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First time coming here but bad experience. Staff did not even inform us about food wastage prior. Poor service, food was so so. Unhygienic as we were told to reuse the bowls for picking our food items. No tissue was provided. Generally an unpleasant experience for first timers. Do not recommend.

We recently gladly welcome an additional “pair of chopsticks” at family meals for a lack better way to put it - go figure. And I thought it should be a good way to share a meal here at Offshore, where we could all get our stomachs filled with the seafood bucket on burpplebeyond.
You get to choose how the sauces you want your seafood to be done in. We got the cream seaweed and korean gochujang sauces, the former was quite a tastily ingenious option while the latter was lacklustre. I was right about the filled stomachs when we finished most of the 1 for 1 seafood buckets and enjoyed the free flow cooked food that came complimentary with the meal.
Mum said the seafood here was fresh and I thought this was a great place for the hungry and big eaters with “free flow”; while getting a crustacean meal that balanced between affordability and quality.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant @singaporemarriott unveils NEW a la carte menu featuring elevated Cantonese Classics

Highlight include the *NEW* Roasted Spanish Suckling Pig wrapped with Wok-fried Glutinous Rice and Chinese Sausage ($508++) Roasted to perfection, crunchy, crackling skin stuff with moist & flavourful glutinous rice.

Location: Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238865

Good variety and choice. Sashimi, chawamushi and beef steak slices were pretty good
Although service was slow, decent and value for money buffet.

Back by popular demand, the Sri Lankan Crab Menu at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant feature 11 dishes ranging from an exquisite selection of dim sums and a la carte specialties available from 1 Sept to 31 Oct 2022.

One of my fav is the Braised Bird’s Nest with Crab Claw & Watercress Superior Stock ($68++ per person) Refreshingly light watercress broth served with generous amount bird nest and delicately sweet Crab Claw.

Location: Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238865

food was alright. we liked the shishamo fish, beef shortplate & kimchi pork jowl the most!! service tho🫠🫠

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A rather good traditional Korean bbq restaurant that uses 100% charcoal. I went for the buffet which came with a free flow of banchan, lettuce and egg. The buffet options are limited to meat dishes only with choices such as marinated beef, beef brisket (limited to 150g/pax), marinated chicken in soy sauce, marinated chicken in chilli sauce and marinated/non-marinated pork belly and pork collar. They are also quite strict with the 90 mins buffet policy to make space for other patrons.

The meat came in thick-cut slices and was well marinated. My dining companions incl myself all preferred the marinated range of meat. It grills well over charcoal with a nice smoky flavour. They also change the grill plate frequently (without asking) to ensure we get clean and non-charred plates to enjoy bbq our meat. I feel the buffet price is worth the quality of meat but if you are looking for premium quality then maybe you can consider going ala-carte.

We also ordered a kimchi pancake separately to share and I would totally recommend this to anyone who is considering getting one 👍

90 Mins Buffet 》$29.90 / Adult

Served with coconut ice-cream and drizzled with gula melaka sauce

Duck fillet in rendang gravy, served with thick bread toast

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Operating this restaurant is a Korean family that do give very homely service, and I must say their food is really homely tasting too!

Don't be surprised to come in the restaurant without a menu, as the family decides on the menu for you. Their lunch set ($17.90 but varies) comes with about 9 side dishes with soup and rice and all of them were pretty delicious! Don't expect their food to be incredibly flavourful, as they were not oily nor too salty, making them taste like home cooked food.

Fruits and waffles were also served after the meal and I was so surprised to know that their waffles were mochi waffles! Really satisfying with the crispy exterior and chewy interior. Definitely recommended to those who are around the area!