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Recommended lists of French in Singapore
12 Best Places for French in Singapore
Burpple Guides, French, Fine Dining, Date Night 12 Best Places for French in Singapore The French love their food and certainly know how to indulge. Lucky for us, we've got our fair share of quality restaurants and cafés in Singapore dishing up superb French fare ranging from a homey creperie to the most lavish fine dining venues.

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Top 10 places for French

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Ten soups featuring :
• Watercress Chicken
• Red Capsicum
• Cauliflower
• Carrot Coriander
• Golden Pumpkin
• Potato Leek
• Broccoli Cheddar
• Tomato
• Seafood Bisque
• Wild Mushroom
10th anniversary special menu available now @saybonssg

+marinated pear & melted Camembert cheese

💸: $18++
👅💭: 🙂
Mayb the taste is lighter for this dish or i like the ravioli too much. The rilette has paled in comparison. The ducky game is a little strong...the marinated pear was a pleasant addition, adding a little sweetness.

French dumpling pasta filled with Tête de Moine cheese

💸: $18++
Absolute love for this dish...a cheese lover will not be able to say NO!!!
Its creamy & salty yet not overly rich.
+ cheese shavings added texture to the dish
Definitely not as heavy as u would expect it to be (which is usually the downfall for a super cheesy dish)

Looks like a nice place to chill out.

💸: $6 each
👅 💭: 😋
Cafe Latte: Aromatic nutty taste...its gao enough! So yummy!!!

Watermelon Mint: Refreshing!!! But a little tiny...i could finish the entire cup in one breath! But nahh im gona sip

Much 💕 for this gorgeous space. Oh and coffee beans are from Tiong Hoe.

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Good old ice cream and waffles at udders! It’s been a long long while. Liked the salted caramel and dark chocolate flavors. Can’t remember their exact fancy names. Opens till 1am and only sides are available when we reached about 1030pm.

Rose petal mousse, rose finger sponge, yuzu cream, raspberry jelly, lychee, rose coral sponge, rose petal meringue, raspberry caviar, raspberry macaroni & raspberry crumble 》$10

Tiong Bahru has yet another cafe but this one has pretty awesome food and ambience.
Tarte flambee $24
Angus beef $26
Smoked salmon burger $21
Scrambled eggs $19
The humble looking and seemingly overpriced organic scrambled eggs was actually my favorite item. Truffle taste is evident and Parmesan cheese made it even better! Worth a return visit.