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Crab Pomodoro ($24)
Very generous servings of crab, was creamy but not very heavy!! It was soooooo delicious i loved it

Tonkatsu ($22)
Tonkatsu was a little bit hard for me but it was very flavourful🤩 but the star for me would be the bread, it's simple but so good! Salad dressing was very nice, and the fries were perfect, crispy outside and soft inside

Honey Cabana ($5)
honey water, not too sweet, refreshing

Lemon Tea ($5)
A little sour but that's real lemon tea for you HAHAHA

Would definitely recommend people to try it


Apologies for the photo

Bun was crunchy and airy but way too difficult to bite through.

Thin condensed milk layer was nice cos it's not too sweet

We ordered, went toilet, and by the time we are back it's a soggy mess. They said it's super crispy when it just comes out of the kitchen. Lol.

The eggy taste is on point, and their honey is very good, thick and tastes like caramel.

They have some really good and crispy croffle!! I love the flaky texture and it's just so fragrant and crispy! Used the Burpple waffles/croffles one for one. Also tried their pandan waffle, which requires additional top up, but it was not bad too!

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Matcha Hojicha Latte Ice Blend $7 | Goma Slice $8.90

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15.90 for the double +$4 for the set and an additional $1 for the truffle mayo drizzle.

Waffle fries were delicious and especially with the truffle mayo it was definitely yum. But $1 for that drizzle feels a little like a luxury for me. I am not sure if i will go for it again even though I do quite enjoy it.

Their burger is pretty big which makes it quite value for money but unfortunately it paled in comparison to the other burgers I've had recently. (more on reviews up on IG @canihaveabitepls)

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Ordered the beef stew, pancake and two rice balls. Really super yummy meal and had a good time chatting w my friend too as the place was cosy and staff was very friendly. Really would recommend this place to others as I have brought several groups of friends and they loved this place too!

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The Crabmeat & Roe Rice Ball was served generously, which included flavourful portions of crabmeat and healthy mixed purple rice!

Loved the broth from the Spicy Chicken Stew, and the chicken served was also very tender!

I am not a fan of cheese products, but I have to say that the Honey Mustard Cheese Egg Roll surprised my palate. The cheese and the egg were blended perfectly, and it was a great pairing with the rest of the dishes we ordered!

Of course, do remember to try out the Jug of Honeydew Aloe too! It is a really refreshing beverage, which comes with generous portions of aloe vera and honeydew bits as well!

Overall: 5/5!! Will definitely be back for more!!!

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got the kimchi bacon egg roll, spicy chicken stew and squid&leek pancake! favourite out of 3 is definitely the stew which had a good balance between spicy, sweet and savoury. pancake was also nice and crispy! would have liked a bit more bacon in the egg roll but it was pretty good too. shoutout to the service staff, they were really attentive and friendly!

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