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Recommended lists of Ice Cream & Yoghurt in Singapore
Best Ice Cream, Froyo & Gelato in Singapore
Ice Cream & Yoghurt, Burpple Guides Best Ice Cream, Froyo & Gelato in Singapore Because it's perpetually summer in our little island, our friends Ice Cream, Froyo and Gelato are always on our mind. Come rain or shine, here are 20 places to get a brain freeze — from Japanese parfaits to yoghurt popsicles to coconut gelato and much much more! Lick away, Burpplers!

Top 10 Places for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

Top 10 places for Ice Cream & Yoghurt

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Ice Cream & Yoghurt
Koicha Soft Serve [$6.90]

Back (yet again) for this week's mystery flavour at Matchaya - Koicha. Although it physically resembles the Matcha soft serve, this cup of Koicha packed a more intense bitterness which I really liked! Props to them for adding Matcha powder in between the swirls as well. It was creamy but I wasn't that big a fan of the thicker and stickier than usual texture.

Mac And Cheese


Fav fav favvvv. Love it but I can't finish my bowl because half way thru I felt lethargic. Bought it as side though

Strawberry Shortcake 🍓($5.80)

Ohhhh, their cakes are made in-house too (except the lava cakes). After having their waffles for lunch (lol), wanted something lighter so I went for this!

Light, fluffy and reasonably priced, I'd say it's a pretty good option if you like strawberry shortcakes. A thin layer of strawberries in the middle and a huge one on top was definitely appreciated. (This was dabaoed home 🏡)

Skillet PB Cookie ($15)

Ever since I had my first skillet cookie at Fynn's, I've been on the lookout for more and I'm glad to have found this at Kara Cafe & Dessert Bar. It's a REALLY big cookie base so best to share with three or more friends. Love how intense the peanut butter taste is in the cookie, and the salted speculoos ice cream is creamy, milky and silky — in short, amazing. #Burpproved

Okonomiyaki Truffle Tots ($12)

I love tater tots. I love okonomiyaki. Bam! What's not to like about this appetizer?

Great as a snack after class and I love how generous they are with the tater tots. Yummos. #Burpproved

Pork Belly Miso ($16)

I love me a good pork belly. These pork belly slices are oh-so-tender and juicy — love it! There's an option to have the grain bowl with Garlic Japanese Rice or Quinoa Salad, and I went for Garlic Japanese Rice (no ragrets). The grain bowl also comes with a refreshing cucumber salad, miso cream (best to mix it in) and an egg. #Burpproved

Taro Ice Cream Puff ($3.90)
Great crispy puff sandwiching a fat scoop of taro ice cream.

While both the ice cream flavours & taste remind me of the ones we can easily get from our local mobile ice cream vendors or those giant Mangnolia/King's tubs from supermarkets, I give my stars to their perfect outer layer crust with fragrant buttery aroma. After all this was just a few dollars mark up from our childhood guilty pleasure. & Best of all? Taking a shot against their LED display here can help me fool my gullible friends that I'm in Japan.

Classic Waffle With Ice Cream ($6, $3/$4 Per Scoop)

New little joint just opened, nestled in a quiet part of Tampines and they're serving up some legit ice cream made in-house.

Got the waffles with their Drunken Raisins and Kris Grey (their own earl grey recipe, steeping Ette brand tea leaves in milk for long, goooood soak). The Drunken Raisins packed a punch! While the ice cream itself was relatively mild, the raisins were devilishly potent – a result of soaking them in alcohol for over a month (though I wished there were more)! Kris Grey was very well balanced with really nice aromatics that you'd expect from earl grey ice cream. But what I loved was how smooth all the ice creams were. They might not have the craziest concoctions, but the ice creams are sure to satisfy any dessert cravings.

Oh yea, their waffles were good too. Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. 😂

Flat White ☕️($4.50)

Using Santino beans, the cuppa I had wasn't the most exciting. Felt thin and milky but still serviceable if you just feel like satisfying your coffee addiction.

Haha, might have been like that cause I got the trainee staff but don't worry, you're here for the delectably smooth ice creams anyway. 😛

On for cafe adventure this morning!

Love how creamy the ice cream🍦 was & the fluffiness + crispiness of the #charcoal #waffles. Ice cream flavours-Apiary (has coco bits in it) and Caramelized strawberry 🍓. The latter is not that sour as it is caramelized.
SGD $14 🍽💸 Address: 84 Neil Road (Near Outram Park MRT)
#apiary #sunday #21may17 #burpple

Homemade ice cream can only mean one thing - a surprise with every visit!

They've got over 40 flavors!

This Despicable flavor blew me away with its rich banana flavor studded with brownie crumble. 😍 might just be my new favorite ice cream hunt.

Surprisingly Good Affogato!

My family ate less for our main lunch to save space for desserts 😂😂 We had waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream (Pistachio and Apple Sourcream)- SGD13 and Affogato with Vanilla Cookies and Cream- SGD7. Though the ice cream is of good quality, I found the ice cream flavours to be pretty average. My siblings and I had a hard time deciding on what flavours to choose for our waffles because we didn't particularly like any that much. Lo and behold, the waffles with maple syrup turned out to be really great though! Too bad it was a pretty small piece of waffles with way too much ice cream actually. The Affogato definitely deserves a mention and credits though! Normally cafes serve Affogato with just espresso and one scoop of store bought vanilla ice cream. For this, you can choose any one scoop of ice cream and it comes with whipped cream as well as some salty nibbles. The bitter coffee and sweet ice cream complemented each other really well and tasted heavenly together 😋😋 Though the coffee could have been stronger and more bitter.