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The portions were sufficient and after the promotions, it’s very worth it to come here.

($16.90) I use 1 for 1 burpple voucher for main dish to redeem. I opt out noodle for side dish. But I felt that not much "pepper" taste as opt out for less spicy in flavour. They give a lot of ingredients inside hotpot such as lettuce, fungi mushroom, lion mane, tofu and sliced carrots. I did enjoy the experience for mini hotpot while they cooked ingredients to the boil. Their you tiao was quite crispy and can dip into the soup broth.

The acai tastes great to be fair, but be careful that while the deal states it’s medium size, the actual one given is small. The staff claimed that they are updating the Burpple deal to show it is small. Do you think they will update it? I doubt so. A word of caution if you’d like to try this out.

A cosy co-working space with comfortable meeting area, and of course they also serves some in-house dining as well.

I ordered their falafel bowl without much expectation and was surprised with the portion. It is actually very big and fulfilling meal for one person.

Comes with lots of mixed mesclun, cherry tomato salsa and tabouleh.

Of course with their house-made falafel you can’t go without the humus, which they provided 2 type of it; included the traditional and beetroot.

Accompanied by mixed herbs, avocado, house-made plant-based raita, house-made flatbread, dukkah and almonds.

I need some protein for my lunch, which is why I also added some organic chicken to my bowl.

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Discover the latest The Social Space's vibrant outlet in Potong Pasir!

Sip on their zesty Homemade Lemonade and pair it with a nourishing Smoothie Bowl or indulgent Double Toast. Enjoy them more with Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 offer: Smoothie Bowl & Homemade Lemonade or Double Toast & Homemade Lemonade!
Bring a friend and drop by for an instant pick-me-up!

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Not a fan of the pesto sauce, tastes too nutty and not really of Basil.
Also not a fan of the mushroom used and it’s a little too thick.
Just not a fan of this pasta — will probably order another dish next time.
However, with burpple deal - got two mains for$20.65 which is a great deal. Food portion is on the small side too.
Especially for the location of this place. Will come back

Herbal base which hits the spot for me.
Felt it was a good soup base, but definitely nothing beats the real thing.
But a good soupy dish for a cold day! There was a good variety of vegetables too.
Worth with the one for one deal.

They did not state clearly at the start what’s included in the 1 for 1. Disappointed. I mentioned before entering that I was going to use the deal but they did not mention what was not included. Only at the counter did they clarify and I was not able to use the coupon in the end. Food was adequate, will not recommend to come again.

Honestly, it was pretty creamy but the bell peppers definitely covered the taste of the truffle. All I could taste was the cream and pepper, but I don’t mind cos it’s still quite tasty 🙂 I think it was $16.90 but yay to burpple 1-for-1

If you like your coffee, I highly recommend that you head over to Waved Coffee to have a little experience with science and coffee. Interestingly, they use electromagnetic waves to treat their coffee, which surprisingly produces a different flavour!

To have a full experience, you can get their coffee flight ($6.50), which is available both black and white. They will give you 2 small cups, 1 before the treatment and 1 after. You can choose from their selection of local blends, but we decided to go for their house blend. Their house blend is definitely a strong, aromatic one, and one significant difference I find from the EM wave treatment is that it does significantly make the bitterness of the coffee mellower, without removing their flavour notes.

Their Iced Mocha ($7.50) was splendid as well, as it was very smooth, rich and yet not surfeiting. Getting the homeground coffee blend was great for the mocha, due to its strong chocolate notes.

We tried some of their juices as well, and we loved them too! They were incredibly smooth and had a great blend of fruity flavours.

Definitely worth a visit, especially when the drinks are available 1 for 1 on #burpplebeyond !

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