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Meeting up with friends for a Monday dinner around the Raffles Place area, we decided to give Kin Tub Thai Mookata a try. First and foremost, the view from our table was spectacular. I made a reservation via WhatsApp, requesting outdoor seating, which they kindly accommodated. We were seated right at the river's edge, offering us a great view of the Singapore River and Marina Bay Sands.

We ordered the Premium Beef and Pork set, which, after GST and service charge, came to a little over $150. The portions were generous and sufficient for three people, with three varieties of beef and pork cuts, all marinated and seasoned very well. The set also included a basket of vegetables, glass noodles, and an egg.

The staff were extremely friendly, professional, and attentive, always ensuring our soup was refilled before it dried up. While their prices are on the higher side, the quality of the meats, the excellent service, and the impeccable scenic sunset view during the evening make it worth the expense. I highly recommend Kin Tub Mookata for a great evening with friends and family over dinner, enjoying both the food and the view.

($6.50) The taste for oolong was not that there at all and covered up with milk too much already. legit like full drink filled with milk tea. The pearls (bubble) just like mini pearl type instead of large pearl. The pearls was quite chewy and not that hard. I felt got lactose allergic for milk tea as got bloated throughout whole afternoon time.

($28) We passby the area during evening area. We decided to try it out for first time since we always passby the area most of time. I decided to get their classic pork collar set with tomato soup base for me and golden sauerkraut soup base for my sister. She told me that golden sauerkraut soup base come with a lot of fish inside. They come with iced or cold da hong pao or pu'er tea with your choice and top up for extra $1.20 for other milk tea. We did ordered ala crate items for venus clam ($6.80) [huge serving for 2 pax tbh], taiwanese sausage with marinated cabbage ($7.80) with sweet and sour chili sauce [my sister said their marinated cabbage is not bad and I felt that taiwanese sausage was quite normal], mushroom combo ($8.90) [same as set meal], pork balls (4 pieces) ($9) [not worth to order it bc it was quite small serving] I felt that we did overorder and almost cannot eat finish :") I felt that in my opinion if u don't wanted to eat too much and just order set meal is a good enough for 1 pax consisted of a variety of ingredients such as vegetables (cabbage, spinach, green coral, sweet corn carrots, corn), mushroom (enoki, shiitake, king oyster and black fungi) and misc items (tofu, beancurd skin, pork balls, yam, venus clam). I felt that their soup broth was quite salty towards the end. :")

Recently tried @kyojosg's new summer lunch donburi and it was decent. I had the Chirashi Don ($16) and it came with fresh and plump chunks of sashimi. It had a good mix of salmon, tuna and hamachi, though we felt like the bowls were rather small, perhaps may not be enough for big eaters. You can complete your donburi with $6 set that comes with chawanmushi and miso soup.

They do have a hidden grilled side dish menu, and you can order it via telling the staff "Himitsu Butayaki". This is perhaps another Japanese restaurant to consider if you are in town!

For 3pax, a medium xiao la chicken pot was just nice! Very tasty and with added vinegar if you like, it was heavenly!

Would recommend trying their one-of-a-kind deep fried Kang Kong ($16) when here! Lightly battered crunchy greens without overpowering the natural vegetable flavour, enhanced by the tangy spicy sauce. Also included crisp and succulent chunks of fish, and 2 generously sized deep fried prawns.

Hearty and satisfying traditional charcoal Mookata at decent prices. We went for the Mookata set ($69.90) that’s good for 3-4 pax. Enjoyed the sweet-sour and mildly spicy Tom yum soup. All the meats were well-marinated and tender. One can choose to have them in the soup or charcoal grilled for a smoky finish. Our favourites were the marinated and Tom yum chicken, pork belly, and marinated pork collar.