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This took damn long to come, and there was barely a full strip of beef. It's literally bits and pieces of beef. They made another one for us, which took a long time again (they promised 10mins but it wasn't 10mins lol) with extra beef apparently, and the beef portion was still utterly pathetic.

Furthermore, the okonomiyaki itself sucked. Way too soft, too much batter, not crispy enough at the top.

If for whatever reason you must visit this place, please make sure u reserve inside seats. It's bloody hot outside and the wait is painful if you don't see that they're making your food

Extremely good. The cheese is well charred, with crispy bits near the edge. The mentaiko comes thru as umami, and there's a creaminess about the topping that's very good without being jelat. Tofu was the perfect background for such an indulgent sauce and it's not overly hot

If you're already here, this is a must try

Very average. There wasn't even much beef tendons, small bits of beef brisket?

We had a terrible time here. The staff forgot to lock in the order so we waited for 2h. Then the food took very long to come, and it was not up to par and was sent back. Then we waited another 20mins. In total the meal took 2hours holy sh

Choice of one tiny starter per pax.

Very very soft, with fish umami coming thru. Pretty decent