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🥤Yaxi Perfume Lemon Tea ($7.50)
A really interesting drink, it is super refreshing with a strong lemon flavour, but also a hint of herbal-ness. Though it was something new, I found myself really liking this.

🧉White Moonlight Coconut Perfume Lemon Tea ($7.50)
Very similar to the above drink, just that it is milkier with a coconut aroma. Dont expect a coconut shake because its pretty liquidy, never expected coconut and lemon to pair but it works!

🍉Watermelon Snow Ice ($18.30)
When we were served this, we thought that this was a cake at first :p but nope its actually bingsu! Love the cute and unique presentation and the flavours definitely hit the spot too. The watermelon flavours are pretty prominent and the dessert as a whole isnt too sweet.

🥞Honey Souffle ($21.50)
I was blown away by this pancake as it was super light and fluffy with a moist, melt-in-the-mouth texture. The pancake has a slightly eggy taste and pairs perfectly with the syrup and berries. The syrup is quite sweet though so just a little is enough to elevate the flavours!

Overscoop has opened a new outlet in Orchard Central! Nestled on the 2nd floor, this beautifully decorated cafe comes with spacious tables and comfortable seating to chill and catch up with friends. Though they’re mostly know for their ice cream and waffles, they also offer acai bowls and salad bowls 🍦

We tried their Mochi Waffle ($8) with Cookies & Cream ($5) ice cream, plus their Teriyaki Overbowl ($12.80). The mochi waffles were really exceptional, the centre of the waffle contained a really stretchy and gooey white mochi while the rest of the waffle was crispy. The textural contrasts were just A+ and I really liked how their mochi waffle contained actual mochi and wasn’t just made with glutinous rice flour. Cookies & Cream ice cream was really nice too! It was creamy with generous bits of chewy crushed cookies. Suuuper good.

We weren’t that impressed with the Teriyaki Overbowl unfortunately, the portions were very small in relation to the price and it wasn’t very filling. I did enjoy how healthy it was, both in taste and in ingredients, but it wasn’t nearly hearty enough to justify its steep price.

Would definitely return for their waffles and ice cream, I think that’s what they’re known for too so its better to stick to that.

$16 for waffles, 2 scoops of ice cream and 2 toppings

I would prefer a fluffier waffle

Coffee bombs are the best. Those friends who ate it love it 💪💪💪

I have been to @theshelterroot before for their quality coffee, and I'm glad that I've tried their gelato this time as well!

The Ocean Grey ($6.50) may look gimmicky to some, but if you like your earl grey, this is a flavour you should get. The earl grey flavour is strong yet not overboard, and it doesn't have this strong artificial floral scent. The milk base of the gelato is also good, giving a good richness to the earl grey flavour.

The Matcha ($.5.50) was really strong, almost too strong in my opinion. It can get quite bitter towards the end, but as a matcha lover, this is definitely not a problem to me! We were surprised to find little mochi bits within the gelato which added great texture to the ice cream!

For both gelato flavours they gave a generous scoop as well. Definitely recommend if you are around the area 😍

This unique dish was fantastic, so delicious.
Features large boneless fillets of barramundi fish, coated in the house shrimp paste, then deep-fried. It's crispy outside and tender flaky inside, with a gentle savoury sweet flavour.
Plated with crisp shallots and juicy pomelo chunks, which lend vegetal fruity sweet sour flavour.
The dish is generously served with a bright gravy, infused with pomelo and mango juice and red chili, lending a sharp fruity sweet sour spice kick. Among our favourite dishes here.
Zing By Xi Yan
More details:

The taro was goodddd it wasn’t sweet, tasted natural like taro, and I’ll definitely try it again. Though it’s on the expensive side and portion isn’t the biggest, it’s taste is quality and definitely worth a drink.

I genuinely enjoy the yoghurt drinks as they are made from real yoghurt and not sweet at all! I enjoy their purple rice yoghurt the best although this time I tried the Taro one. It was really good too. Though it’s a bit expensive