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Tucked away in a quiet hawker centre, the sister of the popular Ser Seng Turtle Soup Restaurant sells more affordable turtle soup for the soul.

It's cheaper because they don't serve brown rice and probably use less XO cognac in their soup, but you can always BYO. The turtle is well cooked, and the soothing herbal soup is perfect for a rainy day.

I have not met a happier couple selling humble fare in a wet market. Their warm soup makes my tummy smile, and their warm smiles make my heart melt.

In fact, they practise a more sustainable business model: They don't sell turtle eggs here, giving the baby turtles a chance to mature into adults and continue the next generation of this vulnerable highly-prized species.


Credibility check 鉁
It is indeed recognised on the official寰风敓鎴愬北鐟/ website

$35 Claypot + $0.50 a bowl of rice (pictured)
[$10 / 14 / 18 / 20 / 25 individual soup bowl options]
[$35 / 50 Claypot options]

This restaurant is one of the few that offer variaties of Indian food like Thosai, Naan, Capati, Beryani and etc at a very reasonable price in a air-condition surrounding and ambiance.

Pretty generous with the spiced potato fillings, which might cause the pancake to go a little soft, but fret not, the thosai stays crisp until the last bite. Served with a side of dhal, coconut gravy and sambar (tomato onion gravy) and boy..... you鈥檝e got a delightfully messy medley of spices and flavours.

The earl grey really stands out with its flavours bursting in my mouth 馃憚. The cake was extremely moist and the cream cheese was really smooth and delicate. For the Affogato, it was strongly espresso. The ice cream was smooth and sweet with the espresso oozing out of it. It was yet bitter and sweet, the best of both worlds. An extremely good combination for a good ending. One of the best that I have ever eaten. 馃槉馃憤馃惓馃惓馃惓

Iced Latte ($5.50)

Iced latte from @refuelcafesg to escape from the crazy-ass heat! Great weekend with a good cuppa 鈽曪笍鈽猴笍!

This hidden confectionery sells traditional Indonesian kuehs from ondeh ondeh to kueh lapis, all at $0.70 a piece.

Their Ang Ku Kuehs are STUFFED with filling; bursting with it. They come in two flavours: peanut and green bean.
Taste-wise: I'll be honest, it ain't the best, but it ain't bad either. The kueh skin was a tad too alkaline for my liking. Perhaps I was just there a little too late. You might have better luck getting a good box of these famed red cakes earlier in the day.
If anything, the overflowing filling would make anyone's stomach happy.

Tip: The "瀵" (sh貌u) on the kueh means long life or longevity, as in 浜哄骞翠赴銆係o here's to a long life of good food shared with good friends! 馃悽

But it was mehhhhh. Chilli crab pasta ($10.50). Didn't like that the chilli crab was in shreds and not visible to the eye + there were so many chopped garlics (also not v small pieces..) that were in the way. The green veg garnish was also so hard to chew on. So for someone who doesn't like to eat garlic/veg, pls avoid this dish at all cost. I think I spent 85% of my time figuring if the small pieces that my fork was poking was garlic or crabmeat 馃槀 and this was quite a spicy dish compared to normal chilli crab pasta served elsewhere (which are usually on the sweet side). I choked on my first mouthful of pasta and got a shock haha. The end of bedok adventures this morning 馃槉 #burpple

I keep returning to Refuel Cafe for the hearty brunches at wallet friendly prices, and tried the pancakes for the first time last week. We arrived at 1050am and were already the 2nd in queue! 馃槺

The pancakes were good! Paired the fluffy scrambled eggs and choice of sausage, bacon or smoked salmon (we tried all 3 and loved them!), it's a weekend place we keep returning to again and again. Just be prepared to queue cos there's limited seating.

piping hot fried rice full of ingredients and fresh seafood.. pretty tasty but I was a little disappointed cos it wasn't spicy at all and service was slow.. but the flavour of the food made up for it.. it's open 24hrs for the night owls in the east #burrple #gettingfatwhilewaiting #whileimwaitingfortheloml #lomljns #lomljnck

The fettuccine was thick, flat with an al dente texture that was a tad too tough for my liking; perhaps the linguine would be a better option. Nevertheless, the generous portion of savoury, tender and juicy bacon slices, chewy and earthy button mushrooms were a great complement creamy, flavourful and cheesy sauce that was surprisingly enjoyable without being too overwhelming and gelat. At a pocket friendly pricing

Along with your choice of linguine or fettuccine for the noodles, the pasta was done al dente, with a pleasant firmness to the bite. Tossed with crabmeat chunks, chilli crab sauce and lime leaves, the end result was one that's flavourful with a shiok lingering spiciness that's not suited for the faint hearted! The lime leaves added a subtle tangy note coupled with a characteristic citrusy fragrance. Crabmeat chunks were present significantly in a generous amount, fresh with a soft, delicate mouthfeel .
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