Date Night Spots

Date Night Spots

Featuring Omoté (Thomson Plaza), Eleven Strands, The Masses, Perch (Jewel Changi Airport), LeVeL 33, Lighthouse Bistro & Bar, Kafe UTU, Les Bouchons (Rochester), Dopo Teatro (Esplanade Mall), Genzo
Jason Ng
Jason Ng

Finally checked @kafeutu off my bucket list! African style food isn't common in Singapore and it was definitely an interesting gastronomical experience! We decided to play abit safer and here are the items we got:

Smoked Pork Belly ($18) - very delectable, the pork belly was rather tender and very rich and smoky. Flavour profile is close to bacon! It is a bit too rich for 1 to finish; would make a good sharing dish.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($20) - this was well executed, with the light crispy batter and succulent meat within. The interesting part is their chilli sauce. It has a good kick, with a hint of spices that I have not tasted before!

Calamari Essaouira ($31) - a good hearty stew, it has a good savoury tangy tomato base, with a hint of spice. The calamari was very fresh, due to its crisp texture. This was a comforting dish to have with rice.

Mocha ($7) - good dark chocolate was used and I could still taste the strong coffee notes. It was a good blend and I wished I got a latte instead so that I could taste the coffee more!

Dishes and drinks were all well executed, but it wasn't anything really mind blowing. Considering the price, I don't think I will come back again anytime soon actually. Still, it's an interesting place to try once!

Been a long time since I've eaten at this restaurant, and the quality is still pretty good! Here are the dishes I've tried:

1️⃣ C&C&C&C&C Pasta ($25.90 for main size) - yes their pasta name is interesting, but basically its filled with ingredients starting with C. This cold dish boasts of creamy seafood flavours coming from the crabmeat and lobster bisque! Pretty decent dish that is worth a try.

2️⃣ "Hainanese" Pork Tomahawk ($32.90) - I was surprised how meaty yet tender the pork cutlet was! The sauce that it's drenched in definitely reminds me of Hainanese chicken rice chilli, and the addition of fruit jam definitely made it interesting. It does not get too surfeiting because of that! However, there is still a slight pork smell that some may not like.

3️⃣ Waffles & Roe ($9) - an interesting dish, with deep earthy flavours coming from the waffles and seafood savoury punch from the ikura roe. This is a mix of sweet and savoury flavours that will open up your palette!

With their menu changing every 4 months, you can see the innovative elements in their dishes. Will be back to try more dishes next time!

Finally had a chance to try this pretty fancy restaurant!

Their $35 3 course lunch menu consist of a starter, main and dessert. For the starters we had their Garlic Escargot and Chicken Pate. The Garlic Escargot were okay but we hoped that it can be more garlicky. The chicken pate was really rich and went well with the bread given. It can be quite surfeiting so it's best to share with others!

As for the mains we got the Angus Ribeye and Lamb Chops. The Angus Ribeye was tender and well seasoned and I loved how the compound butter added extra richness to the steak!

The lamb chops were tender and well seasoned as wdll, but the gamey flavour was quite strong. Perhaps lamb lovers will appreciate it better!

Desserts were okay, nothing much to shout out about. The food was overall alright but the ambience is definitely date night worthy!

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With all my friends raving about Omote to me, I finally made my way over to give it a try.

I ordered the Umami Soy Chirashi ($19.80) which may look like a small bowl, but is packed full of seafood ingredients under a bed of lovely well marinated rice. From salmon to tuna to octopus, all chopped sashimi were very quite thick, fresh and all drenched in the umami soya sauce. The sauce is very flavourful and is both sweet and savoury. To be honest, as much as the sauce was great, I wished I had ordered it without as the strong flavours might have overpowered the fresh seafood taste of the lovely ingredients. Nonetheless, it was still an extremely enjoyable bowl and I wiped it clean.

I also added on the premium set ($8.80) which came with a plethora of dishes from chawamushi to salmon sashimi to various appetisers. All were well executed, and I was really spoilt for choice on what my next bite should be.

Another worthy mention really got to be their soya sauce on the table. It is thicker than the usual ones, and I love how the umami from the sauce is intensified but yet less salty compared to the commercial ones. Pairing this with their classic Chirashi Don would be the perfect meal.

Absolutely lovely meal. A good place to treat yourself!

Back at one of my favourite cafes once again and had my favourite dishes once again!

