Sweet Temptations
Sweet Temptations
Embark on a sweet journey through Singapore with Burpple Beyond's Dessert Delight, featuring an array of delectable treats from some of the city's most beloved dessert spots. Take note of these places with #BurppleBeyond deals!
Gelato Delights: A Sweet Journey Across Singapore
Gelato Delights: A Sweet Journey Across Singapore
Gelato lovers rejoice! Singapore is brimming with delightful spots to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Take note of these places with #BurppleBeyond deals!
6 Quirky Places for Valentine's Day
6 Quirky Places for Valentine's Day
Are you tired of the same old candlelit dinners and cliché romantic gestures?
Cafés Open This Chinese New Year
Cafés Open This Chinese New Year
Craving caffeine during CNY? Burpple’s got you covered! Check out these cafes that are keeping their doors open this festive season. Whether you need a cosy corner to unwind or a spot for catch-ups, these cafes are serving up your favourite brews and bites! Save this for your caffeine fix!
Deals This Chinese New Year's and Valentine's Day
Deals This Chinese New Year's and Valentine's Day
Redemption of most Burpple Beyond deals will be locked from 5pm on the 9th February until 12th February and from 5pm on the 13th February until 14th February 2024, but over 60 of our merchants are still offering great deals you CAN enjoy to make the season truly feast-ive!
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Small doesn't have egg

It has abit of heat but lacks body. With the tangy chili, it's good. But not good enough to travel for since it's in the middle of nowhere, and definitely not the best. It annoys me that some professional food reviewers overhype these ulu places and waste everyone's time travelling

Don't ever takeaway this. The ikan bilis turns soggy after 5mins in the closed container. I ruined an amazing fried rice :((

Grass jelly was good also but it's sweeter than the other bowl. Red bean was of good quality but also abit sweet. The yam balls were rather firm in a good way, with more yam than the starch exterior compared to the usual overly soft and chewy ones

We got the black sugar syrup, it's sweet as you might expect but the thickness and flavour were great too

This place really has high quality stuff. Pretty much every aspect is premium and the prices are more than justified by the portion. In fact for the portion it's a steal, even if you don't use burpple beyond

Take note burpple beyond only allows certain items, but it's not a problem cos you can always add on extra stuff

You get to choose a syrup also. Here I got bentong ginger syrup, it's really more liquidy than syrupy and was excellent, strong but not harsh ginger taste and not too sweet either

Their taufufa is fantastic too. Smooth and really reminiscent of soy inc's which was great in its own right, very different from the others.

It comes w yam puree which was v generous and thick without being too sweet. Same thing can be said of the yam paste, but the puree is the way to go for the mad volume

As you can tell portions are huge, one portion feeds two, so deliberate carefully before using the deal

Must try if you're in the area

If you like some interesting coffee creations, @tomocafesg is one good place to go for. With a huge selection of both espresso and non-espresso drinks, we settled on an Iced Kuro Goma Coffee ($8) and an Iced Honeycomb Latte ($7).

The Iced Kuro Goma Coffee came in a beautiful form, with thick luxurious looking Goma cream on top of the latte. The cream itself was savoury and had aromatic rich flavours of black sesame. I loved how the savoury and nutty flavour of the cream complemented the bold aromatic flavour of the coffee so well! This is one coffee worth sipping for.

The Iced Honeycomb Latte was also delicious, as the subtle caramelised notes of the dalgona gave the coffee further depth! Do remember to take out some towards the middle of your drinking experience as it can get quite sweet towards the end 😂

Definitely coming back to try more coffee variations!

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‘Jio’ your Mala buddy and get ready to embark on a flavorful journey at MALA-Z! With Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 Hot Pot Buffet, indulge in a hot pot experience like no other. Dive into a feast featuring three soup base choices: Mala, Chicken & Tomato, and a wide array of buffet options including beef, clams, mushrooms, and vegetables!

Indulge in authentic and high-quality Japanese cuisine at unbeatable prices, now made even more affordable with our 1-for-1 Nia Shoyu Ramen deal!

Don't miss pairing their light yet flavorful Nia Shoyu Ramen with their delectable Ajitama egg for a truly satisfying meal experience!

Bring along a friend and treat yourselves to a Japanese feast at Takagi Ramen's Dhoby Ghout Exchange outlet!

Beat the heat with delightful treats at Beans Factory!
Indulge in their signature Tau Fu Fah, a soya beancurd dessert topped with fun options like Peach Gum, Black Pearls, or Homemade Taro Paste. Or try their Aiyu Jelly desserts!

Enjoy these with Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 Selected Dessert offer.

Photo by Burppler Spoonsofdelights

Discover the latest The Social Space's vibrant outlet in Potong Pasir!

Sip on their zesty Homemade Lemonade and pair it with a nourishing Smoothie Bowl or indulgent Double Toast. Enjoy them more with Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 offer: Smoothie Bowl & Homemade Lemonade or Double Toast & Homemade Lemonade!
Bring a friend and drop by for an instant pick-me-up!

A chill location for a nice dinner with my partner. Totally recommend the Kani Miso which has a burst of umami flavour with every bite! Ponzu Beef was a great appetizer as well!

For the mains, we had the Spicy Salmon Don and the Beef tongue which both ticked the mark for a wonderful dinner out!