Land of Rising Sun Oishi ne? Savour with all the delicious Japanese cuisine from Japan with me.
Malaysia, Truly Asia Let’s explore our neighbours, Malaysia! This list consists much of places outside Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.
맛있어 Masisseo South Korea don’t stop with just their Kpop but also lots of Korean foods as well. This list featured some of the meals I have when visiting to this country.
Local Delight, Travel, European Germany Essen When we talk about Germany foods, we always associate with Germany sausage. But of course there’s always lots of options in every countries, including Germany. This list included places and food that I have during my Germany trips.
Chinese, Local Delight, Travel China the Great Wall Here I am in the another whole new world. Their strict internet access probably won’t stop me from trying their foods.
Western, Local Delight Australia Trip Probably my first travel to a western country in May 2019. This list will have everything I have over the country whenever I’m there.
Cheap & Good, Local Delight, Hawker/Kopitiam Top 10 Foods You should try in Marsiling Specially curated list for audiences who coming for OH! PASSPORT, an art experience happen in this neighbourhood.