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Hidden behind the swathes of zigzagging paths that lead towards the top of fort canning hill, @lejardinsingapore is found in Fort Canning Arts Centre (where the bicentennial was hosted) -- a location enveloped in greenery. What adds to the ambience is the Victorian-style interior, which is covered in fresh flowers and wallpaper. This cafe is also by the same people behind @cafedenicolesflower but I preferred this cafe over the other because of its fitting location.

What makes a waffle a croissant? I suppose it's the various layers of flakes in the waffle itself. Quite an interesting creation but it wasn't crispy enough. The scrambled eggs, mushroom ragout and pork tolouse sausage were enjoyable but the rest were quite lacklustre.

This place's redeeming quality is solely its sublime ambience. I didn't even feel compelled to try their fancy overpriced drinks. May be worth a try if your an ambience kind of person but food wise, just grab something else at the city hall or bras basah area.

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This pathetic excuse for brunch tasted as bad as it looks. The sunny side egg had absolutely no interesting qualities about it, and the mesclun salad was a sad few strands of greens that felt like residents of the bottom of a salad bag.

I didn't give a 0 rating because the mushroom ragout actually tasted really fresh despite its small size.

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Food here is consistently good and service quick. This Caesar salad was served in a hardened but edible galette bowl. Salad itself was delicious with kale replacing the usual lettuce and crispy bacon providing the crunch, but the bowl was a bit of a gimmick. Nonetheless would definitely repeat the order.

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While most people would go for their signature pastry from the menu, I personally much prefer to go with my own favourite of pistachio.

Made with multi levels of pistachio mousse and chocolate biscuit, topped with pistachio icing and cocoa crisp.

Although the price could be much higher, but the taste is strong especially the pistachio.

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We don't think this is a place for people to have comfortable conversations. Haha. When it's full, the chatters seem loud and echoey. We had to raise our voices if we wanted to be heard.

Even tho the mains carry a hefty price, it didn't live up to the quality we expected. We felt that the tagliatelle was al dente and worth the add-on!

The beef short rib pasta flavour was mild, and the the Tuscan chicken pasta might be better with less garlic slices, tho nothing special in flavour. Eating at a kopitiam western stall might be more worth your money tbh

Ambience at Claudine is fantastic .

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Ribs were fantastic, size was quite big! The meat was quite tender (could be even more tender, fall off the bones kind, but that’d be pushing it) and the potato wedges were nicely fried. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Appreciated the corn at the side, it gave a nice balance to the dish. Really colourful and bright too!

Girlfriend ate the “Frutti di mare”. Sauce was tomato-based, tons of ingredients that made up the purée sauce. It was nice, though the girlfriend didn’t quite enjoy it.

A jug of water was given to us too, such a nice service by the cafe. We also ordered a side drink of “sunshine glow”. It was a strong blend of mango flavours, and you’ll probably get an overdose of vitamin C from drinking it!

With Burpple, paid about $44 total. Girlfriend says she’d like to eat the ribs, while I’d probably like to try another main the next round. Price may be a bit steep if going without Burpple. Will be back to try more pastas!

Location: Ulu. ⭐️⭐️
Price: Slightly steep. ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Value with Burpple: Fantastic. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Walked passed Claudine after lunch and just had to stop for dessert.

Decent, the “Pariteroles” ($32) was certainly pricey but was not as cloying as it looks. A hybrid of the Paris-Brest and the profiterole, the caramelised pecan praliné was a nice touch as the nuts studded on the pastry offered that extra crunch and flavour. It was slightly sweet and buttery too. And though doused with warm luscious dark chocolate sauce, the ring of five didn’t feel heavy on the palate as the vanilla cream (not ice cream) sitting in between the choux was incredibly light.


Pariterole ($32)
Basically what you'd expect from choux puff, stuffed with vanilla cream, and molten chocolate poured over it.

Personally thought mains > desserts, and we felt certain dishes weren't really worth its price, altho the service was pretty good and experience was still great overall. (~$131 per pax excl. drinks)

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île Flottante ($22)
Pink Praline, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Creme Anglaise. Vanilla custard flows out when you cut it, but to describe its taste in the simplest way possible, it's basically froot loops with marshmallow.

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Whole Roasted Brittany Pigeon ($68)
Tbh another interesting experience because it's my first time eating pigeon? It has a slightly gamey taste that low-key reminded of pork liver, and the texture is different from most other meat. Feels slightly denser (?) but can't put my finger on what it's exactly similar to.

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Steak Tartare A La Parisienne ($52)
First time trying steak tartare and this was q interesting? You could pick the spice level you want, and mustard flavour was q evident here. Comes with side of fries & salad.

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