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A friday treat after a long week! very decadent dark chocolate😌😎

This is definitely making it into my top list of cold brews. The coffee was rich and creamy with an intense and bold coffee flavour. While slightly sweetened, it balanced out the bitter notes nicely.

Hearty, aromatic and rich in flavours. Encased in a flaky pastry, the lamb was braised to fork tender with a distinctive taste of the red wine and overall not too gamey. The pastry was flaky and with a glaze made from the lamb jus, it added an element of sweetness to the entire pie. Worth the price? Definitely!

Kinda sick of the icy acaii bowl. Can be a substitute for dinner if you are on a diet. Very filling

It's like a yoghurt drink with fruits. I recommend to use a straw to suck up the goodness of the yoghurt.

Did not use the burpple deal as I want to try the blue yoghurt πŸ˜…. Very nice, Worth it!

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Beard papa now offers Mochi Mochi, their new Mochi puff with peach cream (season of peach!!). The Mochi texture is nice on first bite but after a few mouth, it gets a bit too stick for my liking. Nonetheless, the peach cream is delicious, light, not too sweet with a tinge of tanginess.

Expected Damage: $3-$4

classic b.e.c. charcoal bagel $11
something fishy charcoal bagel $12

went during lunch time and crowd was ok

also whats the proper way to eat a bagel??? we dk so we ended up in a mess (unless this is the correct way) esp the classic bec haha. egg was dripping everywhere lol when we were trying to remove the wrapper. so many eggs massacred just to get massacred by the eggs

generous serving of salmon in something fishy! yums

i think the only other downside is the bagel wasnt rly cut evenly 😩 otherwise it’s p good and one of the cheaper options out there (??)! haha

$5.90 141
red bean tangerine peel, 0% sugar $5.90
purple rice yogurt, 0% sugar $5.60

red bean tangerine peel was surprisingly good, and it’s sweet enough without additional sugar thanks to the red bean! the tangerine taste is not immediate but kicks in a bit later but ya the tangerine and red bean taste goes q well tgt so q shiok

purple rice yogurt not as nice. the rice not very chewy (as compared to yomies) and felt undercooked (??)
the yogurt is q watery (less thick than yomies) and without solids like red bean it makes the drink less enjoyable too. thats why they say u can compare which brand u like better by drinking the same signature drinks

Squid Tagliatelle - $22
Lovely pasta that’s flavourful, and with a hint of spicy. The taste of white wine is prominent in the dish, and I really enjoyed.
The squid was fresh and cooked to the right tenderness. Plus points for dining in at the restaurant filled with flowers
Le Jardin

It was still warm when I took a bite into the 1st peanut tutu n the peanut together with its fragrance just filled my nostrils. It was nostalgic. A packet of 6pcs costs $3.50.

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Wow this was a great dessert treat alright! Froze my brain cells some but it was worth it! Not too sweet a dessert and a huge portion for 2-3pax. Beautiful creations on the menu and definitely a favourite with all ages!

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The pancakes here are pretty dense unlike light and airy Japanese souffle pancakes which I have a soft spot for, so would recommend to share! πŸ˜‹πŸ’•

While the quality of the food here isn't high on the wow factor, they are alllll sooooo pretty and taste pretty decent so it's worth a visit for the experience!

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When I first arrived here in Singapore, I was literally thirsty ALL THE TIME and constantly on the lookout for drinks to beat the heat 🌞

Local coconut-based brand @mr.coconutsg kept up popping up in every shopping mall I went, so I finally decided to give it a try 🫠

Loved that we could customise our own drinks by choosing the sugar level, toppings and cup size on the self-ordering kiosk near the cashier πŸ‘πŸ»

The tropical juice would be the more refreshing and thirst-quenching option, but I personally preferred the milky and fragrant coconut shake that was sweet enough even without any sugar πŸ₯›

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