Hei Mee

Hei Mee

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TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

When it's late at night, and u craving for prawn noodles, this is where u must go.

The soup here is delicious and with some added chilli padi, it will be damn shiok.

The prawns were fresh and the chilli sauce was damn good when stirred and mixed with the prawns, meat & noodles.

May not be the best prawn mee, but definitely a good one, especially at 2am in the morning.


Portion is damn huge. Damn filling for $8

Prawns were fresh. Pork lard amount very generous.

Wok hei taste is damn strong, so strong that the aftertaste in my mouth felt like I just smoked some cigarettes. Strongest wok hei I ever had in my life.

Gets very crowded during lunch time, practically fighting for tables.


This is the $15 portion.

Comes with 4 prawns there may seem "huge", but wasn't. Chilli was great. Lots of lard and fried onions mixed into the bowl of beehoon/kway teow.

Prawns were fresh.

Soup was good, but not necessarily the best I ever had.

Next time just get their normal prawn mee, the size is almost same. And cheaper

5 small prawns> 4 King prawns

Portion also not worth the $15.

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Seeing those huge Prawns displayed at the front of the shop really enticed me.

Decided to have the medium portion @ $13

The bee hoon/kway teow was mixed in chilli and ketchup, really some old school taste here.

Prawns were huge and fresh.

Soup was great as well, a mixture of pork and prawn broth, personally, I like it mixed with red chilli. Damn good.


Try Fresh XO Seafood Noodles have since shifted to Kelantan Lane.

Having previously patronised their Jalan Sultan Shop, thus already know it will be good.

Standard still as good, seafood still as fresh.

Generous amount of Seafood for $8.90, just see how many Scallops there are.


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Chef goo has a rather extensive menu, from noodles, to pao fan, to fried rice, then can add on meats or seafood. Feels so spoilt for choice.

Decided to have the seafood pao fan and their signature red sea prawns hokkien mee.

The seafood was damn fresh.

Noodles have a distinctive wok hei.

Pork belly was soft and just melts in your mouth, fat ratio was high.

As they provided only disposable utensils, would be better if they de-shell the prawns. Felt like I made a mess eating this.


Hokkien Mee here is cooked in batches, u can't order until uncle cook finish the batch. Thus a queue starts to form up rather quickly on this weekday dinner night.

The coffee shop here is rather old school.

Hokkien mee only sold in medium($8) & Large($10). So it's more expensive than your average hokkien mee. They use to have the small $6 portion, but auntie said they don't sell small anymore.

Wife took the medium portion and felt that its pretty less.

Large portion was just right. Total 5 prawns.

Very Strong wok hei, one of the better hokkien mee I had for quite some time. Prawns and squids were fresh.

The chilli though, was quite a mismatch, it was sweet and the taste just doesn't go well with the wok hei hokkien mee.

Nevertheless, still a solid plate of hokkien mee, i will return again for more.

The last time I had Yong Heng, it was nearly 15 years ago, when I used to work nearby.

So it has been around for a long time, and I am glad this was still around, and still as popular as ever.

There were a total of 3 prawns, a few sotongs, and lots of lean meat. Seafood was fresh for sure. Can taste its freshness.

Sambal Chilli was of a sweet variety and it wasn't very spicy.

Can eat if u are nearby.

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Long Long queue when it first opened, wondering what's so good, why got such a long queue.

Expectations were high and I was rather upset that I queued for over 30mins for a rather mediocre hokkien mee. Maybe the queue was too large and cooking process hasten; resulting in a drop in quality control.

Tasted quite bland, no wok hei taste whatsoever also.

Maybe try again Next time when there's a shorter queue.


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545 Whampoa Prawn noodles have been around since the 1950s.

There are two 545 Whampoa Prawn noodles stall in SG, the other one is at tekka, and has many videos and reviews on social media.

By the time reach 12pm, Bee Hoon and Kway Teow already ran out, only left the yellow noodles. But the queue is still so long.

Had the dry version @$5, prawns were fresh and was already de-shelled. The chilli which is mixed with tomato sauce was quite good, giving this a very old school taste.

Hong heng is a famous Fried Hokkien Mee store here at Tiong Bahru. It is almost listed in multiple Michelin guides, and also featured very heavily in articles and YouTube videos.

Surprisingly, this is my first time eating Hong Heng. Despite me waiting for the store to open at 4.30pm, I was not fast enough to be the first 3 customers.

There's a hint of wok hei with the noodles, the prawn and sotong tasted fresh and was cooked just right, with it being soft and easy to chew.

The sambal chilli was not so spicy.

Hong Heng is the first stall u see when u come up the escalator.

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Saw a long queue the previous time I was at GMFC, this time round, queue wasn't so long, thus decided to give it a try.

Had the $5 portion.

The sambal-like chilli sauce was quite spicy, almost explosive.

Pork ribs were soft and tender

Prawns were crunchy.

Overall quite solid, it is worth the long queue in my opinion.

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Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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