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Overall: 8/10

A delicious yakiniku don from Tanuki Raw! I have to admit, the portion size had set my expectations low and I would have preferred a tad bit larger bowl. Still, the beef was super tender and well seasoned. They were generous with the beef as well, and the rice coated with runny egg made for the perfect bed.

I loved how well balanced the flavours were and will definitely return for this!

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I remember eating this very affordable Korean food during uni and though the prices have inflation a bit, they still provide value for money Korean cuisine. The kimchi beef soup is comforting and warms your body on a cold day. Saba fish is over cooked and dry, don’t recommend it.

Expected Damage: $10/set

Wow this was a great dessert treat alright! Froze my brain cells some but it was worth it! Not too sweet a dessert and a huge portion for 2-3pax. Beautiful creations on the menu and definitely a favourite with all ages!

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Seems to be my favourite because of the delectable seasoning that pairs perfectly with Japanese rice. There’s thin bones so gotta be careful with every bite. Great 1-for -1 Burpple deal!

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Came back with my son to eat this amazing looking Wagyu Don again. His eyes lited up at first bite. It was worth it! Pretty amazing with esp with 1-for-1 Burpple deal! Tasty, unique and a beauty to your eyes!


Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk (S$2.20)
Not enough milk to feel shiok.

Steamed Rice Flat Noodles with Beef Brisket 柱侯牛腩蒸陈村粉 (S$7.50)
The chee Cheong fun was too mushy.

Double Boiled Egg 冰花炖蛋 (S$2.80)
Kind of too firm

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You can pamper yourself further by topping up $25 for 12.5g of uni to add to the richness and flavour. Another new dish is the Signature Mamasan Kyuden ($24) is a tower layered with a medley of sushi rolls made with a mixture of salmon belly, mentai sauce, shrimp tempura, baked eel and avocado.

Several of their past favourites have undergone a revamp such as the Salmon Obsession Platter ($68) that comes with a collection of 10 types of salmon creations, prepared in ways like wrapped with bocconici, aburi mentai, wrapped with tamagoyaki and many more. Still in the menu are familiar classics such as the Foursome Kani Salad Nori Tacos, Naked Roll and Chicken Kebab with French Fries.

To celebrate the new menu, Ohayo Mama San is offering a special price of the Negitoro & Salmon Tartare Play Kit at only $29.90 from now to 16 October, including 1-for-1 specials on all Nori Tacos.
✨ Ohayo Mama San
📍 313 Orchard Road, 313 Somerset, Unit 01-29, Singapore 238895
🍴 [Media Invite]

The Salmon (Aburi) Mentaiko Donburi ($15) was satisfying too with their own mentai sauce slathered over the slices. Embellished with briny ikura and tobiko, the rice bowl was not overly seasoned (saltish) and rather well-balanced. Although the slices were thin, they were fresh-tasting and were cooked perfectly - almost melts in the mouth. The sauce had a good flavour, not too jelat, and got a nice smoky boost from the torching as well.

Thank you @gyunamisg and @burpple for the invite!

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A decent spot for a quick and fuss-free meal in town, Gyu Nami is on #Burpplebeyond with 2 donburis going at $25! Known for their wagyu beef dons, they also serve a handful of mains and sides on their compact menu.

Done to a lovely medium rare, the signature Roasted Wagyu Beef Donburi ($15) was a pretty sight with a runny yolk at the very top and a generous pour of their housemade yoghurt sauce. The peppered Australian wagyu slices were lean and soft; with a mild beefy flavour. Hence, the bulk of the flavour came from the light yoghurt sauce and the sweet-savoury sauce found drizzled on the rice. I especially enjoyed dipping into and mixing the egg with the beef.

Thank you @gyunamisg and @burpple for the invite!

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The whiff of mala is irresistible, and it's a must have - great to dip the meat and beancurd rolls and especially, in this rainy season. ($60 for 2 with burpple beyond). Meat servings are generous

Ordered xiao la, but still super super spicy.
Pretty decent hotpot, but nothing really stood out.

The interior was quite nice, best to reserve a window seat! One of the few places to get parking in Orchard, so quite convenient if you’re planning to drive.

This was the signature dish in this small little cozy restaurant! Soft and tender beef slices were delicately placed on the top of the rice, served with an onsen egg and a special home made yogurt-based sauce. This was enjoyable in every aspect, from the aesthetics to the soft and juicy beef slices, to the creamy and flavourful yogurt that added flavors to the rice and the beef! It also came with a bowl of miso soup which complemented the rice. Overall it was a simple yet very hearty and delicious meal.

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