Top 10 Places for Craft Beer

Top 10 places for Craft Beer

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"I can shoyu the woooorld"
Aloha Poke is still by far my favourite joint for poke bowls.

Super fresh fish, generous toppings, reasonable pricing and a bustling ambience; all the right ingredients for poke success.

My go to flavors would definitely be the original shoyu salmon and spicy tuna but go ahead and mix and match to find your own favourite!!

Inexpensive Dishes

Pastas were bland and tasted more like home cooked 馃槉
Sides were ok..
Service was slow

[AMOY ST] Poke poke poke!

Doke doke doke! This is SO GOOD after a long hiatus. Lunch with fellow poke lover @justjan_0204 馃挒 They now charge 7% GST probably cos they have made it big! In view of this, there's currently a kind gesture of an additional add-on. I hope it's permanent 馃槵

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Poached Pear, Hazelnut Prune Soil, Frozen Lime Candy from Craft Feeds along Duxton Hill.

The frozen lime candy provided icy currents of refreshing, squirm-inducing tartness, whilst elsewhere the hazelnut prune soil played it like a grandma-sour chewy granola and the poached pear balls bore suspicious alcoholic traces on their inner collar. 3.7/5

Honey Spiced Chicken 18.9

This was the highlight of the meal and it's easily better than poulet's version. Chicken was very tender and the glaze was superb as well. Moreover, a whole chicken for 18.9?? If thats not generous i dont know what is. The mushroom sauce and mash were great complements to the chicken as well

Ribeye Steak 28++

Rather tender steak and definitely loved the mustard that is quite rare in most places. However for 28++ could be rather pricey, esp compared to their superb and value for money chicken

Herb Crusted Salmon 18.9+

Salmon was soft and flaky while the sauteed vegetables were a joy to eat alongside the mash

Beef Stew 16+

For a ubiquitous dish, it was surprisingly well- executed. Really comforting dish with depth of flavour and the toast was wonderful in mopping up the stew

Braiser Beef Cheek With Somen 15.9++

Wasnt a particularly memorable dish as the braised beef cheeks lacked flavour. Somen was soft while the soft boiled egg and the pretty veggies were a nice addition

One of those hidden gems in the most obscured corner possible in SG, this one on top of People's Park Complex.

But once located, it offers a getaway from the usual streets of SG to relax at. Lepark has wide variety alcoholic and caf茅 drinks to chill with their bar snacks. Nachos with salted egg dip, crispy fried prawn paste chicken skins, Spam fries with truffle mayo and fried wings stuffed with otah. Sinful but awesome bites to spend a lazy afternoon with.