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The Kaya is luscious, but only as much as it has to be to be preceptible, so really, nothing too special

The sourdough is sour, crusty, soft and cake-like. It's quite dense as well. However, it's got way too much character, so much so that this doesn't taste anything like Kaya toast really. The sourness melds with the sweetness from the Kaya, it's not particularly jarring, but doesn't harmonise either

Only for sourdough enthusiasts, strictly. Most people probably won't go crazy for it

The pastry was so flaky, airy, and crispy. It's so damn perfect, except...

It's cold. That's really unacceptable. If they're not freshly baked, please skip them. Cos they're left out in the open so it really does get cold

PSA they're only avail during weekends

A crowd favourite that is not only refreshing but visually enticing as well with its beautiful jewels. It is made with ruby-hued water chestnuts coated in tapioca jelly, a scoop of smooth coconut gelato and sweetened with coconut milk. Served with crushed ice, this tropical cold dessert is sweet, crunchy and creamy; perfect for any hot day.

A must-try and one of Khao Hom's signature, this omelette is inspired by the famous crab omelette by Jay Fai, a Michelin Star restaurant in BKK. Though it is pricely, it is deliciously worth it as we were presented with a large, thick and fluffy eggy roll stuffed with generous amount of real and firm crab meat.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from Good Chai People's food menu as I was there primarily for the chai but I am glad my friend got the Miso White Wine Vongole to share as well as the French Toast Loving' for dessert.

Having the Salted Maple Chai ($7), I really enjoyed the salty-sweet, smooth concoction. Not too in your face with the spices, the cup was pretty well-balanced with the use of oat milk, maple syrup, coconut sugar, and Himalayan pink salt. Essentially a more-than-decent cup of chai with an added touch of oomph from the pink salt.

The favourite at the table was the ‘east-meets-west’ Miso White Wine Vongole ($22). Rather heavy on the palate, the saltiness from the olives, as well as the umami hit from the miso garlic butter worked amazingly well with the white wine and the briny sweetness of the clam stock. The pasta was wonderfully al dente too and the clams were fresh as well as plump.

For dessert, the French Toast Loving' ($20) was a decadent number as slathered between the thick brioche bread was a rich layer of peanut butter and tangy-sweet berries compote. Embellished with whipped cream cheese, fresh figs, strawberries, blueberries, and maple thyme drizzle; the toast was soft and pillowy but not too eggy. Pretty cloying toward the end so I would highly suggest sharing it.

Horrible staff, made us wait before attending to us. Not willing to add pearls.

S$ 38
Super tender pork ribs coated with sticky smokey BBQ sauce.
They even give additional sauce on separate saucer, makes it super flavorful.

I would think yogurt is more beneficial than Normal bubble tea hehe. The watermelon yo-tea is very refreshing and the mango purple rice was well liked too!! Took 0% sugar for both and expected it to be bitter but it was ok!! Will be back to try others

Have been craving for this dessert; 3 big pieces of tapioca drizzled with sweet syrup & coconut milk at the side; tapioca is slightly tough though; otherwise simple & taste good, served warm..

Omelette with spring onions & chunks of real crab meat, sat on top a bed of soft & fluffy white rice; rich with crab taste; would be better if there's more crab meat to go with the rice..

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