The Braised Beef Cheeks ($28 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) is what I would describe a comforting dish, as it comes executed well with my 2 favourite ingredients, potato and beef. The mashed potato is beautifully creamy and buttery, and it's perfect with the tender flavourful beef slices and the umami tasting mushroom slices. A must order here I would say!

Prawn Basil Pesto Pasta ($25 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) was another good dish to order, as the al dente pasta were well coated with a garlicky and aromatic pesto sauce. Prawns were well bouncy too. Lovely flavours coming from this dish definitely!

Definitely back another day 😍


If you would like some quality Japanese fare, this is one place to go. Although it may be located in a very unknown area, this place has a poolside view for you to enjoy with your food!

I had a Chirashi Don ($19.80) while my friends had the Truffle Wagyu Don with Foie Gras ($35.80) and we got the premium sides (for additional $8) that has miso soup, chaiwanmushi, salmon sashimi and mochi.

The Chirashi Don itself boast quite a few ingredients from scallops to chutoro. Every piece of sashimi is really fresh and they were perfect with the freshly grated wasabi and soy sauce. To me I feel like the quality of the rice really makes or breaks a don, and I'm glad to say that the rice in this don is really something. It's not only fluffy, it's very well flavoured with the right amount of mirin. Absolutely beautiful.

I tried abit of the truffle wagyu don and I loved how crispy and smoky the beef slices were! The beef slices were tender as well and the truffle taste is noticeable. The foie gras pieces were very rich and fatty, perfect with the bed of rice below.

Definitely a good place to come for date nights 😍

Had a dinner at this posh Italian restaurant and the food here is pretty good!

We got the Quattro Formaggi ($26) that contains a variety of cheeses on the pizza that makes this pizza taste pretty decadent! The cheeses complement each other well and has a savoury flavour. I love the addition of walnuts and grapes on the pizza as you do feel like you're having a cheese platter on a pizza 😂 the crust is crispy and fluffy too, and has the smokey flavour from the wood fire oven.

The Salmon Pasta ($27) has quite a good amount of smoked salmon pieces that were torched for extra smokiness. The pasta are of a thicker Linguine, and are al dente. They do catch the creamy mentai sauce well and each mouthful has a very satisfying rich taste.

This place is definitely great for date nights! Very chill and posh ambience with good food 😍

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The Ribeye Steak, although not the most tender, was really flavourful. Not only it was perfectly seasoned, they also managed to create a good crust on the exterior, giving it a good caramelised taste. Love cutting up pieces to mop up all the steak juices below!

Really appreciated the service from the staff. The dishes and mocktails were available 1 for 1 on #burpplebeyond , making this more wallet friendly! Definitely will be back again!

Took a trip down to this hidden gem and I was very impressed by their food and service! We had the Sea Perch ($24 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and the Sous Vide Ribeye ($28 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond ) and they were delicious!

The Sea Perch was honestly one of the best grilled fish I've had, because they grilled it so perfectly. The chefs managed to create a crispy crust on the skin without over cooking the succulent flesh within. This was very nicely seasoned as well, good enough to have it on its own. Bloody well done.

I have been to this place many times and really the Australian Pork Jowl ($25) is a must get. Tender, well charred and very flavourful. For a change we got the Pan-fried Red Snapper ($24) which was really fresh, succulent and I love the crispy pan-fried skin! The mash that was under was very creamy and buttery too. The vibes of this place is very romantic as well, great for date night!

Many will agree with me that Level33's view especially from the terrace is simply stunning. Overlooking the whole marina bay at such a good angle, you will be in for a treat with the sunset and night views.

We had the beer cocktails ($23 each) to go with the splendid view and they were wonderful. I can imagine their beer alone to taste even better.

To go with the cocktails, we had their fresh oysters ($32 for half dozen) and they were HUGE, SUCCULENT AND SO DARN FRESH 😍 Definitely quality oysters that are bloody addictive. A must get if you are going to splurge abit hehe

The Local Seabass Rissoto ($33) that we had were fresh and paired well with the cream sauce! The beer malt rissoto, though interesting, were a tad too hard.

The Iberico Pork Jowl ($36) were smoky and very flavourful, but they weren't really tender though!

I would say the views and oysters are definitely worth coming for, but the mains were sadly not too enticing for me.

Jason Ng

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Love to travel for food and seek new places to satisfy my appetite 😋

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