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Very flavourful steak and sides, friendly staff and great atmosphere. Would definitely visit again!

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Cosy steakhouse at botanic gardens. Love the open kitchen concept. Though if you prefer a traditional table over the bar counter, you could still ask for it!

2022-05-03 dinner
Burrata and sourdough - Good. Sourdough was quite airy which i liked. The bread was mildly toasted, which gave it a perfect texture. The burrata was nice but unremarkable
Denver steak and deckle steak - Excellent. The steaks have a punchy, upfront flavor which i loved. They were highly marbled with lots of flavorful fat. The deckle, however, was tougher. I would recommend sharing one steak among two pax (with other sides)
Broccolini - Garnished with whole pink peppercorns, which complimented surprisingly well. The charred flavor carried by the sauce was delicious.
American cheesecake - Sourness of the berries sauce provided a refreshing contrast to the familiar cheesecake

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2022-05-04 lunch
Calamari rings - Excellent. Great breading and texture
Chilli cheese fries - Good. Generous portion and the toppings worked well together
Original ribs - Excellent. Very tender, and has been kindly deboned for us

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Started my day right with Asanoya’s Matcha Series - some old favourites and a couple of new additions!

Matcha Cruffin ($5.50) - A more than decent rendition, the flaky exterior (after a quick pop in the toaster) paired wonderfully with the earthy-sweet matcha custard filling.

Matcha Choux Puff ($6.00/ 4 pcs) - Tender one-bite dessert, the puffs were real light. The matcha azuki filling was pleasantly molten too. A tad sweet overall but a great, foolproof flavour combination.

Green Tea Mochi with White Chocolate filling ($4.80/ 2 pcs) - A real chewy number, the texture was fun though the matcha flavour was slightly more muted in comparison to the other pastries. Thus, the bits of white chocolate found in the airy interior which tasted a little caramel-like were a welcomed surprise.

Matcha Turtle Pan ($3.00) - Essentially an Asian-style milk bun with a crisp green tea flavoured biscuit crust shaped into a cute baby turtle - can’t go wrong with that.

Matcha Azuki Croissant ($3.80) - My favourite of the lot! Dusted with snow powder and studded with almonds, the buttery croissant held a really nice nuttiness and earthiness from the matcha-coated exterior and red bean filling. The filling was not too sweet and the pastry itself was pretty substantial.

Karuizawa Matcha ($3.20) - Soft and fluffy on the inside, and crusty on the sides, the slice had great textures. Infused with white chocolate chip, the matcha flavour was distinct, fragrant and I liked that it was subtly sweetened.

Using only premium Japanese ingredients with no preservatives whatsoever, the bakes mentioned are available at all Asanoya outlets; Paragon, Queen Street & Bukit Timah. Purchase them from the stores or order online: Grabfood / Deliveroo / Whatsapp (found on their page)!

This was a bread drop from Asanoya!

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Aesthetic place where we can chill and study with friends!

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The ribs were surprisingly soft and flavourful, and had very few bones! Generous portion especially for the chilli cheese fries. The staff were also very friendly :)

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Highly recommend the “walk in the park” pork ribs! The ribs were tender and juicy, while the sauce is spicy and delicious! Also had the steak which came with two sides as well. The steak was flavourful and juicy! The service crew were nice and attentive to my needs as well, asking if I need any other things or even small actions of passing a chair for me to put my bag on it. In all, I had a really good experience in Meat N’Chill!

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Their cupcakes are ridiculously decadent as usual. One might be too much for 1 pax but it's delicious. Both choc and coconut not too strong, mainly you taste the buttery cupcake

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It's alright for their standard, the banana bring fruitiness surprisingly, I didn't really figure out what it is. The banana and choc don't combine particularly well but that didn't really impact the overall taste

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We had a wonderful time at this steakhouse located at a corner of Serene Centre - and really this is a below the radar but superb place to enjoy steak done in a delectable manner without hurting the wallet so much.

The sides was also quite complimentary - the service simply made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

Would definitely recommend this place to friends.


✨on weekends, the queues can get crazy long so try to come early, say like morning or brunch period ;) this as a breakfast food is OP
SUPER SUPER springy noodles!! as springy as tigger from winnie the pooh. that’s a weird ass comparison but it’s really so bouncy, not soggy even when soaked in the delicious savory soy sauce.

🍗duck meat is pretty gd, duck meat does have a reputation for not being as tender as chicken but this one was nice , salty and juicy with a non odorous duck flavor.

🥟let’s talk about the star of the show tho. the wantons !!!! first word to describe them: definitely velvety. soft wanton skin that almost melts in ur mouth, followed by a juicy mince meat filling :))

🙋🏻‍♀️just a little fyi: if you can’t get enough of these wantons, the stall also sells them frozen, so you can always buy a box home and boil them w broth at your own time ;) wanton forever <3

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