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This is one hidden jem with amazing ribs. Ordered the honey mustard ribs with truffle mac & cheese and the flavours were really poppin' This makes really good comfort food for a rainy weather in December. Will def be back.

I highly recommend the Honey Mustard Ribs. The ribs were incredibly tender and flavorful, with a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. I decided to add the chili cheese fries as an extra, and while they weren't too spicy, their unique twist complemented the ribs wonderfully. Overall, it was a delightful dining experience, offering succulent ribs and a tasty side that added a subtle yet enjoyable kick to the meal.

Came on a weekday night and the atmosphere was good - not too noisy

Ordered a medium rare new york strip with red wine sauce. Loved how savoury the sauce was and the meat was also cooked well and tender. Portion was generous.

Service was good as the waiter checked in on how the food was etc. Attentive staff

Highly recommend! πŸ‘πŸΌ

they did their meats pretty well! the ny strip rly stood out and was very delicious. the honey mustard ribs were tender pretty good, but the sides weren't the best. the service was great tho!

New York Strip was amazingly well done, although the truffle fries could have had more truffle and the red wine in the sauce was not very apparent. Prawn aglio was good, huge prawns and generous portion. Good vibes and amazing, genuine service by staff who constantly checked up on usπŸ˜ƒ

This place offers a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere, complemented by its convenient proximity to a nearby bus stop. I decided to try their honey mustard pork ribs, and found the dish to be thoroughly satisfying. The meat was tender and soft, packed with rich flavors . The overall experience was satisfying. With the combination of a cozy ambiance and the choices they offer makes this meat house a place to visit.

It seems that Cluny Court has been through quite a bit of change after most of its tenants located outside of the mall had moved out of their respective shop units β€” this includes F&B establishments such as that of The Affogato Bar which had made their move to The Star Vista recently, as well as Ollella x Swish Rolls with the former making its move to Far East Square, and the latter having just opened their own location at the basement of Paragon. Since then, we have seen more commercial brands like Tiong Bahru Bakery take up tenancy within the building, though the new opening of Gelobuna still suggests that there is some indie F&B appeal to Cluny Court after its revamp. An establishment that aims to be β€œone place for artisanal gelato and specialty coffee” based on their bio on social media, Gelobuna might be a new name to the local F&B scene, though it does seem to be affiliated to brands that already has a presence in the local F&B scene β€” there are suggestions that the spot may be affiliated with PaPa Gelare by CoffeePlus and CoffeePlus; both brands having a presence at the Farrer Gardens neighbourhood at Queen’s Road near Farrer Road MRT Station. Indeed, the similarity in branding is pretty stark; while the decor and facade of Gelobuna can be said as pretty ultra-modern with a sleek look considering the use of metallic elements throughout the whole store, the splash of red used from the exterior to the interior is pretty consistent with the colour which CoffeePlus uses as a theme. As expected, the main offerings at Gelobuna would be their gelato β€” patrons would be able to opt between having their scoops of gelato in a cone, cup or with a waffle. Meanwhile, the beverage menu at Gelobuna mostly comprises of espresso-based specialty coffee, as well as drinking chocolate and Fiji water.

We were pretty much in the mood for surprises on the day which we made our visit to Gelobuna, so we left our dining partner to try some of the flavours which they have to offer in the display fridge and went with some of the flavours that we were presented as options to go along with a waffle. Our choices of the two scoops of gelato to go for would be the Pumpkin Pie gelato and the Muah Chee gelato. Some waiting time would be involved for those whom are enjoying their gelato with a waffle since the Waffle at Gelobuna is only prepared upon order; similar to the practice that most ice-cream / gelato parlours around the island adopts β€” it is interesting to note that we were not provided nor informed of any options on adding a sauce / drizzle for the Waffle here. As we dug into the Waffle, we found that the texture of the waffle was pretty decent being plush and of the sort that seems to focus on the fluffiness and denseness of the waffle from within, though one thing that really marred the entire experience was how alkaline or metallic the Waffle seemed to have tasting β€” almost akin to the addition of too much baking powder into the batter to the point that we found it difficult to finish the waffle anyway.

As for the scoops of gelato, we did feel that the flavours were decent but they do seem to deviate a little from what they were intended to be; perhaps being so due to how they seemed to be holding back on the level of sweetness of their gelato creations. The Muah Chee (which was also indicated to have no peanuts according to the description card in the display freezer) was more like a sesame-flavoured gelato at-heart; the flavour was lacking of any stretchy bits of mochi for a texture that replicated Muah Chee, nor carried any distinct note of sweetness from rice grains that usual form the flavours of rice cakes in general. When it came to the Pumpkin Pie, the gelato did carry a hue of yellow that seemingly resembles the colour of the flesh of pumpkins, though the flavour profile of the gelato seemed to heavily focus on the spices such as cinnamon that one can find in the making of a pumpkin pie. What seems to be lacking is that underlying sweetness of pumpkin, while they could also look into adding some crumbles that could replicate the texture of the crust of a pumpkin pie that would give some contrast of textures to further elevate the gelato flavour. Overall, a product that one could tell that some effort was placed into the creation, though the execution could have been refined; a little bit of a shame especially considering how the texture of the gelato was actually smooth, creamy and a little sticky. Overall, Gelobuna isn’t really a bad place to stopover for some gelato and specialty coffee if one is around the immediate area of Botanjc Gardens MRT Station; that being said, we do think they could easily push themselves further if they are able to rethink how they do gelato β€” perhaps a spot that things will get a little clearer as time moves along once they get past the initial days of its operations.

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The Classic (S$16+)
Impossible beef patty, cheese & special sauce
Love the buttery fluffy bun.

The Nuggets (S$6++)
Quite exp for 5 pieces.

Happened to see the food burger at the entrance of the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre today.

The Goodburger
Note πŸ“ : Got 8% GST. Takeaway has additional S$0.50+ charge for paper bag. Should have requested no takeaway to save on the bag, plus the items were not box up.

Save the trouble and do not come. Absolutely untruthful and dishonest in their listing of the burpple deals.

Meat lover, dun miss out their Ribeye steak and Pork Ribs.
The food are generally at affordable price and are done beautifully.
The restaurant provide a cosy place to hang out with friends and family.
Definitely a pleasant time chilling/catching up with my friend over at Meat n' Chill !

Quite a nice place to unwind at. Served amazing portions of quality meats and sauces, there’s a lot on the menu.