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Calling all vegan friends! ❤️❤️❤️❤️GATHER HERE FOR ALL THINGS VEGANNNN! This matcha was so bitter, TOTALLY my style and the berries were juicy and very very sweet😋😋😋😎 and its oat milk?! bye lacto reactions!! 💩 $8 for this and would come back any day!

Cuban 3/5
Steeples Burger 3.5/5

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Can you imagine my excitement to see new kinds of tea instead of the usual stuff. I love this, it's so fragrant and although the flavour isn't deep, it really makes a difference.

More here: @Cherjainebitess

Star item was the hearty bowl of Fish Soup Pao Fan

Miso eggplant and smoked salmon bread set! I took my girly to this place and were able to enjoy one of each thanks to using the 1-for-1 deal available! Def would come again 😝😝


Was anticipating to try this place for MONTHS! For a price tag thats quite high, I was hoping that it'll taste as good as it costs. Sure enough, I wasn't disappointed and I even finished the entire bagel in a sitting. The salmon was thick and overflowing. The cream cheese spread was good and the hashbrown (added at a charge) was large enough to cover the bagel! Super Yumz

expected damage: ~$20

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Madu The Bakery’s nori butter is to die for 🤤

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Their Porchetta pork roast 🐖 with a super crispy exterior really captured my heart ❤️ - easily one of the best rendition I have had!

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Do not miss their Mini Turkey Pot Pie 🥧 in both Classic & Curry 🍛 flavours! Love the curry rendition, loaded with sautéed diced turkey breast & diced potatoes seasoned with aromatics beneath the flaky pastry puff! 💯

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My bias was their Wok-fried Carrot Cake 🥕 in homemade sambal chilli with turkey breast, capsicums & bean sprouts ($48, 4-6pax)! These soft cubes were really a flavour burst in every bite! 🤤

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Having a party at home? 🏠 Go for their DIY Turkey Popiah with Homemade Sambal Chilli ($78, up to 10pax)! Definitely a yummy & fun time with your family and friends!

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