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Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Found another cafe that is quite worth going to if you have #burpplebeyond ! It's a pretty large space but somehow was almost empty when I was there for a weekday dinner...

The Baked Salmon with Mentaiko Pasta ($24 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) was pretty good overall, with the salmon being exceptionally well executed. It was a big slice, and was very well marinated. It was very tender, not overcooked at all and fresh. The pasta itself was okay, can get quite surfeiting towards the end.

I also got a Flat Iron Steak ($29 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and it was moderately tender (probably due to the cut of the meat) and pretty juicy and beefy. It was slightly under seasoned, nothing a side of salt and pepper can't solve. Not bad, can try but I would get something else next time.

Their Crispy Brussel Sprouts ($14) was a huge bowl, and it wasn't too salty. It wasn't too bitter either and I could taste some natural sweetness in the aftertaste!

I think this place is quite worth with the usage of #burpplebeyond, although I probably wouldn't come here without it. Definitely a can try!

Never thought I would get good food from a themed cafe, but @actioncitycafe proved otherwise!

The Flamed Kissed Grilled Steak ($24) was all in all pretty spectacular. Although the beef steak turned out cooked beyond the requested medium rare, it was surprisingly very tender and juicy. The knife cut through it really pretty easily! The herb butter on top made it even better by providing additional richness and garlic umami. However, I do hope that there was more of the beef flavour. Nonetheless, it was a pretty amazing steak!

The Healthy Toasted Medley ($24) was equivalent to your full English breakfast but healthier, and it was pretty good too! The sourdough was well buttered and toasted without being too hard and the eggs were quite well cooked.

Coffee here was also pretty decent! The Iced Latte ($6) was pretty fragrant and not acidic at all. The Iced Mocha ($7) was not too sweet and I could tell that quality chocolate was used.

Definitely will be back 🥳

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The Werkx Cafe boasts multiple activities such as leathercraft, candle making, pottery and more! They also sell some small bites as well as coffee which we were glad to try!

We ordered a couple of sweet and savoury options, such as their all famous muffins, sourdough toasts and pastries, as well as coffee drinks. Here are some of our favourites:

1️⃣ Garlic Croissant ($5.30) - the crunch in their croissant is insane! It was really flaky and buttery. The garlic spread comes with garlic chunks that gave so much flavour and umami!

2️⃣ Chocolate Muffin ($6.80) - we were very surprised to find melted chocolate within the muffin, which gave extra richness! It was incredibly chocolatey and I love the top crust of the muffin as it was crispy.

3️⃣ Iced Mocha ($8.50) - I was afraid that I was too sweet, but I'm glad that it wasn't! The aroma of the coffee did complement the chocolate well and it was definitely a smooth cup.

There were also some board games for you to play while you dine here! A cafe to consider in the region. Thank you @thewerkx for the wonderful food and @scalemicroinfluencers for the invitation!

If you are looking for some quality Western fare, this is one cafe to go to. I find their dinner menu much better than their brunch/lunch options and decided to try more! They seemed to have refreshed their menu recently and here are the dishes I've had:

1️⃣ Chicken Parmigiana ($24) - the huge piece of chicken cutlet was tender yet succulent and wasn't too salty. The thick layer of cheese just made it even better, due to its added richness. Definitely one dish you ought to share!

2️⃣ Grilled Salmon Pasta ($23) - I loved the thick meaty piece of salmon given. It was fresh, flaky and the salmon skin was done well due to its crispiness! The al dente pasta is drenched in a thick creamy sauce which had the right consistency to cling on the pasta well.

3️⃣ Angus Beef Stew ($26) - the beef was very soft and I loved how it wasn't too gamey! They won us over with their mashed potatoes actually, as it was incredibly smooth and buttery. Wished we had a bowl of this 😍

Best part is that their food items are applicable for 30% discount using #burpplebeyond ! Sad they didn't have their brussel sprouts, as they were hella addictive. Will come back again!

@whiskdom recently opened an outlet in one north and their bagels and coffee are pretty decent!

I had their Cheese Cajun Chicken Bagel ($10.50) which came with a thick chicken thigh that is seasoned lightly with Cajun spices. The chicken thigh was definitely juicy, but I wished that it could be more heavily seasoned. Pretty decent, but could have been better!

Their Iced Latte ($6) was strong and aromatic and not too milky. Quite an enjoyable cup of latte!

Had a fun time with @eatwithkeat @amazingkway and @smolbelly trying out a variety of bagels and drinks from @bagmeupsg and there were many that I loved!

The Sale-man bagel ($16.50) was stuffed full of smoked salmon and I absolutely loved the touch of dill with cream cheese. This is one refreshing bagel that I can finish easily!

