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- Thick slices of chicken thigh which gave a satisfying bite.
- Sauce was slightly grainy but I found the mayo too surfeiting and the combi with salted egg reminded me of artificial cheese taste 🍳

- Generously covered in torched mentaiko sauce mixed with mayo and drizzled with teriyaki sauce of sorts 🍣
- Savoury and sweet with hints of smokiness though it could get a bit overpowering for me.

- Enjoyed the rice drenched in curry that’s not too starchy with a tinge of sweetness!
- Breaded chicken retained its crisp crunchiness and wasn’t oily 😋
- Tamago was rather flat like a regular folded omelette, but I liked the salty sweet notes probably cooked with dashi soy sauce.

This stall wins hands down for its tender, succulent and well-marinated soya chicken, complemented by springy noodles and savoury sauce. 🫶🏻

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I’m no expert in this popular local dessert — cheng tng. Essentially, I will only drink-up the soup and feast on the shaved ice. However, my mum swears by this dessert stall at Bukit Timah Food Centre and has been a staunch fan since the late-Nineties (or so she claims). Typically, we will order a bowl of sweet and refreshing cheng tng from this stall whenever we visit the food centre, without fail. Try it before the stall moves to an interim site 🔜! 🫶🏻

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I came across Pompette’s poster at Beauty World Food Centre when I was there for lunch, and definitely had to check it out for dessert!

It was a little tricky to find, but just turn into the back alley behind Victory Boat Noodle Cafe and you will see their white & pastel blue space. Pompette’s softserves are all handcrafted daily in-house with a few staple flavours and topping options.

We had both the Matcha and Hojicha, and while they were not the super thick and rich sort, we liked it!! The Hojicha especially, was roasty and fragrant. They weren’t at all icy, and I liked how they were just mildly sweet (plus affordable).

They offer special flavours on weekends and are continuously exploring new creations - keep a look out on their IG to be updated (I’m eyeing the chocolate and pistachio next) 👀

Beauty World Centre, #01-11B
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 588177


DIY Japanese pancake restaurant where one can try your hand at cooking or leave it to the professionals. We opted for the latter to ensure that it was grilled to perfection but can imagine it might be fun to give it a try yourselves.

Choose your own ingredients for the pancake and we opted for prawn/ taco, smoked duck and shiitake. Sweet-savory mix with generous topping of okonomiyaki sauce, mayo, and umami bonito flakes and seaweed. Crisp exterior with a creamy center of egg, greens, red ginger, and tempura crisps. Preferred the taco over prawn for a chewier textural contrast.

A tad pricey for what it is but enjoyable and authentic experience.

📍@ajiyasg, 104 Jln Jurong Kechil, Singapore

If you have been wanting to try the famous Ngee Ann Poly hotplate egg omelette, now is the time to try as the original cook has opened a new rival stall at Beauty World food centre! This location is now much more accessible and nearer to the mrt!

We got the tori karage ($5.5) and fried fish ($5.5) fuyong rice. Top up $1.50 for salmon miso soup! (The price is slightly more ex than the original ngee ann poly stall though)

The fluffy omelette is served on a hotplate and is omelette made with two eggs! It is topped with a brown glaze!

While everything was well executed, it didnt completely wow us and I think it isnt something that I will crave for again. It was also on the dryer side hence we went back to order the salmon miso soup top up! But still good to try at least once if you are in the beauty world area!

I was actually pretty stuffed after Hai Kee's hokkien mee but couldn't resist the white bee hoon from He Le.

My order was for a "small" portion of their lala sotong white bee hoon. I did have some instant regret as the dish turned out to be "small" only in name. For $7, you get a really huge plate of white bee hoon which can feed 2 to 3 pax easily. The beehoon has a nice wokhei taste and I like that the seafood broth was clear, light and subtly sweet. I do wish though that they gave more of the fried garlic and lard!

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Xie Kee is kinda a personal favourite because they are one of the few stalls at Bukit Timah Food Centre that remains open late at night after training.

I always found it interesting that the stall is 'structured' in such a way that you have an unobstructed view of the wok whilst waiting in line for your order.

It appears that the uncle's son has taken over the ladle but what remains unchanged is that you get a plate of noodles swimming in a moist gooey zhup. The stock used is certainly hearty and flavourful and they definitely aren't stingy with the sotong and prawns. Interestingly, they also use flat yellow noodles instead of round yellow noodles.

The market is due to shut and shift to a temporary location across the road. I am not sure if Xie Kee will continue operating so do check them out soon!

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A g.l.e.e.f.u.l. Sunday! — This ranks top on my list for the thickest slab of butter in a kaya toast. 🤩

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