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This popular curry rice attracts long queues even on weekdays so you can imagine the snaking queues on a late Saturday afternoon.

I think it's quite overhyped though because I wasn't wowed at all by the curry nor the liao? It all amounted to a whopping $15 too when I didn't even order much meat.


Big Bao 传统大包
Combination of juicy pork & chicken stuffed in thin fluffy dough

Fan Choy 香蒸饭菜
Savoury rice topped with sweet char siew

Steam Chicken 姜蓉蒸鸡
Juicy tender chicken topped with black fungus

Phoenix Talons 酱汁蒸鸡爪
Well seasoned braised & steam
Chewy, soft & tender

Niang Mai 鲜蒸酿卖
Filled with juicy minced pork meat
Topped with quail egg

Hua Ji Bao Dang 華記飽檔
Address 🛖 : 115 Bukit Merah View # 01-63 Singapore 🇸🇬 151 115


idk how mascarpone is supposed to taste but it’s light and like...butter? like buttery AF. omg so creamy and with the honey so sweet and crushed walnuts against that creaminess ooo yumyum might actl come back for this. i also like that they added sea salt so the sweetness wouldnt be overwhelming

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Back by popular demand, limited-edition Cheese Menchi Katsu ($12.80)/ Curry ($10.80) is available until 30 June. Suitable for lovers of cheese with an oozy cheddar filling paired with tender minced pork.

Insta: cafehoppingkids

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We opted for a relatively healthier option to start the day and we were glad that it was more flavourful than expected. The feta yoghurt at the side goes really well with the sourdough toast. We liked the crunch from the nut toppings as well. The serving size may look small here but it's actually pretty filling.

We came on a weekday morning and got a table in a few minutes. There's no service charge here 😀

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Half Chilli / Half Soya Crispy Korean Boneless Fried Chicken (Dakgangjeong), So addictive.  

Location: Bigmama Korean Restaurant, 2 Kim Tian Rd, Singapore 169244

After a rather ho-hum lunch from a multiple-awarded chicken rice stall in Tiong Bahru Food Centre, I needed to console myself with something much tastier, so I walked around, hoping for something to catch my eye. The universe answered in a flash because whom should I bump into but the OG food blogger - @danielfooddiary, and he recommended @the.coco.rice.
Ladyboss Aries Chan shared with me that her previous career was in marketing but after the success of her home-based business @nasilemakindulgence’s #NasiLemakCake, she decided to open a stall selling her blue pea flower tinged #NasiLemakKukus too.
I ordered a few sets to take home to enjoy. And enjoy, we definitely did. Here are my thoughts on each component in the dish:
- There is significant coconut richness in the light, fluffy steamed rice.
- Sambal is sweetish, spicy and MSG-free - I like it a lot! It goes amazingly with the rice, as well as the extra large crispy ikan bilis, peanuts and cucumber.
- The Otah is a must to add on because it takes on the form of a pan-grilled patty, and is intensely fragrant and tasty. In fact, I should warn you that one piece may not be enough.
- Much bigger than average, the Fried Chicken Thigh is aromatic from a herb and spice marinade. I feel though it is best to eat this on the spot in order to relish the intended crispiness.
- Tempeh and Tau Kwa are fine - neither is overfried or hard.
- The Lady’s Fingers have a lovely crunch and are dressed with a different savoury, drier sambal which I also found appetising.

Prices for each Nasi Lemak Set fall between $6.90 and $9.90.

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Here, it's either beef or fish. I haven't tried BurgerLabo and in a twist of fate I ate this first. Well, I should've chosen fish. This seriously reminded me of McDonald's cheeseburger, albeit with a slightly thicker patty and lots of onion that kept distracting me from the fact it's just McDonald's.

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You can’t go wrong when you know the chef used to work in Ding Tai Fung.

Another popular fried rice stall that has expanded to a few outlets, with their first one located at Beo Crescent.

The sambal fried rice definitely getting the wok hey taste I want, comes with pieces of big shrimps. The fried rice also cooked with lots of egg within.

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I paid almost $25 for these three sets.
Price list and menu can be found on their IG.

I am not usually a huge nasi lemak fan as I'm not that great with spicy food. Their sambal is definitely on the spicier side (even for my family who can take spicy).

The rice has a strong whiff of lemongrass but I don't quite taste/smell the pandan. I do like lemongrass so it's ok for me but I guess it really personal preference.

I enjoyed the fried eggs though. Because my friend who got it for me were there at 8am a few items were not available hence I did not manage to try several items which I wanted to.

But from what I've tasted and it's quite a distance from where I live, I don't think I will make a trip specially down but I might try again if I'm in the vicinity.

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My first impression was this is very expensive for not a lot. The plate is big but the rice is half a bowl with a lot of empty space. After trying the chicken, I think the price is arguable. It's flawless lah. The marinade and the frying were restaurant level. Individually, the components were impressive too. The blue pea rice was fragrant, the chilli was obviously homemade, the peanuts seemed like they were roasted again and the cucumber wasn't the cheap variety.

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My hubby and I had strolled over to this hawker stall after wolfing down the Fishball Mee Pok at Havelock Road Food Centre. Hence, I wasn’t famished when it came to our turn, which explains why I did not over-order. Our modest (by my standards 😂) spread comprised of deepfried pork chop, curry sotong, braised “tau pok”, fried eggs and stewed cabbage which we savoured with white rice drowned in curry.
Going to be honest. I have never considered Hainanese Curry Rice to be all that exciting in terms of aroma and flavour but it sure makes up for that with a multitude of textures.

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