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Ordering all their signature items, I finally got down to visiting Le Bon Funk and the food did not disappoint! Well worth the wait (it takes 1 hour to prepare), the Whole Heritage Chicken with Potatoes and Fennel Pollen ($68) was smashing. Finger-licking good, the chicken was perfectly cooked and unbelievably succulent. The skin was crispy and so incredibly seasoned - slightly sweet and salty. And you can’t forget the piping hot chunks of potatoes hidden under the protein. Brilliant, the root vegetable had tons of flavour too and the exterior was uber crisp. 

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Another one of their must-try is none other than the Cedar Jelly and Foie Gras Toast ($18/ 2 pcs). Decadent to say the least, the cool heap of frozen foie gras shavings was so ingenious. Paired with the crunch from the toast, the play of textures and temperatures was so appetising. Though I still have no clue what cedar jelly is, the combination rocked. I believe the jelly was largely sweet and so together with the savoury shavings, it was truly an umami bomb. And as it melted, it was like a meaty butter so best enjoyed quick so as to keep the delicate quality of the bite.

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With layers and layers of thinly sliced protein, their Beef Tongue and Gribiche Sandwich ($26) was real satisfying. Not overly fatty, the tender bites were surprisingly light and comforting. Held together by well-toasted brioche bread, the gribiche sauce, a tangy egg mayo concoction, was a great touch as it offered a nice crunch, a bit of a zing as well as an extra level of creaminess. Overall, I liked that the generous savoury stack didn’t feel too rich or meaty.

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Ramadan Special
Served with Vanilla Softserve
Somehow the dadar crepe is way too sweet for my liking; even after adding vanilla softserve did not tone down the sweetness
Perhaps this dessert is more suitable for people breaking their fast and need the energy

The environment of the place was really good.
However if want to dine at the pretty long table have to make reservation online & indicate on the remarks that you would like to reserve for that table.

The food overall was ok.
The hand torn pasta with brown crab was really good! 🙌🏻

It’s a good place to go for dates & birthday celebrations. The servers are really nice & friendly. Service is good! 😌

First time to this restaurant and I loved the ambiance of the restaurant. And don’t deceive by the limited and not so easy to understand menu. The food was surprisingly nice! My fav were the hasselback potato with black garlic & parmesan sauce (I love the sauce!) and Devilled crab & crispy potato crackers. And of course the wide choice of wine! A place very suitable for date night ;). Will definitely return again!


Honey pecan can't taste the honey, pecans were neither crunchy nor aromatic(their nuts are not good, macadamia wasn't top quality either)

Yuzu choc is not too bad, the aroma of the yuzu combines w the brownie to give a strong freshness, without the usual dominant yuzu fruitiness. Quite unique(not sure how they did it) and her fav of the lot

The salted caramel got nothing to do with nuts, why not just swop the honey pecans in?

The fudgey texture is rlly good and it's as rich as people say. The crust is a crumbly crunchy crust and it's delicious as well. The only problem is that it can get too much but they solve it by cutting the brownie into small squares. Good stuff and well deserved cockiness

Nutella was good, the chocolateyness works well and the hazelnut flavour is suppressed. I wonder if they mix Nutella with chocolate?

Macadamia was average. The macadamia doesn't come through

Their salted caramel is abit weird on its own, it doesn't mesh w the brownie either

Peanut butter was SUPERB. I like peanut butter so abit biased but their peanut butter is super intense and thick and the saltiness works v well w the brownie.

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Stellar new pasta from Le Bon Funk. This was the Ricotta Agnolotti with Cauliflower and Charred Leek ($38). Once again, another dish entirely made up of vegetables, yet it was so damn good, I have no idea how they do it. Will definitely be back for more.

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Came down specially for the weekend shack menu. Fancy schmancy fish & chips with mushy peas ($38++). Pricey but pretty worth it for the quality you are getting. Every element was on point. The flavour of the dish actually stood out more with the malt vinegar spray. Definitely recommend giving it a try!

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Had to order the highly raved Sesame Prawn & Scallop Toast ($38++). Really nice presentation, ingredients were fresh and dish was pretty tasty. However, taste of scallops weren't exactly very pronounced and probably tasted more like fish paste.... Nevertheless, would recommend giving this a try still!


I first tried @luciacakes.singapore's brownies in 2019 and I still get their brownies from time to time because they might look small but they are super rich and indulgent. I especially like how the tops are still crinkly too! I got the non nutty box which has biscoff, Oreo, triple chocolate and salted caramel and liked all the flavours 😍

got these on @pickupp.sg, you can get $5 off with my promo code "FLYEETELFLY" 🤗

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