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If you love your Matcha, this is one option to go for. The Maccha Canapé ($10.99) consist of a variety of Matcha themed desserts, and you get soft serves, tarts and even cakes within this set. The Matcha flavour can be quite strong in many of the desserts here, especially their soft serve!

But I must say, their milk soft serve is really on another level. Although abit too sweet, the fragrance of the milk is really strong. Very lovely flavours from the milk soft serve and it pairs beautifully with the Matcha one.

We had the Matcha Latte with the milk soft serve as well ($5.40) and was refreshing too. Once again the milk soft serve made the dessert drink so much tastier!

Will be back!

In need of a caffeine fix but want to try something a little different? Opt for Yan Xi Tang’s Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Coffee ($4.80 for large) and you’ll get just that.

Try Tea.J’s fruit tea series if you’re looking for a refreshing beverage! These include the Orange Grapefruit Tea ($6.90), the Grapefruit Fruit Tea ($6), and Kiwifruit Tea ($6.50).

Get your soufflé pancake fix at The Food Club by Smoochie! Delight in their Strawberry and Jam ($12.90 for a double stack) rendition that’s doused in a homemade strawberry sauce and topped with juicy strawberries and yogurt cream.

Great place overall to chill and hang out but the cake and drinks were just average.

Ordered a strawberry yoghurt and purple rice yoghurt. Overall I felt that the fillings were very generous especially with the strawberry sauce. The sweetness of the strawberry sauce countered the tart strawberry flavour. I felt that the contrast paired very well. The purple rice yoghurt was also very good. Filling was generous. Would also like to commend on the staff manning the store as they were very fast paced.

Tried their spring menu super good risotto nice pastries n main. 47 South Beach Road Pomme

One of the popular snack available at Toa Payoh is this place selling their famous banana fritter along with other fried items as well.

Their banana fritter is really nice, soft within with crispy skin outside. Even I only eat it few hours later it is still remain the texture.

Throwback post - Finally get to taste June Bakery's golden trio again

Loved the orh nee tart after trying it previously. However, they have gotten so popular that GB slots are just getting snapped up in seconds

Buttery crumbly crust is on the softer side for all tarts and sweetness / "cheezy-ness" is just nice.

Orh Nee tart take the top spot for me, with egg and cheese tart coming in second and third respectively.

💜 Support June Bakery at 7500A Beach Road, The Plaza, #B1-321, Singapore 199591

These 3 tartlets flavours are hazelnuts, sea salt and one with chocolate eggs! 

Only using french flour, butter and chocolate, Each tartletis priced at $8.50 each except for the chocolate eggs one at $9 each. 

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Even though it was raining, it wasn't exactly cooling/windy. Hence, added Coconut Shake into my order. Shiok 🎉🎉🎉

💜 Support Mr. Coconut (Various Outlets)