The We Will Wagyu ($16.50) is one to go for if you love your meat. With a pretty thick and juicy patty, the beefy flavours together with the homemade sauce gave this bagel a rich savoury taste. I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Now their milk tea isn't any usual milk tea out there. You know they are serious with their milk teas when they do not come with ice so that the tea doesn't get diluted. The Ceylon Fresh Milk Tea ($4.50) was so fragrant and so nicely balanced. Such a smooth cup, I would come here just to get their tea if I'm around the area! Their White Peach Fresh Milk Tea ($4.50) is also incredibly balanced and aromatic and does not have that artificial after taste.

Thank you @bagmeupsg for the food and hospitality and thank you @eatwithkeat for inviting!

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A relatively new cafe serving up superb sandwiches and sides!

We ordered a couple sandwiches, but I have to give an honourable mention to their Patty Melts ($17) sandwich. Juicy, beefy patty topped with savoury cheese and dijon mustard sauce and sandwiched between crispy grilled sandwic bread, this is one wholesome meal. There is so much going on I can't help but smile after eating this!

You can add on some sides to the sandwiches (+$5) and we tried their curly fries, onion rings and fried brussel sprouts. All were very well executed, but the fried brussel sprouts took the show with the good smoky flavour with minimal bitterness. Absolutely lovely.

Coffee is alright, the Iced White ($5.50) was not too milky and was quite strong.

I definitely will come back again!

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Brunches Cafe boasts a very cozy atmosphere with retro vibes that is great for fun and engaging conversations with friends and loved ones! The food and service here is really wonderful 🥺

We had the Seabass Fish with Tartar Sauce ($22.90) which came in a huge portion. Beneath the slightly crispy skin is a really fresh, tender and flaky seabass meat! This is one dish we thoroughly enjoyed.

The BBQ St Louis Rib ($22.90) was mostly fall off the bone tender, just that the sides were abit overcooked. The meat is definitely very flavourful with the tangy yet savoury BBQ sauce. Sides from both dishes were great!

Both dishes were gladly available 1 for 1 on #burpplebeyond. This is one cafe I will be back again. Thank you for the enjoyable experience @brunchescafe!

Hidden in a quiet neighbourhood lies home cafe, which boasts a very simple yet aesthetic look. With comfortable seats and plugs around, I really can see myself working here!

We had a scoop of cranberry yakult ice cream ($5.50) which seemed more like yoghurt instead. With sour punches coming from both the yoghurt and cranberry, it's really refreshing!

We also had the yuzu osmanthus cake ($6) and this really was a winner. Soft moist cake texture, aromatic osmanthus flavours with a tinge of tangy yuzu, the flavour of the cake is very balanced. I can have this all by myself!

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Always been impressed by the food cooked by the different refuel cafes and once again I left feeling satisfied!

The Salmon Pesto Scramble ($15.50) came generous with a huge portion of perfectly cooked pesto scrambled eggs under crispy and fluffy toast. The pesto scrambled eggs were really fluffy too, with a fragrant taste coming from the pesto within. The smoked salmon pieces also accompanied the toast really well! Love the tang from the lemon slice too, as it made the dish more refreshing.

The Porky Egg Waffle ($15.50) also came generous with pulled pork slices which were very well seasoned. Neither too salty nor too sweet, the pulled pork pieces were quite addictive on its own! The waffle itself is the soft and fluffy kind and its sweetness complements the savouriness of the pulled pork well. With some perfectly cooked scrambled eggs, I really couldn't ask for more!

I definitely wiped my plate clean! Can't wait to be back to try more dishes 😋

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Had lunch in this cafe/bar near my workplace, and was really satisfied with the food!

The Melba breakfast ($27) had a variety of ingredients and they were all cooked very well and I loved their bacon especially, as it had a good sear without being too hard. Definitely a very filling portion as well!

Tried my friend's beef stew (part of $25 lunch set) and the beef were so flavourful and tender! Lovely pieces to go with the creamy mash under.

A big place to have conversations with your colleagues and friends. Definitely recommended!

SYIP recently opened a new outlet and this outlet boasts a much bigger space!

We had the Truffle Cheese Sandwich ($19) and the Mentaiko Shrimp Burger ($20) and we were very satisfied with the mains! The cheese sandwich had really strong truffle flavour which went so well with the savoury melty cheese within. Dip them in the tomato soup given and you get a wonderful breakfast meal.

The Mentaiko Shrimp Burger patty reminded me of fried shrimp rolls you get from chinese restaurants. Loved the buttered brioche buns and the thick layer of mentaiko sauce too!

As for drinks we had Iced Mocha ($7) and SYIP White Coffee ($7). The Mocha had good chocolate flavours, with aromatic coffee notes. Not grainy at all, the chocolate used was definitely of good quality! The white coffee had a thick layer of cream on top which made the aromatic coffee even richer.

Definitely will be back to try more dishes and coffee!

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Jason Ng

Level 9 Burppler · 1058 Reviews

Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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