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yummy and spicy it is a go-to snacc. staff is a friendly gworl

really love these 2 drinks, specially made a trip down to get the hojicha latte and da hong pao. do support the owner!

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Burpple set ($17.90)
⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
🍴Former BBT shop Cha Nung has rebranded and introduced taiwanese food at affordable prices (mains from $7.90), made more value-for-money with @burpple beyond. Each set comes with two mains and two bubble teas.

We enjoyed both our chosen mains that were classic taiwanese fare done well in being flavourful and hearty. Have always been a fan of 卤肉饭 (braised pork rice) and theirs had well-marinated pork and rice with good lean meat:fat ratio, alongside fresh carrot and cucumber. The 牛肉汤 beef soup noodle (+$1 to the set) had ultra tender beef pieces and thin-cut light noodles (almost beancurd-like) in a fragrant beef stock with light spicy undertones.

The signature milk tea was a tad too milky, and would have preferred stronger tea notes. The passionfruit green tea was refreshing and tangy with a bittersweet profile.

📍@zesttaiwancafe, 01-57, Duo Galleria, 7 Fraser Street, Singapore

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this is from the mochi bread series: banana chocolate! as u can see there’s actual mochi in it (white bit). very indulgent, filling is rich and worth the money compared to any typical bakeries

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📍 Don't Yell At Me, Orchard Central📍
💸 Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea: $4.30
💸 Grapefruit and Lychee Tea: $6.30
The weather's been really hot these few days, we had to get some drinks to cool down🥵!! Both drinks we got were really light and refreshing, especially the Grapefruit and Lychee Tea🥤. The Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea had a herbal taste from the Chrysanthemum, kind of reminiscent of Yeo's packet drinks? Hence, we're not sure if it's really worth the price tag🤔. However, it seems that one of their specialties are interesting toppings such as Sweet Potato🍠 and Taro Pearls which we did not add on as we were too full. Will try adding these next time if we decide to get these drinks again☺️!

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Wanted some cool drinks respite from the hot weather. Came to Wanpo bcos there's 1 for 1 deal and indoor seats. We selected the fruit teas as we are not fans of bubble tea and there's a choice of ice and sugar level. WB had the Sugar cane baozhong tea with no sugar, the taste of the tea is quite rich and WB likes it. I had the grapefruit green tea with 25% sugar. It's slightly sour and there's grapefruit pulp in the drink. We are satisfied with the drinks and will return again.
#WanpoTea #SugarCaneBaozhongTea #GrapeFruitGreenTea #BurppleBeyond

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this is the earl grey tea with sweet milk foam, very yummy love the milk foam. reminiscent of cheese foam just a rich milk version~ at 50% sugar it’s still quite sweet

📍MuYoo Bakery, Jurong Point📍
💸 Black Sesame Mochi: $2.80
We've had Black Sesame bun and bao before, but Black Sesame Mochi Bun🥯 is a first for us. The bun itself was soft and airy, with lots of black sesame filling inside. We liked that the black sesame filling was moist and not grainy, and not too sweet as well😄! Was concerned at first that the mochi might be hard or too plain tasting, but it was soft and chewy, which provided a nice contrast of textures😌. However, we would've preferred if the mochi was more spread out in the bun as ours was just a blob in the middle, which meant that we only got the mochi bits in the middle. Nonetheless, we liked it! ☺️

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Still can't travel to Taiwan but having a taste of their food 🇹🇼

Fixed my cravings with these affordable Taiwanese cuisine ✨

We ordered the 𝗖𝗵𝗶𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴 & 𝗢𝘆𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗠𝗲𝗲𝘀𝘂𝗮 綜合麵線 ($𝟳). For meesua lovers, you can get this with offals and/or oyster. Felt that the oysters were too raw for me but the deep fried scallions added more dimension to the flavourful mee sua 🍜

We also had the
🌟 Pork Belly Rice 招牌滷肉飯 ($6)
🌟 Scallion Oil Chicken Rice 蔥油雞肉飯 ($6)
🌟 Chitterling & Oyster Meesua 綜合麵線 ($7)
🌟 Milk Tea with Pearl 招牌珍珠奶茶 ($5.90)
🌟 Cold noodles 涼麵 ($7)
🌟 Fried chicken cutlet 雞排 ($8)
🌟 Scallion pancake 蔥油餅 ($5.20)
🌟 Brinjal w pork floss 肉鬆茄子 ($6)

Head over to @myfoodframes (insta/fb) for full review! 📸

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An unexpected star of the meal! The boneless chicken is a huge plus and if you can take spice, don't forget to pair it with the chilli 🔥

Would recommend their brinjal pork floss, scallion oil chicken and aiyu jelly drinks if you were to visit this cosy spot!

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A unique dish that is definitely worth a try, the rich sesame taste is very appetising!

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