1-for-1s: In Central Region
1-for-1s: In Central Region
Hey fellow foodies! Back again with our array of food recommendations. This time, we're going to the Central region of Singapore! This dynamic location is a paradise for food lovers, offering an enticing array of cuisines from around the world. Be it a restaurant or cafe, Central region has it for everyone. So, let me enlighten you to some of the exciting dining options with Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 deals!
Places for Father's Day
Places for Father's Day
Father's Day is a time to celebrate the first man who cuddled us in their arms, the one who witnessed our first steps and cheered us on every milestone. This special day is a tribute to their unwavering love and guidance. Show your appreciation with a delightful meal, creating even more cherished memories together. We’ve got you covered with some fantastic food and restaurant deals offered on Burpple Beyond to treat your super dads on this special occasion
Deals This Hari Raya
Deals This Hari Raya
Redemption of most Burpple Beyond deals will be locked from 5pm on the 16th June until 17th June 2024, but over 40 of our merchants are still offering great deals you can enjoy to celebrate!
Lean & Green
Lean & Green
Hey there, fellow foodies! Staying healthy and energetic helps you enjoy more time with your loved ones. If you're a vegetarian or craving a guilt-free delight, you're in for a tasty surprise! Burpple Beyond has offered some of the best 1-for-1 deals and percentage discounts that you can redeem. It's a win-win: your wallet is happy and you're eating healthy!
Deals this Vesak Day
Deals this Vesak Day
Redemption of most Burpple Beyond deals will be locked from 5pm on the 21st May until 22nd May 2024, but over 50 of our merchants are still offering great deals you can enjoy to celebrate!
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The Oyster Bank Club

The Oyster Bank是新加坡一家备受欢迎的生蠔餐厅,以其独特的优惠活动吸引了众多美食爱好者。这里的特色在于它巧妙地将美酒与新鲜生蠔完美结合。当你点一杯酒时,就能以超值的价格享受半打鲜美多汁的生蠔。如果你选择一瓶酒,更可以品尝到整整三打的生蠔盛宴。这种"喝得越多,吃得越多"的概念让人欲罢不能



Truffle Togarashi生蚝结合了松露的浓郁香气和日本七味粉的微辣。入口时,松露的香味充满口腔,随后是七味粉的一丝丝辣味,整体口感丰富且极具层次。

Yuzu Ponzu生蚝结合了柚子和酱油的清新酸甜味,与生蚝的鲜美相得益彰,口感清爽






How long since your last time having a meal at this touristy food court beside Esplanade?

As I was watching a show there, so decided to drop by to grab some supper in the late night after show.

Many of the stalls here already closed by 11pm with only a few left open.

I gotten my mee goreng from this stall called the Old Satay Club Mee Goreng. A good plate to enjoy at night if you can’t find any place to eat in late night. But I find it over-burnt unfortunately.

I actually have not tried Texan BBQ before and decided to have my first attempt at the popular @kemuribbq.sg and it was decent!

We ordered the Dino Trio Platter ($75), which comes with 2 beef options and 1 other meat which you can choose. The beef brisket had a pretty outstanding smoke ring, which was this smoky crust that was well seasoned. The leaner part of the beef brisket can be slightly dry, but that can be helped with their homemade mustard and BBQ sauce.

Now their Dino Ribs is what I will come back for. The smoke ring on this is much more prominent, and the whole meat was very tender. This was very well seasoned with spices, in fact better than their beef brisket.

The pulled pork was the other meat option we chose, and it can be relatively dry, though the flavour was good.

We ordered additional items, such as their Australian Picanha ($30) which was a popular item. Due to the cut of the meat, it was quite tough and chewy naturally, but the chef did a good job with the seasoning. Mash was creamy and rich, and brussel sprouts were done well. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the appeal of a rump steak as I liked a cut that is softer.

Truffle fries ($12) were crispy and fluffy, quite decent.

I think Kemuri BBQ is quite decent for their meats, though most were not particularly mind-blowing to me. Not sure if it's because it's my first time, or because I have had high expectations from the videos I've seen of Texas BBQ 😂

Warm Up Cafe at Mackenzie Road needs little introduction as they serve one of the best (and dare I say, the best) Thai crab omelette rice in town.

They also serve an ala carte version of this dish without the rice at nearly double the price but with loads more eggs and dollops of crab meat!

Both dishes are exactly the same but I think it is tastier in the rice version because the ala carte dish feels a little greasier without the rice to soak up the excess butter and oil from the omelette! My advice is to definitely have a bowl of rice with this lovely dish!

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From Keng Wah Sung
Old-school goodness that worth the visit.
Classic coffee shop breakfast delivers: Fried bee hoon noodles and salty fried beancurd, elevated by sambal chilli packed with umami-rich dried shrimp.
Savoury, spicy, and satisfying - a humble yet heavenly combo that never goes out of style!
Price less than $2.50 for now.

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