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I will definitely be there to try the other food!! The roasted charsiew and scrambled egg was one of the best dishes! Meat was tender and cut thickly with the creamy scrambled egg and the pork chop exceeded expectation because the meat is not tough and tender!!

First time at Sarnies to celebrate a special occasion :) Angus Beef Stew was really hardly and super delicious!! (Super tasty and flavorful gravy and nice portion of beef and sides). Glad the place feels super casual, cozy and has great ambience. Highly recommend the Breadcrumbed Fried Portobello mushrooms. Staff Haziq, Kim and Navi are super friendly. Can't wait to come back!

From Folk Yard
Freshly brewed matcha with milk is a velvety-smooth delight.
Rich, grassy notes harmonize with creamy sweetness, transporting to a tranquil oasis.
A perfect pick-me-up!

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Had a pleasant dinner over at Cha Kee last Friday. We ordered 3 signature items, the roasted char siew rice, claypot dish and salt and pepper squid.
Ingredients is fresh and taste good!

@thesoupspoonsg has a new promotion item on the menu now - daily saver $7.9 set!

For the price of $7.90, you get a small soup (choose from 3 diff soup choices - roasted pumpkin / tangy tomato with basil / meatless minestrone), a side (ham and cheese sandwich or salad) and a drink (3 choices)!

Very value for money! And great if you want more variety for a meal! (Otherwise an ala carte normal soup portion will cost at least $9+.)

DALMATION ($8) was a black cold brew topped w cream & crushed oreo...a lil gimmicky. but the WHITE ($5 - 5oz) was not bad.
SCRAMBLED EGGS & IKURA ($18) were yummy though q ex for what it is.
BACON WRAPPED PRAWNS RISOTTO ($25) was q light tasting with a hint of truffle. the bacon wrapped prawns carried.

the pork loin could have been more tender and marinated. but what made it nice was the sweet and milky charcoal thick toast!
MILK TEA (+$3.30)
tasted like bbt…i dont hate it…just not what i expected

I have been to @sarnies.sg consistently for a couple of years for their dinner fare and I must say that it's been consistently good all these while. One should not judge their cook just by their afternoon brunch fare, as the quality of their dinner items are just so much better.

Their Angus Beef Stew ($26) came in a big plate, with loads of braised beef cubes in a comforting savoury sauce and a huge dollop of mash. I love how tender the beef was, and it was rich with spices. Mash was creamy and buttery!

Next up, their Chicken Parmigiana ($24) is one sharing plate worth ordering. Just look at the amount of cheese on that huge chicken cutlet! It was fried to perfection while keeping the meat tender and juicy inside.

Their Grilled Seabass ($25) is decent. Although the skin wasn't crispy, the meat was still rich, fresh and sweet. Love the char on the brussel sprouts!

They have a promotion where 2 drinks gives you free truffle fries 😍 With that, good food and 1 for 1 dinner mains we got with #burpplebeyond, it's a place you have to go!

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Love the ambience of the restaurant.

Ordered the signature char siew rice, claypot dishes and more.

Overall, will come back and try other dishes!

I remember when I first know about them, they just started from their first shop along Rangoon Road. Now they have expanded to another 2 outlets in other places.

Came to their Rangoon Road outlet on Sunday late afternoon and still find most of the tables are occupied.

The one reason that made me want to come here is because this unique bagel with our local otah.

Totally no regrets getting it. It was so tasty and spicy enough. They used mackerel otah, stuffed together with scrambled eggs.

Complete your meal with the set that comes with a side and drink,

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The scrambled eggs over rice was done well and the savory sauce brought the dish together

- Beef was braised till soft with no tendons or fatty parts which I appreciated.
- Enjoyed the brioche which soaked up the flavourful sauce, yet maintaining its integrity and surprisingly not soggy!
- Sunny up was well-cooked with a slightly creamy yolk and tender whites 🍳 [8/10]