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Wok-tossed Laksa ($12) and Dry Mee Siam ($12)
Both noodles are fried with seafood and taupok/taukwa and they taste pretty similar. They are not bad, but didn’t leave much of an impression~

Bakwan Kepiting ($6 per portion)
Meatballs of pork, crab and bamboo shoots are served in a chicken broth that is packed with flavour - love this!

Ayam Goreng ($11/22)
The deep fried marinated boneless chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Nyonya Ngoh Hiang ($16)
The deep fried pork and prawn rolls are fragrant and delicious.

Sotong Masak Hitam ($14/28)
The tender squid is cooked in an intense squid ink rempah - wasn’t expecting the wokhei but love it!

Premium Chap Chye ($12/24)
This is classic comfort food comprising cabbage braised with dried mushrooms, prawns, pork belly, gingko nuts, black fungus and glass noodles.

Ayam Buah Keluak ($15/30)
This is my all time favourite Peranakan dish.
The boneless chicken thigh is braised in a rich sauce and it goes so well with the nutty flesh of the buah keluak seeds.

Babi Pongtay ($15/30)
The slow-cooked pork belly in fermented bean sauce is soft and flavourful.

Recent cravings for Peranakan food led me to this slightly hidden stall at Golden Mile Food Centre, and boy was this a good find. Blunt but friendly aunty serving customers and even helping to clear their plates. The Ayam Rendang ($8) came in a sharing portion of chicken and potatoes in a superb aromatic and slightly spicy gravy; and the best part is that the chicken pieces are boneless! The Chapchai ($5) was also really good and in a sizeable portion. Two plates of rice completed the meal for an additional $0.50 a plate. Don't forget to ask for their (very potent) chilli too! Overall, fantastic and homely peranakan fare at a very affordable price. Would definitely return and also wholeheartedly recommend anyone to come by too!

From Marie’s Lapis
We recently had the pleasure of trying the new dish, Itek Sio, at a popular cafΓ© on the east side of Singapore.
This slow-cooked leg of duck is an absolute delight, featuring a harmonious blend of tamarind mixture, shallots, coriander powder, and dark soy sauce.
The flavour are perfectly balanced and seep into every tender bite of the duck.
Accompanying this succulent main is blue pea rice that not only adds a visually stunning element to the plate but also complements the dish with its subtle fragrance.
Only $20 for now.

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Mom misses the popiah at this unpretentious shop located at a rather ulu corner of coronation plaza, so here we are!

Their crowd favourite popiah is packed to the brim with ingredients including sweet sauce, stewed turnips, chunky hard boiled eggs, beansprouts, cucumber and carrot strips and the iconic crunchy rice bits!

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