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For Christmas this year, Eden Restaurant in Pullman Singapore Orchard brings diners on a sleigh ride through Asia with the 3-course Festive Dinner Set staring with the duck foie gras with a yuzu and mango crystal before a choice of peppered hoisin glazed short ribs or the Nyonya sambal turkey roulade. For dessert, you will be served a refreshing citrus lemon curd tartlet. To go alongside the meal, you can top up with the festive cocktails, especially the jolly belle femme and snowy Christmas sangria, the latter containing a mixture of red wine, port wine and grand marnier.

Very thick yes but there's a very strong smell which comes up even long after you're done w the meal, unpleasant.

Cheesy Chicken Chop (S$13.90+)
Topup S$5.90+ for mushroom soup & pink Lychee lemonade

Note 📝 : Got GST

100g Sirloin $55
100g Rib Finger $39
100g Kurobuta Pork Belly $32

From Astons Steak & Salad
Chose baked potato.
Texture of meat so moist and soft.
Nicely seasoned and really flavourful.
Highly recommended!


This is one hidden jem with amazing ribs. Ordered the honey mustard ribs with truffle mac & cheese and the flavours were really poppin' This makes really good comfort food for a rainy weather in December. Will def be back.

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This ribeye is not too bad. Not excessively chewy, and doneness was good too. Hard to find a decent one normally

Sauce was meh tho, v thin and not umami. Mushrooms were fine

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The sea perch itself is very good. Crispy and moist. However the sauce, the sautéed onions, and the caviar all didn't rlly belong there

Overall still good

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Really doesn't taste like much, abit sour. It's mainly orange juice and cranberry juice but it's hard to perceive either if you're not looking for it


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