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BMW Wings

Wings are delish at the first bite, but gets too much on the 4th wing. Its ALL wings bytheway, for Wings lovers. Greens comes without dressing, its kinda dry.. just eat it with the leftover sauces from the wings! Good to share ($8.90)

Pancake Stack

Amazeballs pancakes, with butter & honey, best ever! Satisfied my pancakes craving, just today. Greens on the side went well with its dressing. Scrambled eggs are just comfort food.
And the chicken sausage, nth to rave about.. but you get to choose over sausage, bacon, smoked salmon. ($10.90)

Pull Pork Burger

It was a good burger, flavorful, but a little dry on the bread. Generous portion of the meat. Corn sides ($12.90)

Duck Confit Well Worth A Try

Came by Triple V after work since I was in Bedok. Ordered the people's favourite - duck confit. The meat is on the fatty side but is tasty and tender, falling off the bone easily. Enjoyed the crisp edges of the duck skin too, and the rich and generous scoop of potato mash. The pumpkin soup-of-the-day was delightful and not too creamy. Great spacious place to share a meal with friends if you're craving European or western cuisine. Wallet-friendly too!

The Hog

I was randomly searching for a place for dinner on my phone when I came across this Burp Kitchen & Bar. Located under a block of HDB flats that faces the Bedok Reservoir, the restaurant view is generally soothing regardless day or night.

The Hog is one of their burgers in the restaurant that contains pork. Consisting of a pork patty with bacon, berry jam and cheese, it does give me a sense of fullness after swallowing it down with the serving of potato chips.

If I can be picky, I find that the bacon tends to be on the salty side. Fortunately the berry jam deflects the saltiness a little, at the same time giving the burger a more balanced taste.

S$14.00 for this? Sure thing!

So So But So Near

We just moved into the area so we had to try what's on offer here. Great location, and facing the reservoir. The food on the other hand was hit and miss, our party had the nachos appetizer to start. The salsa was waaay too garlicky to the point that it was hard to keep eating. The bacon shrimp pasta was okay, wouldn't order again, the burgers was the best of the bunch, we have the chicken rendang burger and the triple cheese burger. Only discovered that we could use the entertainer app here after paying, it would have been a great deal in that case! Would definitely try again due to its convenience but will try other items for sure.

Value For Money!

Tried out this place near my home recently. A hdb coffee shop converted into a western eatery, with aircon seating. No frills and very good prices. The hollandaise salmon and duck confit was really good for its price and was impressed with those two. Give the lamb chops a miss. And their normal western food (chicken chop etc) was okay and good if you're craving that! The sets and beer deals make a worth-it meal too!

Red Ruby

Red Ruby

Quintessential dessert after mango sticky rice. This tasted decent as were their savoury dishes!

Minced Pork Omelette

Minced Pork Omelette ($10)

I always find Thai cuisine appetizing, from their cold and spicy mango salad to their fiery tom yum and this extremely delicious omelette. An omelette is always best done thai style with lots of oil and practically deepfrying the entire scrambled egg😂. The result is this really fluffy omelette browned and crispy at the edges.

@royalthaikitchen is tucked away in the hood in Bedok Reservoir area but by no means is it short of business. I'm glad we arrived slightly earlier as their relatively small space was quickly filled during peak hours. The food here is of reasonably good standards but more importantly, the prices are very affordable!

Cheap And Good Western Food

It's hard to fathom why this air-conditioned space in Bedok was near empty on a Sunday evening. The service is efficient and earnest, and the honest cooking is a level up from regular coffeeshop western food stalls. I would visit often if I stayed in the area to eat this generous piece of perfectly pan-fried salmon slicked in tangy hollandaise - it's seriously a steal at $9.90.

Asam Catfish 鯰鱼 ($28)

Tucked at a corner below a block of hdb lies this zhi char coffee shop which serves bloody good asam catfish. You know people usually attack the belly part of the fish because it's the most tender. But with the catfish, every part of the fish is equally tender and the asam gravy is pretty wicked! Personally, I think the other zhi char dishes are so-so but the catfish is one not to be missed! Not sure if the catfish is a cheap fish but for $28 a whole fish it's damn worth it! Pls be reminded the catfish needs to be ordered like 2-3 days min in advance. Recommended to make reservations for dinner as well. This place is pretty small and the crowd starts pouring in after 7pm.
想吃鯰魚嗎?那不如到黃家咖啡店一趟. 大量推薦這家的亞參鯰魚! 魚肉又嫩又新鮮,配上亞參醬汁味道更佳! 別道的煮炒品質還好,但鯰魚儘量別錯過!