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If you’re on a low carb diet, Kazoku also has your dietary needs catered for with the Kazoku Salad ($13.90 nett). The same felicitously fresh octopus, salmon, swordfish & tuna from the delicious chirashi don is cubed up instead of sliced, and the rice is subbed off for a massive mound of mixed lettuce and cherry tomatoes, dressed in what tastes like a balsamic vinegar dressing. The sour notes of the vinegar are an excellent foil to the briny seafood, and the crunch of the fresh veg contrast the soft chunks of seafood excellently.β €
β €
Thanks for the invite, Burpple & Kazoku!


ToGather Kitchen & Bar is really more like an upscale foodcourt, and one of the tenants there is @kazoku_japanese_cuisine. This Japanese food merchant prides itself upon its plethora of donburis, and the crown jewel is the eponymous Kazoku Chirashi Don ($29.90 nett). A bed of vinegar’d sushi rice is adorned with thick slices of fine & fresh octopus, salmon, scallops, swordfish and tuna, and garnished with a decent dollop of ikura.β €
β €
Everything in this captivating chirashi don was satisfactory. All the seafood was sliced thick enough for an optimally satisfying chew, and were free of any fishy odours, proving just how fresh all the seafood were. The rice is an underrated star, with its distinct but delicate vinegar notes, and the perfect cook on it. A little rice, a little wasabi & soy sauce, and a slice of fish, and this chirashi don is ready to rock your tastebuds.β €
β €
Oh and before I forget, all the donburis & bentos are covered by #burpplebeyond one-for-one deals! So grab a friend or three and go savour some amazingly affordable & decent Japanese cuisine!β €
β €
Thanks for the invite, @burpple & Kazoku!


Beef Bolognese and Beef and Pepperoni Pizza. Only paid $32 for this delicious combo. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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Went to Harry’s (Anguilla Park) for pizza n pasta! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

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Visited on a weekday night to try out their offers and was pleasantly surprised. Tried out a variety of dishes: we had the grilled squid, sliced beef marinated in ponzu sauce, grilled green chilli peppers, kurobuta skewers, vingered grilled fish, as well as the beef tongue.

My personal favourites were the beef tongue and the beef marinated in ponzu sauce. The beef tongue was grilled very nicely and melted in your mouth like it should. As for the beef marinated in ponzu sauce the flavours of the ponzu really compliments the char of the grilled beef and it would have made a very tasty starter paired with sake. A dash of tobiko on top gave it that extra mouth feel and crunch.

Liked the food and would drop by again to try out their sake offerings.

Head to Ikea Alexandra for Chicken horfun that won't break the bank πŸ€‘ Shredded chicken, easy-to-slurp flat white noodle and decent gravy. Don't forget to ask for chilli 🌢🌢🌢 horfun in the next level! β˜„οΈ

Heard alot of people raved about this Italian restaurant. Manage to pop over as i happened to be in the neighbourhood.
Ordered the handmade raviolacci ($22++) with beef stuffing and dress with masala sauce. There is a total of 4 raviolacci when it was served. The pasta was cooked molto Al Dante, and I preferred it to be Al Dante though. The masala sauce is cloying sweet which I find it overpowering the beef.

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Ponggol Seafood has been around since 1969. It was originally located at punggol jetty back than in 1969 before leaving in the early 90s.It has since shifted back to its original location(actually 50m away) in 2014.

Chilli Crab is one of their signature dishes. The Crab meat itself had a certain sweetness and it tasted so good. To be honest, I was not expecting much, so I was surprised how good this was.

For only $32, promotional price, definitely worth it to get at this price.

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Tried Meadesmoore for the first time, located just 2 mins walk away from Telok Ayer MRT. Had the burrata and tomatoes as side dishes- both tasted exquisite, especially the grapes with perfect char. The tomatoes were fresh, juicy, and a great pairing with steak. My partner and I tried the flat iron steak, which tasted absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection. Would recommend the place for birthday celebrations, or just a romantic dinner out with your partner.