Desserts my fave meal of the day

Desserts my fave meal of the day

Featuring Nesuto (Tras St), Hvala (CHIJMES), Tom's Palette (Middle Road), The Tiramisu Hero, Apiary (Neil Road), Nana's Green Tea (Plaza Singapura), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), The Glasshouse (CHIJMES), The Daily Scoop (Holland Village), Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (Jewel Changi Airport)
Darren Teo
Darren Teo

$5.20 for the regular cup but the portion is actually not that little. We chose the Kochi Yuzu and Granny's favourite - both of which were their Signature flavours. Taste and texture were on point and there is really nothing to complain about at all. Lovely experience in a cosy air-conditioned environment with power plugs almost everywhere. Will definitely return for their seasonal flavours.

Came by about 10min before their closing and they were still willing to serve us, but had to vacate the shop then. Service was really fast and our Hot Girl Summer ($10.20 for M) came in about 2 minutes. Presentation was really pretty and I enjoyed the pairing of cookie butter with the fruits, though perhaps I would go for the more unique toppings the next time. Overall, really filling and delicious.

Shared the Mango Ice ($12.80) and the Soursop Ice w/ Lychee ($15.80). Mango ice (pictured) was huuuuuuuge but overall it was pretty lacklustre...just sweet-tasting with a hint of mango from the syrup and ice cream/soft serve. In contrast, the soursop ice was damn good!! Just get the normal soursop ice without any topping, it's so cold and refreshing and tart and perfect for SG weather.

Set for 1 ($12) included a slice of cake as well as a drink. Chose the Mille Feuille - how do you even pronounce this? - as well as an iced fruits-loaded earl grey tea. Loved the cream and raspberry jam in the Mille Feuille, but didn't care much for the puff pastry. The iced tea though, so refreshing! I still think about it until now.

Very quiet on a Tuesday night with only a handful of tables - perfect for those who want some peace and quiet in the bustling City Hall area! We had the Golden Waffle with a scoop of ice cream, which the staff - Jing - recommended Yuzu Yoghurt. And it was so good! She was so nice and let us try a few flavours; also recommended the Almond Financier waffle which I am seriously considering returning to try. The only downside would be the price point, $17.99 in total is pretty steep :(

Lemon Meringue Tart ($3.50/slice) was simple yet delicious, and at such an affordable price! Perfect blend of sweet meringue atop a nicely tart lemon filling, and the cracker base was also nice and crumbly. Will return to try their other offerings!

Finally got around to queue for this as there was always a long snaking line whenever I passed by. Hype is still present for this! Although the line looked long, it moved pretty quickly so just stay strong and scroll Tiktok for abit :)

We got the Box of 5 ($7.90) as well as the Asakawa-en Matcha ($5.90 for small). The warabimochi was perfect - soft, starchy, chewy, sizeable, and generously coated with kinako powder. Exactly as how I had it in Japan previously. Drizzle the kuromitsu syrup and it was all the more better. The Matcha drink was good too but I thought there was too much chipped cream making it too sweet, and the warabimochi in the drink felt more like chinchow to me HAHA

Basically you choose a scoop of ice cream which they will serve with some banana slices, graham crumbs, and 66% dark chocolate sauce on the side. Simple and good for chocolate lovers. Total for 2 came up to $12 which I thought was alright, but wouldn't buy this at usual price.

Newly opened Keong Saik Bakery right beside the Jewel self check--in counters. Spent quite a while waiting for a table as the store only occupied a small area and they don't have a max dining limit policy.

Cactus ($8.80) : Matcha nama chocolate | Matcha mousse | Matcha cremeux | Matcha sponge | Chocolate crumble. Looked nice, but overall was expecting more. Needed something to balance out all the matcha-ness.

Seashore ($8.80) : Sea salt butterfly pea mousse | butterfly pea whipped ganache | Earl grey cheesecake | Earl grey shortbread cookie base. Earl grey had a really artificial taste, bordering on a sourish tinge. The cheesecake texture was also very off-putting, more like a custard.

Disappointed by the cakes we had, luckily in total this was just $10.55 thanks to Burpple.

Cheery and friendly bakery selling a wide variety of classic as well as modern pastries. They were laid out so prettily in the display shelf and I almost couldn't decide which ones I wanted because all of them looked so inviting! Eventually chose the Lemon Tart and Black Sesame & Yuzu Madeleine (both $3). The tartness of the lemon custard and yuzu filling was on point - citrusy but not too tart, complementing the sweetness of the tart cookie base and madeleine sponge cake well. The black sesame was a surprise hit, didn't know it could go well with yuzu. Overall, would definitely return for a good pastry brunch or even to buy a whole box of their offerings.

Buzzing, lively dessert cafe on a Saturday night. Had the chocolate lava cake with a scoop of ice cream ($8.60). Sorely disappointed by the lava cake which was warm at best and still cold in some areas. Chocolate also tasted artificial. The lychee oolong ice cream fared better, and we liked that it was light and not too sweet. Doesn't go well with chocolate though.

Premium flavour (+$1). Very tart and refreshing, but couldn't taste the gin.

Also had the Iced White ($4.50) which was decent.

Adventurous and always looking for new flavours on my tongue!

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