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Top 10 places for Craft Beer

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Bara Chirashi Don

Tried out newly-opened Toriki at Level 4 of Jcube — the place dishes out Donburi during lunch hours while churning out Yakitori for dinner; they also offer a rather affordable Omakase set for their Yakitori offerings for dinner as well, while also carrying a food selection of alcohol as well.

Wasn't really a fan of the Bara Chirashi Don here especially with the weird temperature contrast between the diced cubes of marinated fish and warm rice, while I also wished the fish could come in slightly larger chunks of more bite. At $17.90, it's rather average at best, considering there are quite a few places that serve more quality bowls at lower prices these days. Probably might have a better experience trying out their Yakitori instead?

One bite u are in heaven.

The cubano (pull pork sandwich) though cost $16, but it is totally out of the world. U have to try it urself.
Since our yoga nearby, we are planning to try most of their sandwich. 👍🏻 4/5
📍179 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068627 #yybffTelokAyer

Have your lunch sorted @alteregosg's newly launched their lunch sets which I personally feel are really value for money!

For just $15.90, you will get 1 main and 1 drink (choose either coffee or tea)! Choose from their "Eat Clean" Pokebowls or "Indulge Dirty" choice. My pick would definitely their hearty Seafood Gumbo that is really comforting, paired with their yummy bread.

This is a hosted tasting by @alteregosg, thank you @ksherena for the invite ❤️

Butcher's Love ($12).

Don't miss the chance to drop by this place if you're flying off from Singapore. This was my meal just before I flew to New York, taken at the airport transit lounge.
I liked their refreshing take on pizzas, as these are served on a puff pastry crust instead of the traditional pizza dough. I enjoyed the crust - crsipy, crumbly, light.
I also recommend this particular flavour as I felt that the ham used (parma, honey baked ham, prosciutto) goes really well with the cheeses (gruyere, cheddar, brie, mozzarella). This was also mixed with mushroom tempe, baby spinach, spicy miso. Several ingredients here but I believe you'll agree with me that it's very well balanced.

Toriki Dinner

Happened to catch movie at Jcube and chanced upon this new yakitori place for dinner. Serves wide variety of craft beers, 2 tap beer & sake. Yakitori was good. Need to try the Chicken namba and Chirashi don. Value for money. Personal favorite from Sake selection, Jelly yuzu drink. Girls will love the idea of selecting ur chosen sake cup!

Green Goddess

The poke bowl that sounds the least exciting, got it because it said 'avocado poke'. And it was great sooo much avocado and just loads of ingredients, which, while healthy, doesn't taste overly bland. Really really filling bowl as well


Being someone who absolutely lives for comfort food, I HAD to order the Grilled Cheese ($13); opted for the meatless version sans shortrib and it was still a good decision as I could focus on the ooey gooey melty goodness of gryuere and taleggio cheese in between golden, buttery artisanal white bread. The accompanying tomato soup was piquant, tangy and very much on the sour side (felt more like pasta sauce) but nicely balanced out the richness of the cheese!!

Awesome Wagyu!

Didn't expect to find such yakitori gem in JCube! Relax atmosphere and friendly staff!

The Cheeseburger ($17.80)

Finally found my way here and thank goodness for Entertainer's 1-for-1.

No frills burgers here - The Cheeseburger ($17.80 +$7 for portobello mushroom) was a juicy mess, and I loved the cheese! Generally a pretty satisfying burger tho it was pretty pricey and we felt that it was a little lacking in flavours (minimal/no seasoning for the patty so the taste of the beef shines through but I'm not a purist so I like mine with a just a wee bit more seasoning + smokiness too), if not for the sauces of mustard, tomato and mayo.