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Tried Joo Chiat Kim Choo rice dumplings and they were fragrant and flavourful. My favourites were the Nonya rice dumpling and the Pulut Hitam Nonya rice dumpling. They have a sweet and savory taste which I really enjoy.

Toast with light spread of kaya and no butter in it, 2 creamy soft-boiled eggs and a cup of watery Teh-C. Mehhh...
🚩NIE Drinks Stall, NIE Canteen, 1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616
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Decent taste, meats were tender, sauce isn't too salty. Portion was rather large as well. ($7.40++)

Dumplings that remind you of home :) lovely flavours and generous amount of filling

Tuk Tuk Cha is a fuss-free Thai café which specialises in authentic Halal Thai food, beverages and trendy desserts. If you’re there for the latter, opt for their D.I.Y. Shibuya Toast ($8.90) and pair this with a scoop of ice cream ($2); flavours to choose from include the Thai Coconut, Chocolate, and Thai Milk Tea. You can also pair this with various toppings ($0.80) as well as sauces ($0.80) like Chocolate, Caramel, Gula Melaka, and Honey.

Scrambled eggs in your mala?! Found ourselves near NTU for our pottery class, so we popped by @ahothideout for the ma la xiang guo we kept seeing on Instagram 😂 The wait was really quite long though, so it’s probably not something you can get for a quick meal.
What’s cool about their mlxg is the cook on the ingredients - eggs are scrambled, while the fish, luncheon meat, lotus and potato are fried. It is more pricey, but we enjoyed it quite a bit. It was pretty balanced in the spice and numbness too. Would recommend to request for much less oil and salt!

Kim Choo's dumplings have an optimal balance of rice and filling. Their dumplings also have a good amount of oil, which ensures that the dumplings are not overly oily. Overall, Kim Choo's dumplings should be tried at least once.

A classic of Hong Kong char chaan teng, nothing shouts more Hong Kong than a bolo pau.. and some char siew roast. At the point of ordering (dinner peak), we were informed that this required a 20mins waiting time, like all baked dim sum items on the list. However, this was served sooner than expected! Here’s a breakdown of the sandwich from top to bottom -
Bolo bun
Freshly baked till a nice golden yellow with crusty brown squares patterned over the bun and butter on the undersides. It’s nicely toasted to deliver some crisp (& mess) with each bite. I like how the bun felt ‘airy’ - y’know how disappointing it is to find a bolo with dense, doughy insides that makes you fill so stuffed that you don’t need a second bite.
Co-star of the bolo sandwich and would be key in determining the success of this sandwich. This was sliced to the perfect thickness, just right for a sandwich (neither too thicc nor miserly thin). It was nicely roasted with dark crimson sides that shone with some glaze. A good balance of lean meat-to-fat ratio, very tender and juicy, definitely up to mark!

Sunny side up
Perfectly executed with runny yolk! Nothing like a disappointing, cakey yolk centre.

Fresh, crisp iceberg lettuce in pieces (not sliced like the ones from McDonald’s). All part of a balanced diet I guess?

All the above were stacked nicely with some mayo to gel it all up. The presentation along whets up the appetite! My mother-in-law was sufficiently enticed and decided to add the same to the order.

For those who prefer to gobble this in their hands, do be mindful of the runny yolk tho! My MIL didn’t eat it too glamly as the yolk dripped down her bolo sandwich… and down onto the table! Of course, cutleries are available should you prefer to stay glam!

One of the best dumplings I’ve ever had! Very generous with lots of fillings.

Their signature Emperor’s dumpling is amazing, and I’m also delighted by their other flavours (Nonya dumpling, Hakka pork belly with preserved vegetables) 😋 parents also loved it!

Tried the Joo Chiat Kim Choo rice dumpling the other day and 🤤 it’s so good, the rice is very flavorful and it’s packed full of ingredients. The meat inside was also very well cooked, it wasn’t tough or dry but still retained its juiciness. Tried the Hokkien rice dumpling with salted egg yolk and Emperor rice dumplings! Both which I highly recommend! 👍👍