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fries (+$2 change to sweet potato fries) were really crispy and the burger was damn substantial, though the bacon made it too salty🥓 and the Wagyu patty could use more seasoning. but i really liked the sauce in the burger and the buttered buns were toasted well! i got the Pin Bunker ($26) which was literally spilling cheese😍🧀🤤 and came with even MORE (nacho) cheese on the side. ambience was nice too (only in the day because it's beside Ark11😀)

the house bread was fluffy and not as chewy as the pizza crust. MUST get the creamyyyyyy stracciatella to go with it

one of the best sellers though i didnt rlly enjoy it. lowkey tasted like chilli crab???

ive never had cacio e pepe so idk how close to the pasta this tastes, but it was peppery and cheesy which i liked!

We were intrigued because the chefs here come with big credentials. These are some sides. Overall there's some quality that matches the price point, but I liked the corn bread more than the rest.

We were intrigued because the chefs here come with big credentials. Order the platter if you wanna try more meats. We chose chopped brisket, St Louis pork ribs and smoked chicken leg. The beef was clearly the best but it's salty. Although the chicken was done well, it's chicken so it can't fly further. Like most American food, the sauces are just to zhng further and you don't really need them.

Pop by Alchemy Bistro after work to relax and have some fun with friends. With Burpple Beyond, enjoy 30% off for 2 Cocktails, 30% off for 2 Whisky bottles, or 20% off any Bar Snacks.

For a delightful pairing, snack on their Charcuterie Board boasting flavourful Salami and Pepperoni, a selection of 2 Cheeses, tangy Gherkins, and a medley of Mixed Nuts. It offers a perfect balance of textures and savoury richness that enhances the flavours of your chosen beverage.

Try it out for yourself!

Found another cafe that is quite worth going to if you have #burpplebeyond ! It's a pretty large space but somehow was almost empty when I was there for a weekday dinner...

The Baked Salmon with Mentaiko Pasta ($24 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) was pretty good overall, with the salmon being exceptionally well executed. It was a big slice, and was very well marinated. It was very tender, not overcooked at all and fresh. The pasta itself was okay, can get quite surfeiting towards the end.

I also got a Flat Iron Steak ($29 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and it was moderately tender (probably due to the cut of the meat) and pretty juicy and beefy. It was slightly under seasoned, nothing a side of salt and pepper can't solve. Not bad, can try but I would get something else next time.

Their Crispy Brussel Sprouts ($14) was a huge bowl, and it wasn't too salty. It wasn't too bitter either and I could taste some natural sweetness in the aftertaste!

I think this place is quite worth with the usage of #burpplebeyond, although I probably wouldn't come here without it. Definitely a can try!

The Garlic Miso Pasta with Bay Scallops ($20) features al-dente linguine and bay scallops sautéed in a house garlic miso paste and topped with chives and Furikake. This is creamy and flavourful, but I wish the portion and scallops are a little bigger:P Having said that, it is still very worth it with Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal. Cleaned my plate!

The wait was insanely long. 15mins for each dish, and so 30mins total because they only have 1 pan. Lol

Dumplings were passable, carbonara sauce was very wrong and there's also pork lard things.

Cacophonic, they don't go tgt at all

Is really tteokbokki in a western-ish mushroom sauce. The balance is terrible, it doesn't taste like anything and despite the chaos there's no strong flavours.

Very bad