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Unfortunately, this looked better than it tasted. Was rather disappointed by the tonkotsu broth as it was thin and quite tasteless. The black garlic oil also did not seem to add any extra oomph to the lacking in flavour pork based soup. Only saving grace was the lava egg (+$1) and charred melt-in-your-mouth charshu (1 thick piece) that was done well. Thankfully, the ramen noodles were done al-dente and retained its chewy texture.

I like the Kueh Pie Tee (4 for $2.80) while the popiah is $1.50 per roll. Missing 1 pc of KPT is because it slipped while i was bringing over so it was messy to be taken a shot of. 馃槅 they do sell per piece $0.80 if i recall. Nice and light on the stomach. Will order again. Popiah was normal. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday

Yay I miss this so much, it tasted so familiar:鈥) but this tang yuan was like 92% flour + 8% peanut LOL only the middle part had a small blob of filling. Then again I doubt many hawkers make the tang yuan themselves ah prob just the frozen one sigh #burpple

The ice is smooth and generous green jelly. But it has no red bean. Its good especially on hot days where the chendol will cool one down. My favourite chendol is still the one at Tangs.

Picked MARU as a spot for our yearly Chinese New Year gathering with a couple of friends 鈥 pretty satisfied with the spread here. No doubt this isn鈥檛 the free-flow style buffet that one can help themselves to the counter, but the ala-carte buffet here certainly still feeds us pretty well. For $21 (before service charge), they were pretty generous with the banchan while also comes with soup on the side, Kimchi Pancakes and Gimbap altogether. The meats were also pretty decent without being excessively heavy on flavour 鈥 didn鈥檛 find ourselves getting too jelak over the meats nor dousing water constantly throughout the meal. Was also pretty impressed that the servers were also getting round the tables helping out with the cooking of the meats (which included different cuts of chicken, pork and beef marinated in various styles); a good deal considering the price. No doubt it lacks the fun that other places have considering the variety is pretty limited (no seafood nor much vegetables to go with on the grill) and for the fact that it isn鈥檛 a self-service buffet concept, but the quality and service did certainly made up for it at the price. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable Chinese New Year gathering spots that we have had over the past few years.

The recent rainy weather has made me crave for some warm, comforting Teochew porridge. Have heard some positive things about Joo Seng but it was a bit lacklustre to me, tbh. It's a place to go to when you want some warm, comforting porridge but I wouldn't go out of the way to have it. Although it must be said that the variety here is quite huge and prices are pretty reasonable.

That said, i like to have plenty of vegetables and at least a fish while having Teochew mui, what are some of your must-orders when you have porridge? 鈼√ .

Hambaobao's rendition of a beef burger comprises of a homemade tomato sauce, cheese, lettuce and pickles; nothing fancy at all here, but something simple and done right. The patty is juicy and seasoned pretty nicely, and although a part of me would like to suggest that they try to further elevate the flavour of it, I believe that it is good enough and the burger ultimately delivers.

As much as I love the pork belly burger, I'd definitely opt for this instead if I'm craving for burgers yet am not in the mood to stuff myself with sinfully thick, crisp and delicious slices of pork belly sandwiched between two buns. Regardless, the burgers here are all of quality standards; after all, they aren't Burpple's no. 1 hawker stall for no reason! 馃槈

The bun is so soft! Pull pork is well spiced very strong spices on each bite.
The fries is to die for!