) Scallop, (9) Mussel, (10) Sliced Raw Fish, (11) Lobster Ball, (12) Salmon Fish Ball, (13) Crabmeat Stick, (14) Enoki Mushroom, (15) Sliced Special Beef, (16) Rice, (17) Pumpkin Puree, (18) You Mai Cai, (19) Sliced Lotus Root, (20) Xiao Long Bao, (21) Raw Egg, (22) Ice Plain Water, (23) Hot Chinese Tea, (24) Cuttlefish, (25) Cheese Seafood Tofu, (26) Bean Curd Skin, and (27) Quail Egg.

Ambience: 10/10 (for a lunch with a large group of friends of <=10 pax)
Guo Fu is the perfect spot if you are meeting with a large group of friends of not more than 10 people because the place does have the capability to allow all of you to be sat together side-by-side. However, to be certain that you will definitely be able to get that 8 to 10 seater tables, do make sure that you make a reservation before heading to the restaurant. What makes the place even better is that when you are with a large group of friends, there is no doubt that you will likely have the tendency to get a little too loud - but this place is able to accommodate for that. You are also able to make special request as needed such as requesting for a Quiet Seat, Window Seat, Baby Carrier, Stroller, Assistance, etc, which really shows how much thought has been put into making their guest as comfortable as possible. The restaurant is also very big, with more than sufficient personal space at your seats, so it doesn't feel like you are cramping with 9 other people even if you drop by in a group of 10 people.

Service: 9/10
Very commendable attempt in terms of their customer service. Within each table, you place your order via your own mobile phone using the QR code that they have provided - note that only 1 phone is allowed to send the order even if you scan the QR code using 9 phones. The kitchen accepts the order within seconds and will try to deliver the food to you as soon as they can. The Lady Boss will also come around to check on your table and make sure that you are having a great time eating, to ask if there's any feedbacks be it negative or positive, and to ensure that everything is going well. A friend of mine feedback to the Lady Boss that the portable air cooler wasn't really working and immediately she got her staff to check on not just the identified faulty air cooler, but also the other portable air coolers in the vicinity. Impeccable service. My only small complain is that the kitchen does have the tendency to miss out an item or two in between your orders which can be a little bit frustrating.

Flavour: 8/10
All the ingredients that my friends and I ordered - we feel were very fresh and high quality, especially for the Beef, Pork, Mutton, and Sliced Raw Fish. The soup bases were very flavourful as well, but if you can't take spice well, I would not recommend their spicy soup base because it really does have a kick. The famed free-flow Xiao Long Bao did not disappoint as well and the free-flow Pumpkin Puree acted as a great substitute for drinks if you are not looking to pay extra for the normal drinks. The best part is there is a sauce bar filled with an extensive range of condiments and sauces which you can mix and match by yourself to enhance the flavour of your food.

Overall, we paid a total of $325 for a total of 8 pax and while the damage might have been on the higher-end on the price scale for a hotpot, but for the impeccable service and quality ingredient, I thought it was really worth it.

The food and ambience was great. I truly enjoyed the Kimchi tuna riceball. It was an experience to roll them into cute shapes and taste the mixture of flavours from it. I would also recommend the spicy chicken stew and go for it again. The portion was huge and they were generous with their tender chicken pieces. The food was delicious and great!
The place also had the really chill and cool atmostphere

Would definitely return. :)

Portions were quite generous; slabs of tender smoky meat with decent thickness. The meat wasnt dry either and retained some juciness. Priced at approx $9.
Rating 6.8/10

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Probably the third or fourth time here, although it's been a while since my last visit. I don't recall seeing them offering unagi previously, so we gave it a try. The unagi was pretty good, and could compete with some of the common restaurant chains out there. The rice however was somewhat dry and not quite the quality one would expect from japanese bowls. Still decent for the price of $12.90 Rating 6.7/10

The place has renovated its interior and reduced it's menu items. The prices have also increased since a year ago, but I guess it's still reasonable given the portions and inflationary circumstances.

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Had a great casual dinner here with my colleague! I really enjoyed the spicy chicken stew and the kimchi tuna rice ball the most - they tasted really comforting and homely without being too overpowering. Would come back again! :)

The small and big bowl goes for $4.70 and $6.70 respectively. The ingredients are way more than normal! The soup base was also on the sweeter side, not peppery, which was a refreshing take, perfect for supper on a cold night.

Read more at: kopiwaffles.com/cheng-mun-chee-kee-pig-organ-soup-supper/#

The curry chicken hor fun is fragrant and flavourful but not very spicy. It turned out surprisingly good although the chewy hor fun is plain without wok-hei, it managed to capture the curry flavour well. Quite an innovative and unique dish to try if you want something different from the usual hor fun 》$6/small

I previously had this years ago when they were in Clementi and it was by chance that I saw them in a coffee shop near my vicinity. No doubt the first thing that came to my mind that I have to order was their claypot mee tai bak which I missed over the years.

The claypot mee tai bak comes with prawns, minced meat, kai lan and a raw egg in a hot bubbling brown and thick gravy. The savoury gravy is infused with an aromatic wok-hei that is thick but not overly starchy with some garlicky notes. The addition of a cracked raw egg added more texture to the gravy and the silver needle noodles were springy, smooth and slippery that it just slipped down the throat. I also like the use of chopped kai lan that gives more crunch to the dish. My belly is happy now 😁 》$5/small

These prawn rolls were crispy with crunchy water chestnuts but I feel that it would be better if it was more moist and tender on the inside. The plum dipping sauce was on the sweet side 》$10/small

This is one interesting take on Yong tau foo, because you can get their signature minced meat noodles as the carbs! I got 6 ingredients with the noodles ($6.50) which was indeed pretty filling. One thing I do appreciate is that they seperate the fried ingredients and the boiled ones!

The minced meat noodles were savoury and has loads of umami flavour with a good bite to it. The minced meat were also very flavourful.

You can tell the ingredients were hand stuffed, as the fish paste is definitely nicer than commercial ones. The soup has a strong soy bean taste too! Although a little more expensive than other yong tau foo stalls, it is definitely a quality one. Will be back!

came here for date night because i was craving for great korean food and i wasn't disappointed !! my partner ordered the beef stew and even though i wasn't a fan of spicy food, i still couldn't resist stealing bits and pieces from him because it was that delicious HAHA for myself, i ordered the beef bulgogi and it was such a generous serving. the meat was tender and the sauce was so savoury. we finished off with a melon yogurt drink which was the right amount of sweet :)) even though the place was crowded when we were there, the staff provided really good service to us too

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